Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

Have you read about the news about this swine flu? I can't beleive there's another kind of disease born in this planet! When I was younger, I have heard bout SARS, Antrax and many more diseases that are deadly and no prevention at all.I am very afraid that time. Now that I have kids, my fear with these kind of sickness is getting stronger and stronger. But it's okay, I am just leaving this all to God, I wish my kids will not have this kind of sickness. I know that there is swine flu prevention. I'll just stay positive and as long as I am taking care of my kids, I think there is nothing bad will happen.

My Personal Mousepad Just Arrived!

I am so excited when the delivery came here yesterday morning and looking for me. I thought of my photo book already but sadly it's not. It's my mouse pad! Aside from my first photo book I ordered in artscow, I also ordered for personal mouse pad. I am so sad I can't show the pictures because my digicam cannot be open. I am so devastated when I was trying to turn it on it yesterday so I could take pic of my new personalized mousepad but it can't be turned on! What happened to my camera? I need to bring it in Olympus again! Yes again because the LCD was broken before and I've waited for more than a month because it was repaired in Hongkong pa! And now I have to wait that long again if ever there's something major happened to my camera. Sigh! Though I have a back up camera I used to use when I don't have my Olympus yet. Anyway I'll just post my mouse pad as soon as I take a pic of it already! Have a nice day everyone, I can't wait for my photo book already!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 Friendship and Best Blogger / Queen of Blogs Award

Thanks Jacris for this fabulous 2 in 1 award! I love it!

I've been blogging since September 2008, I am very thankful to Julliefer for giving me the strength to blog, the courage to start it already though I've been wanting to do it ever since I discovered blogspot. Thanks to my husband who's giving me his full support, to my kids who's my number one reason why I am blogging now.
Because of this I can able to find new friends, some are foreigners, some are Flipinos living in foregn country. I can able to learn things from other mom bloggers out there. My co bloggers are my inspirations too, they are my friends now, being a WHAM, I enjoy having company thru blogging.....thanks to all of you! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site!
I would like to share this award to some of my friends:

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Here's another award I just grabbed from Genejosh site. Thanks gurl for considering us as Queen of Blogs!

Now I am passing this to all of my friends in my blogroll and all of my followers. Feel free to grab it coz all of you were queen of blogs!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy Moments #16 Daddy Day!

Seeing my kids bonding with their dad is very special to me. I love to see them together. My husband really love our kids very much. I can feel how much he treasure his kids and how much he missed them when he has to work overtime. I want to share our family outing last Holy week. Daddy is so busy with his work but he decided to go out and hang out with his kids since he's on leave (but still need to work at home). Our kids really enjoyed this moment! They love swimming pool and they missed their daddy so much!
I can really say this is daddy moment because whenever there's an outing or we have to go somewhere far, my daughter always saying "si daddy ang bahala"! I know how to swim but I am afraid to hold them or accompany them alone in the pool so their DADDY is always with them! I was just there to take pics, make foods and give what they need =)
I love it when my daughter says "si daddy and bahala". She always says that especially when she thinks there something wrong happening. Ahh I find it so sweet! I'm sure her daddy is so "kilig" whenever she says that.
Here's our picture last swimming

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LP : Gusali

Wala akong gaanung kuha ng mga gusali, ang tanging naalala ko lamang na aking kuha ay ang gusaling ito. 10 taon na ang limang palapag na gusaling ito at kakaayus lamang noong nakaraang 4 na taon. Kinuhanan ko ang gusaling ito noong kinailangan kong puntahan sapagkat bilang isang realtor, ito ay isa sa aking binebenta. Mayroon na lamang mga 2 kwarto ang natitira na binebenta. Bagamat hindi na sya bago kung tawagin at "re sale" na, maganda pa din ang mga kuwartong binebenta dito. Ayan, nagawa ko pang mag advertise eheheheh salamat sa LP sa temang ito.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I LOVE Mother Earth!

Mommy Jac of Mom's Special Diary made her first ever tag. Hooray! Congrats and thanks for sharing it with us!


Here's the rule:

~Click the badge and get the code then put the logo on your blog sidebar and post.
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I feel so guilty coz at first I can't think of something I contributed to our planet earth, but hey there is...I am not throwing trash anywhere and I think that is a big help. When I am outside and need to throw something and I can't see any trashcan, I used to put my trash in my bag first untill I see a trashcan where I can throw it. I am also teaching my kids not to throw anywhere. I think that's the basic thing we can highly contribute to our planet.

Now time to share yours mommies:
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Photobook Making as a Business?

I am now busy learning digiscrapping. I have tried making one book for my daughter and have it printed. I am happy with my work, I can see that making photo books in any ways is easy. I can say that I am artistic in terms of those maybe because I love pictures. I love to collect them and preserve every special moment in my life. Now that I have found this thing, I think I am starting to love it and thinking of making business out of it. I tried to offer my service to some of my friends I know who love to have a photo book. I am offering an affordable price compared to other photo book makers here. Who knows? Maybe they will love my work and refer me to other friends. Some of my friends have no idea what a photo book is, that's why I am still waiting for my first work and let them see it as a sample. As of now I am busy thinking of my own logo and a name but maybe IshiEthan name is okay since I've been using it already. I was searching for a logo thru net so I could get an idea but look what I've found, a real cheating wives site. I thought I was just mistaken but no, they are real. There are cheating house wives looking for Mr. right thru net. I can't imagine that there are things like this. I don't think if that's allowed here in the Philippines, chatting with lonely cheating wives? I don't think so. Anyway that was just my opinion, I am just amazed that there is also a chat room like that now. Back to my business, hope i could finally decide what kind of logo to make so I could start with my business now.
Anyone there who wants to order photo book? Comment now! =)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Multiple Tags and Awards

I received a fun tag from Mommy Chris and I actually made it immediately but forgot to post it. Sorry for that. Anyway, let me introduce you to my precious....Lising Family!

Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

As easy and fun as that mommies, now please show me yours...I am tagging all the mommies in my blogroll.

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Here's another tag I just received yesterday and today ...thanks to Genebei and Jona for this tag.

here's the rule of the tag:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you can't go into your closet and pull out your favorite purse! We want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house.

2. List how much it cost. And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we'd love to hear it.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you're showing everyone your bag.

Here's my bag I just used yesterday when we went to Children's playground yesterday with the kids.I love to use this bag when I am going out with my kids, it's perfect coz it's like a baby bag. I can put all the things i need in there like my camera of course thats the number 1 thing i should never forget when hanging around with my kids. I can also put their clothes in there, 2 bottles of milk, my wallet, cellphone, their liquid soap, alcohol, powder, etc. I bought this bag from AVON, I'm an avon member before and purchasing for personal use only. This bag cost 499 pesos I think but I grabbed this for 199 promo only. I actually don't like the color at first but i like the size and the price!
I want to tag all the mommies in my blogroll too! grab it now!!!!

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Another award I got from Jacris, thanks girl for loving my blog.

Now I want to share this to some of the bloggers out there ....enchie, chris, jona, genebei, pephot, anzu, momgen, sweet_shelo, laine, architect, twinkie and tetcha.

grab them all gals!!!! =) Happy weekened!

We Went To Children's Playground Again

I brought the kids to Children's Playground yesterday with my mom and my niece Aliyyah who's having her vacation with us. When we're in a jeep, Ishi saw a student I think she is a medical assistant or what because she's wearing a white dress with white stockings with logo of St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. Ishi said she wants the stockings the girl was wearing. I asked her why she wants to wear that stockings, If does she wants to become a nurse too and study in Medical Assistant Schools? It was funny because she knodded! Gosh my little girl has a dream now. I am so excited to see her wearing that lovely uniform in the future if she really wanted to become a nurse. Another funny story when where in a train, she saw a korean baby. She said she wanted to sit beside the baby but I just said no and said she can still see the baby in our position. She keep on saying that the baby was so cute. I asked her if she wants to have another baby brother again and she said yes and she wants exactly how the korean baby looks like! Gosh how can i able to give that look to her if her dad and I were both Filipino ahahahah! Kids are so funny! They make me laugh so hard ahahahh! Anyway, this trip is fun especially when we arrived in Childrem's Playground. They ran immediately when they saw one of the slides. They were all so excited, I can see how happy they are especially Aliyyah because it was her first time to go there. How I wish I could set a picnic with my brother and sister's family. All of us with my mom. Children's Playground is a very nice park for me, there are lots of slides and theplace is clean. My only concern is the CR, I wish they put more CR there. My kids love this place very much, so I will surely comeback here more often.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy Moments #15 Sentimental Moments

Let me share you the most sentimental moment I've ever experienced.. JANUARY 2007, We, as in me, my son and my daughter stayed in the hospital for more than a week. Why? Because January 15, I gave birth to my second child EThan, I can't able to bring him home yet because he has infection in his blood so he has to stay for ten more days for antibiotics, so my husband and I decided to go home first to lessen the bill. But january 16, when we arrived at home my daughter is badly sick and we thought of confining her in the hospital. january 17, we went back to the hospital, I was physically and emotionally in pain that day! My tooooot was aching because of the stitches, my OB saw me in that hospital and said I am not supposed to walk because I just gave birth but what can I do? Sit and wait for what might happen? I was worried with my daughter coz her sickness is serious, she was suffering from KAWASAKI Disease and according to what we've read from the net it was serious and deadly. For those who have no idea with this sickness visit this site. I accompanied my daughter inside the Emergency room, I stayed with her until she recovered. Thank God He didn't let anything bad happen to both of my precious little angels. Here's some of the pics of my sentimental moments...

January 26, 2007. This was when I finally first held my second child Ethan. I've waited for him for 11 days since I gave birth to him. This is very sentimental moment for me...I am very sad for 10 days peeping him from outside the nursery just to see him and take pictures of him. And when his check out day come, i am so happy and even cried coz I missed him sooo much!

January 19, 2007 This is when Ishi recovered from KAWASAKI disease and finally can check out from the hospital already. This is the hardest part of being a parent, seeing your kids in pain, that really breaks my heart. January 26, 2007 When we all got home, My Little Angels Ishi and Ethan finally met =)

Ahh..what a sentimental moment! Join Mommy Moments now and share your moments with us!

LP : Hardin

Ang aming tirahan sa kasalukuyan ay walang gaanung malawak na hardin, meron lamang syang mga halamang nasa paso na nagbibigay ng malamig na hangin kapag kami ay nasa terrace. Hindi ko nga lang makunan ang mga ito sapagkatnaron ang lahat ngkalat na laruan nga king mga anak kaya naisip kong ilahok ang larawang ito....

Kuha ko ito noong nakaraang kapaskuhan, madalas naming ipagdiwang ang kapaskuhan sa tandang sora kung saan nakatira ang pamilya ng tiyahin ng aking asawa. Masaya mamasyal kapag gabi doon sapagkat pagandahan ng hardin ang mga ato...ang kanilang mga halaman ay punong puno ng ilaw at palamuti. Napakagandang tanawin sa gabi.
Maligayang LP sa inyong lahat! =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Husband and I will Marry Again!

Another friend of mine is gonna get married this month, I am so excited for them! I love to attend wedding ceremonies and parties. I love listening to priests or pastors giving matrimonial rites to couples. I love seeing them kiss and giving each others vows. How I wish my husband and I could get married again. This time, I want it to be perfect. I wanna get married again on our 10th or maybe 25th wedding anniversary. I wanted it to be a beach setting, all of the guest are going to wear beach wear like in Hawaii. I will still wear white dress but not the traditional wedding dress. I want a white see through dress with a red pair of bikini swim wear! Gosh what I am imagining here hehehehe! But honestly if possible I really wanna wear those! I also want to do my giveaways and souvenirs personally. I love making giveaways! I will try some edible wedding favors like wedding cookie favors or candy wedding favors. Hmmmm that sounds yummy especially if it's chocolate flavor, what do you think? Hmm enough with this day dreaming....I will just earn more money for my dream wedding ehehhehe =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : Graduate

My daughter ISHI

I won! I won!

Guess what fella?! You will not believe this because I myself can't still believe that I won in a contest that randomly choose winners?! Thanks sherry for lettng me know I won and another thanks to her because I just saw this contest in her blog and I really like the prizes. I never ever picked in any raffle or win in this kind of contest ever in my life. This is the first time! Look at the prizes and you will surely love it too! Yoplait Get Active Prize Pack includes a travel cooler, a jump rope, a water bottle and an outdoor game set that includes a beach ball, paddle ball, Jai-Ali and a Frisbee.This is really good for my kids and I can also use the jumping rope for exercise and the water bottle during my aerobics heheheh =) I really love this gift! Hope they will contact me soon and get this prize now! I will teach my kids to play jumping rope, I just don't know if they can do it already at their age. If not I will try hoola hoop since my daughter asking me to buy one. Gosh I am thinking of another activity that can naturally maintain good health like the ones in natural health forum. I don't like diet pills and I am afraid to try hi-tech ways just to eliminate my big tummy, I just want to stay healthy and I only need more exercise.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogger Award

Thanks Jacris of Mom's Special Diary for this wonderful award, like what she said, it's like wining in Oscars heheheh =) Thanks again!

I wanted to share this to all of the bloggers who visited my blog, you are one my inspiration why I keep on writing and posting =) Thanks for visiting my site and leaving inspirational comments.

Thanks and God Bless Us aLL!

Family Bonding

Last night we went to MOA, and for the record, it's our first time to go out with my in-laws alone (what i mean is without any other relative with us). It's just me, hubby, the kids and them. We have dinner and the kids rode some kiddie rides inside the mall. After that we stayed outside the mall, there's a park outside where my kids can play around. They really enjoyed that night. They we're so hyper, I don't know where they are getting their energy. When we're about to go home I thought they'll be sleeping in the car already but their not, they played until we got home! What an energy! Anyway, good thing they didn't sleep in the car coz if they do, they might be up till dawn! I am very contented to see my kids so happy this past few days. We bonded so much! Hubby had his vacation since Monday untill Holy Friday from his office, we stayed at home during Holy thursday and went swimming on Holy Friday. Rest again last Black Saturday and MOA yesterday, Easter Sunday! What a week! I love it! I hope we could do it forever even when we are already old. That's why we need to stay healthy and strong in the future so we could still dance with them, go to the park with them, run with our grandchildren with them.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toy Hunt : Square Toys

Another weeks' theme for toy hunters - "square toys"! I am so busy at home and I almost forgot meme's I supposed to do ahead of time. But it's okay coz I am here now...and here's my toy for this week......

Ishi and Ethan's Block

Come and Join TOY HUNT now!

Mommy Moments #14 Kids in Costume

Ahhh...I am late! I almost missed this very special moment hehehe =) Nweis here's mine....

You know, I love costumes! I am very active in terms of these kinds of events like birthdays, Halloweens, and any occasion that needs a costume.

This one is my favorite costume of my kids, I designed this one for their cousin's birthday last year at Milky Way Makati. I also made the hair do thing-y! hahahahah! The theme is "Galaxy"....they were "pulis pangkalawakan" ehehehe! If I could only sew costumes, I will be the one making them nalang. (para tipid) Heheheh =)

This is Ishi's first costumes...she was 11 months old when she first joined halloween party...daddy was very excited to buy Ishi a costume, but since she was very small for her age, we end up with the balerina costume which has the smallest size. The other costume was princess Jasmine used in christmas party @ dad's office again. Stage dad is wearing an Alladin costume for their dance number and ofcourse he also wants her daughter to wear the same so we bought Ishi a Princess Jasmine costume. What a daddy! Mas malandi pa sakin!

These costumes were used twice. This was used during Ethan's First Haloween Party at dad's office again and after three months was on his first birthday! I love them! I actually wanna wear that wonderwoman costume too! Heheheheh =)

This is the latest one! This was just last October 2008.
Mickey and minnie was used so many times...first was during Huggies Haloween Party at SM Valenzuela and they both won "Best in Costumes"! Look at us up there. stage mom and dad was so proud! Second they used it in Dad's office halloween party of course! And the third one was last christmas!
Gosh I am so excited for this year's next haloween party! I thought of their costumes already and I was thinking of Tinkerbel for Ishi and Peter Pan for Ethan..what do you think? But I have a problem now coz the tailor just moved to Meycauayan. I can't find her anymore...I love her coz she's really good in making costumes with very affordable price =( I wish I could find where she lives now or at least find someone like her to make costumes for my kids.
Anyway, I am very happy I catched up with you guys...Enjoy my pics!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project No.1 "Ishi's 3rd Birthday" digiscrapbook

Hooray! At last I have finished my first ever 8*8 30 pages scrapbook project "Ishi's 3rd Birthday". I have it printed at artscow for only $17.49 instead of $23.97 (shipping included), thanks to architect for her discount coupons! Here's some of the coupons (listed below) you can use for discounts like what I just got! I saved $5.77! Credit cards and Paypal can be used for payments. Coupons can be use for checkout only! If you need some help in making your own scrap photo book, don't hesitate to contact me, anytime if I am not busy =) My IM is jganlising. I love digi-scrapbooking ehehehehehe =) Try it sometimes! Register at artscow now and purchase their very affordable and very nice photobook! I also made a personal mousepad there for only $5.88 free shipping (promo only)! What a great buy! I am excited to have it already but i have to wait for 2-3 business days before it delivered. I will show you my photobook as soon as I get it! =)

Come and join me in artscow HERE!!!

Discount Coupons (for 8*8 20 pages)


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toy Hunt : Green Toys

Hello there follow toy hunters! Here's my post for this week;s theme - Green Toys!!!!

Most of the green toys here were stuff toys. I have so many green stuff toys but they were all locked up in their shelves hehehe =) I am so tired bringing them back to their places whenever my kids make them "kalat" that's why I closed it permanently and now I can't get them for toy hunt.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Top Card Droppers

Thank you so much for dropping in to my site!!!
Again, Thank you so much!

For my Top1 Card dropper...here's my token of appreciation for you!

Grab it Enchie you deserve it!

Mommy Moments #13 Ishi's Graduation Day

This is very special moment for my husband and I. It's our first time to experience this event as a parent. Ishi is our first born child, I know she was just "saling pusa" but she really did a good job on her studies. She's already three last November 2008 and we're not expecting too much from her yet, actually we don't plan to enroll her as Kinder I already, we want her to experience real "Nursery" thing. I know the teacher treated her special in her class because she was just saling pusa that's why we want her to start in Nursery again..this time..SERIOUSLY.

Look how excited even her Lola Mama was, she bought a hair extension for Ishi....what a kikay lola. =)

Their Graduation was held in Maxx's Restaurant last March 29 in Malabon. We arrived early that's why we still have time for more picture takings.

Look at our baby go...she's so lovely! She's our very precious gift!

...and here's more picture taking while waiting for the program to start....

and the program begins....Ishi was very excited everytime her name was being called. I think she loves to go to stage. hehehehe =)

This is one of what she was practicing for a week...I love this intermission number...I love seeing Ishi sings and act hehehe she's so cute!

Ishi doesn't like this dance but she danced a little..

we are not expecting another award but when Ishi's name was called for "Silver Medal Award" , stage dad was very excited to bring her daughter in stage...he's the stage dad and I am the paparazzi mom!

This is Ishi's favorite part..she loves this dance and she was also excited because she knows that after this number, she will be able to get her "gift" from mom and dad already. But you know what, maybe because of her excitement she shouted at me saying "naiihi na ako", I said "later you finished your dance first!". She tried dancing again but I can see her legs crossing already kaya I said "come on let's go to the CR, and when we came back the music was over. Good thing I have recorded her dancing "sabay sabay tayo" during practice hehehe =) Dad was disappointed at first because he really wants to see her precious Ishi dance for the first time on the stage like what we used to do before (hubby and I were both school dancers) but ofcourse you know kids...hehehehe we can't really blame them.

this is the moment Ishi was waiting for....to get her "baby Alive Doll"! She waited for almost 2 weeks for this! Congrats baby for your patience! She really deserves it! I am so happy I bought it for her!

Time to celebrate!!!

and another gift Ishi just received from Lola Mama! Look how happy she was...and we were so happy for her, too!

LP : Favorite Picture

These are my kids Ishi and Ethan. They are my favorite subject. I may not good yet in taking pictures but I love to take a pic of them. I love most of their pictures I took especially when they were together. But this pne is different, look at them go, nice pose isn't it? That's why this is my favorite pic.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Looking for A Good Website Hosting

Our future website for House Finder Philippines is still in the process...my husband is so busy with his work. After work, he still wants to spent his few minutes with the kids. And during weekends, he still has something to do before he spent sometime with our website. That's why I am thinking if I should hire somebody who could finished it and have it hosted already. Posting free ads in some sites is no longer effective. I am not sure if that was just happening to me and not to any other people posting there. I have been looking for affordable yet effective website hosting. There are lots of referrals but I am not really sure how to choose a good one. I should know first some things I have to consider. Well ofcourse I want a webhost that can assure our products exposure. I am not actually aware of some things that a website host can able to do with websites, that's why I really need to research more about it before I decide.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

I would like to thank Chris for this friendship award. She's one of "kind" people I have met here in blogosphere. I am asking some things about parenting since we do have something in common like we do have only 2 kids (for now), a girl and a boy. She's the one who taught me proper weaning hehehe =) Thanks chris! I am very grateful to receive this award from you! Now I am passing this to 7 people who's so friendly to me and to some of the bloggers I just recently knew: Enchie, Phepot, Architect, Mary Ann, Sandi, Lori and Tetcha