Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines to all!

Happy Valentines (belated)! I'm kinda late posting it coz my valentine celebration is quite a bit hectic, lols. Kidding aside, I never expect I'll be celebrating it this time. Hubby and I not used to celebrate valentine outside, we were contented watching movie sometimes at home sometimes in movie theaters. This time is very different. Last February 13, Friday night, hubby asked me out for a concert and wall climbing at UP celebrating their foundation (if I am not mistaken). That's a big surprise for me, knowing my husband (peace!) hehehe =) Anyways that's a very fun night....we experienced wall climbing! Hard but exciting! I Love it like mountain climbing, I'll surely do it again! The next day after we had our rest for a few hours, we had our diamond peel at Slimmers World courtesy of mom in-law (thanks ma!) then we're supposed to go to tagaytay (stroll lang sana habang wala pang 8pm) unfortunately we didn't make it because we just had the wrong way (malay ba ni hubby na hindi dapat sa bicutan exit nag exit, lols.)! Anyways, there is always a next time with that and besides our real schedule is to enter a comedy bar (my request) so we did. We chose to watch Pokwang's Valentine Show at Zirkoh Thomas Morato (kahit medyo expensive) and it's worth it! We love it very much! We had so much fun! Pokwang is really a good performer. I also enjoyed the sing along with the hosts. That was my first time singing on stage with a lot of crowd (pakapalan na to!). We didn't end our day in that comedy bar, we did attend dad's officemate's party after that. Dad has to drink another set of beers and I had Tequilla and Vodka that made me so sleepy so dad decided to go home and guess what?! I DROVE the car! That's my second driving session with my husband. Great! Don't worry we're fine! I may not know how to drive completely yet but we're fine hehehe =) We're still alive! See, I am still blogging, lols. That's all for the day folks! I'll be posting pics and videos in FB =)

Click HERE nalang sa you tube kasi medyo malabo sa blogspot eh =)