Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ishi's Upcoming 5th Birthday

Ishi's turning 5 this coming 14th of November and I only have 1 month to organize it plus I am so preoccupied with so many different things right now.
I am not expecting she'll be celebrating her birthday here, coz what I am expecting is that we will be in US that time with their daddy. Sad coz Ishi's wish is to be with her daddy on her birthday but we still can't. Truthfully I am not excited to plan her birthday not unlike her past birthday. It's so sad. What I am just hoping is that ISHI will enjoy her birthday even without her dad.
So, there, I asked Ishi what she wants for her birthday except for flying to US coz we really can't go yet, she said she wanted to have games, and she will be giving away prizes, so that means we can't celebrate in school coz they don't allow party, only foods are allowed. I asked her if she wants to dance with Jollibee or have a Magician? She picked MAGICIAN over Jollibee.
I guess we have to celebrate it somewhere where we can have our own party host and magician. Daddy suggested MAX, that's cool to me coz there's Max near our place. I am targeting a venue that is near so Ishi's classmate would come. But if no choice, and since 14th is Sunday, I would definitely choose other venue. =)
Hays, I feel like my power is fading! Hahaha Where did my talent in organizing party go? I can't think right now. All I know is that I have to make Ishi's party memorable.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday : #1 Black is Beautiful

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

My Princess Ishi seems to have frustrations already at her very young age. I can see how much she wanted to have white complexion.

Ishi and Mom

She is not that dark but she seem not to like her color. I remember when she was just 3 years old and she started to say she likes Lola Mama's color. She was also saying she wanted my white face (though my face is not really white, maybe just whiter than hers). I feel so sad she's wanting these features already. I remember telling her before, "don't worry your color will change when you grow up". Yeah, I believe her color will change when she grow up especially now that there are so many whitenings, glutathione, whatsoever invented in this world just to make your skin fairer and flawless. How I wish she could figure out what color she really wants before she reach her teen life and before using any whitening. How I wish she could realize that black is beautiful. Or how I wish I could easily give what her want. I am really sad and feeling hurt when she envy others complexion.
Last time there were some instances again that really convinced me how much she wanted to have a white complexion.
I saw a white spot on her legs, I said "oh my, Ishi, you have a ring worm like daddy, come let's put some cream so the bacteria would die" and guess what she replied to me?!? She replied, " No mommy I don't like, that's not a bacteria, that means I'm getting whiter already". I laugh coz I find it funny but it really hurts me after wards.
Another instance was just this morning, my niece who happened to be darker than her stayed in our home for one night. They took a bath together, my mom saw Ishi putting her arms beside my niece's arms and excitedly shout "WOW, Lola, look maputi na ako!(look mommy my skin is getting whiter)" Aw! Look how my girl really wants it?
What can I do in this kind of situation?
I myself is not lucky to have a white complexion but among other siblings, I am the luckiest coz I am the only one among us four who has fair complexion.
When I was pregnant to Ishi, I was praying that she could get Lola Mama's(MIL) skin. My Mom-in-law has a very nice skin, not too white but has a shiny one.
God didn't give that to me maybe because most of my request were granted, Daddy's eyes, daddy's brain, daddy's trait, etc. Most of them were daddy's as well as the complexion. =P

Friday, September 24, 2010

MM : Snack Time

mommy moments

Snack time! Nice theme! I wonder if it's school snack time or any kinda snack time, but anyways, wherever the kids are there's always a snack time!!!!

Ishi and Ethan were not that much of an eater....they are just eating bunch of foods when they are in the mood, my mom usually says when they does it, "nag trip na naman ang mga anak mo". They can finish two packs of biscuits if they really want to. But most of the time, they just eat one ot two or sometimes nothing at all. My kids are very choosy!

In school, their baon is always rice and nuggets and some biscuits just in case they are not in the mood to eat rice. And their drinks is "walang kamatayang" C2 Solo!!! =))

At home, Ishi usually requests "champorado" or my "spaghetti" lols.
Sometimes they want bread with star margarine and have it toast. They also like instant pancit canton. Ice cream is one of their favorites too! But before I give them food, I have to ask them first coz "sayang lang' if they will not eat it.

Hays, kids are so hard to feed. What we only want as a mom is to give them proper nutrition. MOMMY career is really a hard job but every moment is fulfilling. Have a happy mommy moments everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Little Angel's 1st 3d Experience

Kids and I watched 3d Despicable Me last week with my cousins Joan, John and my nephew Brent at SM Megamall. This was just my second time while my kid's first time. I had to experience it first before introducing them to this kind of cinema view. I enjoyed my first 3d experience and so with my kids, It's just the glasses that you have to put on while watching is a bit problem, it was one size fits all. My kids got irritated by it coz it keeps on falling. I tried doing something about it but it was stressful watching my kids glasses while watching at the same time. It's really hassle. How I wish they think of making glasses for kids who has smaller head than adults. Tsk..tsk.. =P But it's okay coz I guess they enjoyed the movie despite of the hassle glasses, they also enjoyed the WINEMA, the new interaction game inside the cinema before the movie starts instead of showing trailers and commercials. We played and my kids loved it and they often remember the experience once in a while.
Here's some of the pics taken in SM Megamall Cinema.....

I have watched another 3D movie last Saturday in SM San Lazaro and I find the glasses more comfortable. Next time I know where to bring my kids when there's another 3d movie coming soon. =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Little Angels Fieldtrip 2010

My kids had FUN in their field trip. How I wish husband was here to join the kids.
Good thing most of the chaperons were moms so my kids didn't able to see some kids with their dads coz for sure "maiinggit sila" =(
Anyways, just wanna share some of my kids pics enjoying the activities in FUN FARM at Canlubang, Laguna.
6:15 in the morning we travelled from Malabon to Laguna for almost 3 hours if I am not mistaken coz we arrived there at 9am.
First the tour guides from LAKBAY KALIKASAN held some exercise for both kids and chaperons to ensure safety and avoid injuries while running and walking and doing their physical activities.
(There's my Ishi with blue head band and a very excited smile)

(There's ETHAN, ung pinakalinggit with faded blue mickey hat)

After exercises they started to explore the farm, there are play area there and it's more like a relay to me. My kids love them all.

Fun Farm is not that big compared to other parks, there are only few farm animals to see like, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, bees, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, carabaos and cows.

These animals are very common to the kids already but they are still excited to see them coz in our area, it's rare to see. My kids were amazed how the BEES work. The speaker talked about the bees and they seem to be interested and their eyes seem asking more questions. Lols.

Viewing animals and petting them is just their bonus, coz the real thing that excites them most is the rides. Rides in horses and carabaos. One more thing is fishing and boating.

(Ethan holding the fish we just borrowed form one kid who caught the fish)

They really had a blast in this field trip.
I am really glad Ishi was able to join. She had fun so much even she just had a fever. =)
They didn't even bother their selves to eat their favorite food that we "baon".

(Our pack-in pack-out baon)

They just ate some biscuits and some juice while heading back to Manila to watch "Sleeping Beauty" play at repertory Philippines.

Second part of the fieldtrip is this play, I love plays! Last year, they also watched play "Jack and the Beanstalk" and Ishi loved it. Ethan finds it boring in some parts but he was also amazed by the artists and the costumes. In short they still enjoyed it. And we went home very very tired and hungry! So we ate in the BUS and sleep happily ever after.

My Princess Made it to the FIELDTRIP

My Little Angels fieldtrip was held last Wednesday, September 15, 2010. We went o FUN FARM Laguna and then headed to Repertory Philippines after lunch for "Sleeping Beauty" play viewing.
The fieldtrip was tiring yet super fun fun fun for kids as well as for us parents who appreciates the beauty of the farm.
I am so thankful that ISHI made it to the fieldtrip. The day before the fieldtrip I decided not to join her already because she was so sick when she came home from school. In her looks and with the symptoms of having 39 fever high and stomach aching, I thought it was dengue but the doctor can't tell yet coz she hasn't undergone CBC platelet test yet. The doctor said she can go to the fieldtrip if her fever will be gone that evening. But since I was thinking that it was really a dengue, I tried to ask the school if we can still back out from the fieldtrip but they said I can only refund 50% of my payment. I was so confused that day, I wanted Ishi to join but I was afraid that what if something worst gonna happen on our way. I was also afraid to let ETHAN go without me on his side and just her LOLA Taba but I am feeling guilty not to let ETHAN join coz it was his first fieldtrip ever and I don't want him to miss it. So I decided not to refund it and wait until Ishi miraculously lose her fever.
I was monitoring Ishi all night long, her fever was on and off from 39.9 to 37.5, she even vomits already and complaining about her teeth aching. I was panicking that night. I feel like she's getting worst. So I finally decided not to join her and called up my brother to bring ALiyyah, my niece in our place and join ETHAN in the fieldtrip as Ishi's representative. So ALiyyah and my other brother came up in the middle of the night. While monitoring Ishi that night and waiting for her next medicine schedule, still, somehow, hoping she'll miraculously gets better, I didn't sleep, I keep on rubbing her forehead and underarms with wet towel until her next med schedule @ 1AM. To my surprise, Ishi has no FEVER already. I thought it's just because I was rubbing her with wet towel so I did still give her paracetamol. I didn't sleep well monitoring her coz I am still hoping she could still make it to the fieldtrip.
I woke up 5:30 in the morning, my Mom and my brother were all ready to go to the fieldtrip coz the departure is 6am. So I hurriedly checked Ishi and YES! She really has no FEVER anymore!! So I hurriedly took a bath and go to the fieldtrip, still with ALiyyah (I just added an additional payment). Since we're obviously late already, we didn't able to catch up the bus in our meeting place. The BUS already took off. So the tricycle did his job and catch up the BUS. Whew! I thought we really can't able to go to that FIELDTRIP after all that happened. LOLS. Thanks to my fellow moms in that Bus who keeps on calling me and so I was able to tell them that we were already behind that running BUS. Funny experience!
I really wanted to thank GOD for hearing my KID's prayer. Ishi really tried so hard to get better. She tried to eat and drinks her medicine so she could be able to go to that fieldtrip. Ethan was also praying for his ate that day. Thank you LORD!