Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I LOVE Mother Earth!

Mommy Jac of Mom's Special Diary made her first ever tag. Hooray! Congrats and thanks for sharing it with us!


Here's the rule:

~Click the badge and get the code then put the logo on your blog sidebar and post.
~Tell us what is your contribution to our planet? You live here for sure you've got something to share!! Post any pictures or share some of your ideas on how to help and save out planet Earth.
~Post this rules.
~Share this meme-tag to as many Blogger as you can think.

I feel so guilty coz at first I can't think of something I contributed to our planet earth, but hey there is...I am not throwing trash anywhere and I think that is a big help. When I am outside and need to throw something and I can't see any trashcan, I used to put my trash in my bag first untill I see a trashcan where I can throw it. I am also teaching my kids not to throw anywhere. I think that's the basic thing we can highly contribute to our planet.

Now time to share yours mommies:
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Chris said...

thanks for the tag!

here is my post:d

Enchie said...

thanks for the tag Jes!

Beth said...

happy earth day!

i think me ganyang program din ung MMDA di ba? ung Munting Basura, Ibulsa muna! :) Good to know that you practice it too! ako din e, kaya pagdating sa house, punong puno ng small trash ung bag ko. :)

☆Willa☆ said...

it's the little thing that compose the big one, good for you!
Happy Earth Day! to you.

Jona said...

done na po! salamat :D