Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy's Day!

My Little Angels sang me a Happy Birthday song just now....I am so touch. =)
I am so lucky to have such kids...they are my Angels, my Precious, My Everything!
So, I'm already 29, with good husband though he's not with us right now and 2 lovely angels who's making me feel complete. I feel so contented in my life except today that my husband is not here with us to celebrate. He promised to buy me a new cam (SLR) as s gift, I am excited coz it's one of my birthday wish but still lonely and unfulfilled. I miss him so much. He may buy me a SLR right now but in exchange, this..missing him so much. How I wish he's here with us right now. But few more months to wait...few more months to sacrifice. Soon we will be together as a happy family.
I did a stupid thing today, I thought husband didn't greet me coz I never receive any of his messages he sent via YM(sms). I got so lonely and I accused him that he forgot my birthday. But after he explained what happened and showed me evidence that he sent a message, a very wonderful message and I felt guilty for not asking him first before I got mad =(
I'm so sorry daddy.....=(
2 and half more hours and bye bye August 5, soon it will be Dad's birthday! I askedthe kids what's their gift for their dad coz I'll be sending a bag for him next week. I also thought of sending a nap mat =)) But that will add a cost for package. I will add a perfume instead. I don't know what to give daddy coz I guess he can buy what he needs there already. I just wanted to give something on his day. Hope to see you soon dad....I am sad fro we will not be able to celebrate your birthday with you. But it's okay coz next year I am looking forward celebrating it in our own garden there like in dallas sod =)
I miss you are missing you so much too! See yah soon! and Advance Happy birthday! =D