Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Moments No. 21 Haircut

Hi guys! Another exciting theme of the week...."haircut"! Here's some of the pictures I have taken during their haircut moments .......

This is my son's first salon haircut on the day of his first birthday celebration. His first haircut was done by Lola Mama when he was only 6 months. Some said it supposed to be on his 1st year but we can't wait for another six months because his hair was so long already! This pic was taken lasy January 2008. I wanted to share my daughter's haircut too but I can't make my scrapbook right now because of csome computaer problems. I will post them as soon as I totally fix my computer. Good day! Happy Mommy Moments!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Received My Prize From Sungurl Love's To Shop Contest

Hooray!!! It's been a month now since I knew from Sherry that I won in Sungurl Loves's To Shop Yoplait Giveaway! I am so happy coz this was the very first time I've ever won in any random contests. I've been waiting patiently for the prize to be delivered coz I know it's coming from USA and that day has arrived TODAY. I am so excited when I received a parcel notification card from our Central Post Office yesterday. I immediately went to CPO and get my parcel coz I am expecting for this prize actually. let me share the prizes I've got:

Yoplait Get Active Prize Pack includes a travel cooler (to take your yogurt on the road), a jump rope, a water bottle and an outdoor game set that includes a beach ball, paddle ball, Jai-Ali and a Frisbee. Oh gosh! My kids would love all of these!!! Thank you DENA and My Blog Spark!

LP : Alam mo ba?

Sa mga amiga ko sa blogspot, pasensya na klung hindi ako nakakdalaw sanyu nitong mg anakraang araw, sapag kata ako'y bisi-bisihan sa aking bahay at nasira po ang aking kompyuter ng 3 araw, kakaayus lamang kagabi. Sakto para sa LP...kaya narito ang aking lahok....
Alam mo ba na hindi ako nagluluto sa amin bilang isang asawa't ina ng tahanan? Nakakahiya man aminin pero hindi ako marunong magluto. Pero ang mas nakakatuwa duna ay.....ALAM MO bang nagluto ako noong nakaraang linggo?!?

Sahog sa Ginisang Monggo

OO..nagluto ako at nakakatuwa na kahit papaanu ay may kumain ng niluto ko! Aba nakakalungkot naman kung pinaghirapan kong lutuin tapos walang kakain di ba? Salamat kay Enchie sa pagturo ng ilang mga tips sa paggisa nmg mongo. Iyan kasi ang una ko ng niluto nungnakaraang linggo. Ako ang naatasang magluto sapagkat wala ang nakasanayan naming tagaluto sa bahay ng buong linggo. Nasiyahan naman ako sa pagluluto, yan ang nais ng aking asawa, ang matutunan kong magluto. Hay....hirap palang magluto ano? =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mommy Moments #20 Kids and Grannies Bonding

Hi there again fellow mommies! I am kinda busy these past few weeks because of my daughter's summer class that's just finished yesterday. I am so preoccupied with so many things but I can't still resist to join mommy moments. I don't wanna miss this meme. =)

Here's some of the pics of my kids with their grannies.

My parents in-law with my kids.

Most of their bonding time is when we're going to the mall during weekends. Sometimes my mom in-law initiates to go to the park or go to SM MOA just to have fun, dine and sometimes buy our groceries there. She's so cool mother in law and granny to my kids! Same with therl Lolo Caloy, their bonding time is everyday since my father in-law is self employed. My kids love them so much!

This is my mom. My kids calling her Lola TABA. She's the one taking care with my kids at home. They always looking for their Lola Taba whenever they need something. They also love her so much!

It's fun to have grannies, I stayed with my grannies for almost 6 years in our province and I enjoyed being with them. They are very loving and caring. You are lucky if you have grannies. I am so happy my kids are attached to their grannies.

How bout your stories? Share them to us now! Happy Mommy Moments everyone!!!

My Fourth Order "Ishi's Fisrts School Experience" Photobook From Artscow Arrived this Morning

My fourth order from artscow just arrived this precious 2nd photobook project about Ishi's First School Experience.

I've waited for 3 weeks again that's why I am really excited again and again. I am excited with my every order form artscow because they're surprising me with the results. Their photobooks are great, their prints are fabulous and their personalized products are so cute and nice=) Gosh, I should be placing my next photobook order by now but I don't have time to finish it yet. I have another project to do first, I promised my cousn Monica to compile her vacation photos here in manila this month. I don't think if I can finish that this month, I am still busy with some other things this month. But i placed my 5th order already. I received another crazy promo from artscow yesterday - their new Custom Handbag Mirror for only $1.99 each with free shipping! I did order 2 immediately, one for me and one for my lil' girlie, you know, girl stuff =) I am excited to see it and give it to my kikay daughter. She'll love that for sure!

For now, I am focusing on selling house and lots while there are inquiries. I hope to sell more and more house and lots even it's only low cost properties. God Speed! =)

LP : Payak na Hapunan

Magandang Huwebest mga ka-LP!! Ako'y narito't humahabol sa ating tema ngyung lingo - PAYAK! Masyado lamang akong madaming inaasikaso at kahit wala akongmatinong kamera ngayun, hindi ko palalampasin ang LP =)

NArito po ang aking lahok....

Ang aking payak na niluto ngyung araw na ito...pritong isdang galunggong, pritong hotdog para sa mga tsikiting ko at pritong talong na me sawsawang toyo-mansi. Hmm...hindi po agahan yan...hapunan po yan! Malamang nagtataka kayu bakit puro prito....sapagkat yan lamang po ang aking naisipang lutuin ngayung gabing ito para sa aking mahal na asawa. MAgluluto sana ako ng Ginataang Langka ngunit wala ankong makita sa palengke =( Kaya eto na lmanag ang aking niluto. Paborito naman nya ang galungong at ayaw nya ng malalaking galungong kundi maliliit lamang. Ngyun lamang po ako ulit nag luto napagkat meron po kameng kasama sa bahay na siya po talagang nagluluto para sa amin. Wala po sya ngyun, nagbakasyon, kaya ako po ang naatasang mag luto. Bukas ay magluluto ako ng mongo para sa tanghalian at sa hapunan... iniisip ko pa hehehehe. Salamat ke Mommy Enchie ng From My Kitchen and Beyond sa pagbibigay ng tips sa pagluluto.

Maligayang LP sa inyung lahat!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

All About Kids #3

Last Friday, we went to my Uncle's house to pick up Monica, my cousin who's having her vacation in Manila and staying with us in Malabon. Ishi and Ethan are with me, I am confident to bring them both even if I was alone because it is not that far from our place. and besdes Monica is with us when we go home. So we travelled, we rode a jeepney, I paid for two so Ishi can have her own seat. The jeep was runing so fast, I am worrying because Ishi is so malikot.
Here's some of our conversation that really thrown away my worries and made me laugh so hard:

Me: Ishi you sit down Anak.
Ishi: It's okay mommy nakahawak naman ako eh!

(I din't talk, I'd let her stand since she said she's holding from the bars naman. But the jeep is really running so fast that make me feel so worry...)

Me: (slightly shouting) Ishi I said sit down baka lumipad ka dyan!
Ishi: (seriously answered) Mom don't worry, Hndi naman ako bird eh! Wala akong pakpak! Hindi ako lumilipad!

Gosh, Oo nga naman wala naman syang pakpak at lalung hindi siya bird noh! Ahahahahaahahahah this conversation really made me laugh so hard!!!! Kids talaga!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swimming at Bosay Resort in Antipolo

Just came home from the church tonight, it's already 11:30 in the evening, I am so tired and sleepy. I should resting by now coz I woke up so early this morning for our swimming schedule awhile ago, but I have to visit my email first to check messages and comments. I just wanted to say sorry to my fellow mommy moments participants if I haven't visit your entries yet, i promise to visit you all tomorrow after my work - I have tripping in Cavite. And before I sleep I just wanted to update the digiscrapping I am doing right now in artscow. I just received my 5 pcs. customized 8 by 10 prints yesterday and I am so excited to see my fourth order - photobook of Ishi's first school experience. I wanted to see it first before i submit my next photobook order. I am actually planning on orderng other products again. I wanted to try personalized towel wraps, toddler nap mat and personalized plates for children. There are lots of products I anted to order for my kids but I have to control it. But I promised to have those things soon! I can't wait to see my photobook coming soon. I am actually planning onmaking one for my cousin Monica, I wanted to compile her summer vacation here in Manila. Alright folks that's all for now, I have to sleep and rest now. I'll see you all tomorrow. God Bless!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mommy Moments #19 Silly Moments

Hello there mommies, how's your mother's day celebration? I hope your love ones cherished that day so much with you. We didn't celebrate mother's day last sunday because i am currently working that day, I do have tripping that day in Cavite. The very best part of that day is when my kids said "mommy happy mother's day"! It was very touching when you heard it directly from them. Music to my ears! Ah that's so sweet. I am not sure if they do know what they're saying already because I just heard their daddy instructing them to say those words. That is the best gift for me. Anyways, here's some of my silly moments with the kids:

We love to do it in front of the camera, my kids acquired it from me. We all love making faces, doing some silly actions, etc.

My kids and their dad were so cooperative when I am taking pics of them, when I said look up they will all look up, when I said sad face, sad face! They were following what I am saying that's why i love to take a pic of them.
Happy Moments everyone! Share your Mommy Moments with us.

My 3rd Order Form Artscow

I received a promo from artscow 2 weeks ago a 5pcs custom 8*10 prints for only $.99 free shipping! Who can't resist that kind of promo? I hurriedly made 5 personalized layouts and placed my order immediately last may4 2009. Today may 15, 2009, i received it via airmail. Coolness! I made layouts for my brother's family picture, his daughters aliyyah and alynnah, for my sister's daughter Jeszerie and for lola Nanay (my hubby's lola in father's side). I hope I could receive another promo again soon so i could make another cool layouts. Here's some pics of my 3rd order:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Class @ La Cabecera de Montesori

My daughter Ishi was already starting her summer class since Monday. She seems enjoying the ambiance and the things they were doing. It's just familiarization, more on playing, singing and some practical activities their going to do soon in school. Here's some of her pics......

Ishi's preparing for her 2nd day summer class

third day....Ishi fitting her new uniform with brother Ethan

Good day!!!!

LP : Nang Matapos

Takip Silim
Kuha ito sa tuktok ng Mt. Sembrano nung kami ay umakyat dito.

Sa mga nakadalaw sa aking entry nung nakaraang lingo ng LP ang "simula pa lamang", ito po ang kasunod ng larawang iyon "nang matapos".
Napakaganda ng bukang liwayway ngunit mas maganda ang paglubog ng araw para sa akin. Napakasarap sa mata at pakiramdam. Makikita mong sa buong araw nyang pagbibigay ng liwanag sa ating buhay tila siya's nakangiti pa ring nagpapaalam sa atin sapagkat alam niyang kinabukasan ay muli siyang aabangan at muling masisilayan.

"Nang Matapos" ang Camping sa tuktok ng bundok Sembrano
Napakasarap ng karanasang ito, sa simula ay napakahirap ngunit pag natapos mo ito, isang napakalaking karangalan para sa sarili mo ang pagkalampas sa hirap at takot. Sana'y muli akong mabigayan ng pagkakataong makaakyat muli sa iba pang bundok =)

Maliigayang LP!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super Comment Award

Thanks JACRIS for this wonderful award =) It's uber cute!!!
Thanks for your kindness, thanks for visiting me always!

I wanted to share this award to my uber loyal commenters......
for those who commented on my site, please feel free to grab this =)
Thank you very much to all of you!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ishi's First Toothache

Did I mention last that May 1, Ishi had her first toothache? She didn't sleep well that night, i dunno what else to do just to make her feel better. I know the feling of having a toothache and it's really painful. I'd rather have a stomach ache or headache but toothache is really intolerable! That's why I know how Ishi was feeling that night. I tried giving her a toothmoouse but it just gave her comfort for some minute and the pain was there again.
May 2, dad and lola mama accompanied her to the dentist but she doesn't want her mouth touch. The dentist just gave her antibiotics for her swollen tooth and scheduled to come back this week. May 7, today, we just visited her dentist again for dental cleaning and flouride. Unfortunately she didn't cooperate again. i tried to talk to her but she really don't wanna open her mouth. I can't blame her coz i myself not visiting the dentist regularly. i think it's our fault, we are supposed to be the models. We are supposed to bring her to the dentist regularly not when the tooth is already aching. What kind of parents are we? I am so guilty about it. I hope it's not too late coz I am planning to bring her to her dentist weekly so she can familiarize her self and befriended with the dentist. In that case, I think she will cooperate then soon in time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy Moments #18 Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of us mommies =)

This week's theme is very special to us.....this is our day, our moment! Let's celebrate mommies, cheers!!!!

Let me share some of my "mommy moment" pictures.......

Next to giving birth, dedicating my kids to God and celebrating their birthdays is one of the most excited part of my mom hood. I am all out excited!

This is my first born ISHI's baptism @ Concepcion Church Malabon

Ishi's First Birthday @ Aren Hall

My second child Ethan's Baptism same church =)

Ethan's First Birthday @ Aren Hall

My kids completed my life, being a mom to them made me feel extraordinary. I felt like being a superhero!
I love it when they're calling me, I love it when the first person they will ever think and call is ME when they need something. I love it when they were asking where they toys are. I love it when they're coming to me whenever they feel bad.
Being a mother is a wonderful task.I don't care how hard it is, coz seeing them SMILE worth it all! They are my treasure, my precious and the only gem I'll ever keep forever!

Join Mommy Moments now and share how wonderful it is being a mommy!

All About Kids #2

It's rainy today, I was busy with my computer, updating ads, blogging, chatting with friends and clients, and doing some opps. I was in our room, my kids were busy watching cartoons in my in-laws room, my father in-law was busy fixing our roof with a hole. My mom who was the one taking care of my kids came to me and gave me this father in-law went inside his room murmuring "anu b yan umuulan...panu b ko makakabili ng pangtapal sa yero nyan?" my daughter asnwered while her eyes focused on the television " e di magpayong ka!". My mom and my father in-law laughing so hard. My daughter is so pakialamera and sabatera. But she's right what else can you do if you need to buy something outside while it's raining? You use an umbrella right!

Project No. 2 "Ishi's First School Experience" Digiscrapbook

I am done with my second photo book " Ishi's First School Experience" and have it printed in artscow already! Hooray! I am so excited to see it printed! Aside from photo book, I also purchased 5 pieces 8*10 collage for only $.99! What a deal! Now I have to wait for 3 weeks before i see it =) I also wanted to order some cool stuff I am seeing in the internet today! I want personalized stuff. I am done with my personalized mousepad and now I am thinking of other stuff like personalized placemat for my kids. I am also wondering with coffee sleeves product and mom agenda stuff. There are lot of things I wanted to buy online but I really have to earn more money online. I am really trying hard so i could grab more opportunity. I still have more photobook projects to finish so I have to earn more dollars online. These are my inspiration why I am blogging so hard. I wish I could finish all my photobook projects soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LP : Simula Pa Lamang at Ang Tulay

Napakaganda ng temang ito para sa akin....simula pa lamang......napakadaming ibig sabihin..madami ang dumapo sa aking isipan para sa temang ito, ang aking anak na magsisimula pa lamang sa pag-aaral, simula din ng isang mabigat na responsibilidad para sa aming mag asawa. Sa lahat ng yan na aking naisip, ito ang aking pinakanais ibahagi. Ang pagsimula ng isang bagong araw, isa na namang pag asa, isa na namang buhay ang ipinagkaloob ng ating panginoon. Sa bawat umagang dumarating, para sa akin ito'y isang simula pa lamang, simula pa lamang ng bagong pagsubok na darating

"Bukang Liwayway"
Kuha ang larawang ito sa taas ng Bundok Sembrano noong buwan ng Marso. Ito ang kauna-unahang akyat ko ng bundok at muling kita sa napagandang bukang liwayway.

"Tulay sa Daranak Falls"
Ito naman po ay kuha sa parehong araw, pag baba namin ng bundok at tumuloy kame sa isang malapit na falls sa Rizal kung tawagin ay Daranak Falls. Napakasarap na karanasan, isang di ko makakalimutang kasaysayan sa buhay ko sapagkat ito ay unangpag akyat ngbundok at unang pagligo sa fall.

Maligayang LP!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

April Top Card Droppers

I'd like to thank the my TOP 1 dropper JACRIS of Mom's Special Diary! Hooray! Thank you for visiting my site always, I really appreciate it!

And also to others who's giving me inspiration to blog. Here's my top 10 droppers for the month of APRIL

Chris, Enchie, Genejosh, Momgen, Shydub, Earth, Laine, Willa, and Jen
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Personalized Mousepad

Hello guys just wanna brag my personalized mousepad I made and had printed in artscow. Just kidding with the bragging thing eheheheh =) But I am really proud to show my newbie design. I have posted about it already but like what I said my Olympus camera is under repair so i had to use my old one and buy a card reader first. So here's my mouse pad.........ta raaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

here comes my delivery....

my lovely mousepad

and my everyday workplace......=)

Friday, May 1, 2009

My First Photobook Just Arrived!

Hooray! I've waited for three weeks for my first ever photobook from artscow and now It's finally arrived! My excitement is still in there because I have so many projects to finish and I can't wait to see them printed in a very nice photobook like what Ijust had right now. =)
What I have first printed is my daugther's 3rd birthday. Here's the picture, sorry if it's blurry coz my Olympus is at Servimax right now. I am using a "not so" hi-tech camera.

Next in line are:

Ishi's First School Experience (done, for printing already)
Ishi's first Birthday
Ethan's First Birthday (ongoing)
Ishi's Christening
Ethan's Christening
Ishi's First year
Ethan's First Year
Our Wedding
Christmas and New Years

and a lot more! My head is already twisted and I am having a hard time thingking how to make a good photobook. I have to make a good story out of it. I want a perfect transition. Oh well, I hope I could finish my other book so I could order two next time.
So how about you? Want to order now? hehehe If youy want coupons for discounts pls don't hesitate to ask from me.

Mommy Moments #17 Doctor Doctor Am I sick?

Doctor doctor am I sick? Oh, I hope not!
This is the scariest part of being a mommy, to become a doctor! When my kids were having fever or colds, I am so worried already. My paracetamol is always to the rescue. I myself is not fond of medicines, i used to self medicate like drinking a lot of water or having some rest. But for my kids, I don't wanna risk their health so I am not hesitating to go and visit their pediatrician immediately especially when that KAWASAKI Disease tragedy happened to us. That is so scary and unbearable! I just tried to be strong for them. Aside from my kids, I do have another baby to take care of sometimes, my husband. Whenever my kids have colds or cough, I am the next person in the family who will be next having it also. My husband seems to have a good immune system with that, but not with soar throats! He is always having that once a year. I am worried because whenever he was sick, he has this very high fever that makes me so paranoid thinking he has dengue again! I am always bringing him to the hospital when that happens. Here's some of his pictures in the hospital....

I hope nobody among my family will get back to the hospital again. I am wishing and praying for my family's good health. God Bless our families!