Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hepa Shots

Before we move here in USA, I made sure my kids got all vaccines they need a year ago. I did that because they need it in school - a complete vaccination. But aside from being a requirement, I always wanted to make sure my kids are safe from any viruses and bacteria spreading so fast nowadays. I don't wanna take the risk so I'd rather spend a penny for it than to feel sorry when they get sick.

Back in the Philippines, my mother told me that my brother is positive in Hepa so he didn't pass the medical requirements for his job. He is now taking some laboratory test to make sure he don't have any cancer stem cells coz they said it could be cancerous after a few years so we wanted to make sure about his condition. After his laboratory, my brother and his family and so with my mom will also undergo laboratory test due to the fact that they are all living in the same house and it has high possibility that one of them has hepa too. I hope they are all gonna be fine especially the kids.

Shopping for my Angels

I am not sure if this clothes are good enough for Winter, just saw them online and I find them affordable. I am hoping these are nice and good enough for winter. These are Winter Jackets for my daughter and son and a pair of boots for my daughter.