Friday, April 17, 2009

We Went To Children's Playground Again

I brought the kids to Children's Playground yesterday with my mom and my niece Aliyyah who's having her vacation with us. When we're in a jeep, Ishi saw a student I think she is a medical assistant or what because she's wearing a white dress with white stockings with logo of St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. Ishi said she wants the stockings the girl was wearing. I asked her why she wants to wear that stockings, If does she wants to become a nurse too and study in Medical Assistant Schools? It was funny because she knodded! Gosh my little girl has a dream now. I am so excited to see her wearing that lovely uniform in the future if she really wanted to become a nurse. Another funny story when where in a train, she saw a korean baby. She said she wanted to sit beside the baby but I just said no and said she can still see the baby in our position. She keep on saying that the baby was so cute. I asked her if she wants to have another baby brother again and she said yes and she wants exactly how the korean baby looks like! Gosh how can i able to give that look to her if her dad and I were both Filipino ahahahah! Kids are so funny! They make me laugh so hard ahahahh! Anyway, this trip is fun especially when we arrived in Childrem's Playground. They ran immediately when they saw one of the slides. They were all so excited, I can see how happy they are especially Aliyyah because it was her first time to go there. How I wish I could set a picnic with my brother and sister's family. All of us with my mom. Children's Playground is a very nice park for me, there are lots of slides and theplace is clean. My only concern is the CR, I wish they put more CR there. My kids love this place very much, so I will surely comeback here more often.

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mommy jac said...

In regular basis our kids are born to be funny and smart talaga. I like her she really is a smart kid.While reading your post I was laughing about the korean baby and she wants exactly how that baby looks like is very funny.Btw I have an award for you

have a lovely weekend!!