Monday, September 28, 2009

Mommy Moments : That's my Favorite!

Aw Im so late again....I never had a chance to blog for 3 days because of Bagyong Ondoy. Last friday Ishi had her dental check up. I'm so thankful she cooperated with the dentist. She opened her mouth and the dentist had the chance to put a"filling" on her tooth that is aching for almost a week now. So for being nice and cooperative, I brought her and her brother to McDonalds. Yeah Mc Donalds, that's their favorite hang out. Mc Donalds with play land. They are really enjoying the slide and the food. They love chicken Nuggets, spaghetti and Fries. I am so glad that there's a new Mc Donalds Play land near our place that if ever my kiddos would like to play, I can bring them without my hubby's company. That's all for now! Happy MM everyone!


Chris said...

McDo is also my kids favorite since we have 1 nearby :)

I am not sure abt your photobucket problem though...

glad to hear you are safe from the typhoon

Unknown said...

Hi sis, good that you were able to join even late.. Your kids are definitely McDonald lovers.. My kids prefer Jolibee though. hehe

Sis, inviting you to join Tuesday eManna a meme about your reflections on the words of the Lord. Hope to see you around..