Thursday, October 30, 2008

Toys that Sing and Toys with Music

I was invited by Miss Pheng to join this Toy Hunt last week. I found it interesting for a mom like me so I ecstatically took a picture of these required pics of toys for October 21 entry(my first ever entry). Unfortunately I forgot to make an immediate article about it(gosh i'm so ulyanin) and didn't able to send my entry on time, now I'm late!
Anyway, these are some of my kids' toys that sing or with music.

This is one of son's favorite. He received this gift last Christmas, there are two of them, different color and style but has the same function and music. Ethan, my son loves Cars next to Balls.Introducing MarYann, It was my daughter's toy she received last last Christmas(2006). MarYann is singing "Twinkle twinkle Lil Star while swaying her head.

This one is the latest toy she's been enjoying, Ishi named this doll "Marimar" because it was dancing like Marimar. Marimar has a music like she was really singing while dancing.

Having two kids seems very hard for me, 'coz whenever one of them has new toy(not actually new, bagong labas lang sa pagkakatago), you need to find one for the other one. If Ishi has this Marimar, Ethan has this Santa w/ Snowman in Sleigh, I bought it from AVON. If you press santa's left hand, it will sing "Frosty the Snowman".

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Best in Costume Award - Halloween Happenings with HUGGIES

While waiting for Pointwest(dad's company) to announce if they are having a Halloween Party or not, we decided to join Ishi and Ethan in Huggies Halloween Party last October 25, 2008. It held at SM Block hypermarket.
They have lots of activities and surprises. They have free Hair make over and free make up for both girls and boys.
Ishi having her hair colored

Ethan so patient waiting for his hairdo

There's also a free picture of each participating child with or without costume.

Free Picture (frames came from their give away lootbags)

Mommies are also included in some games, I actually won in the game "longest greeting" (the usual birthday party game), you just have to say the longest "I Love you Hug-gieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" and you're the winner! I made it for 29 secs. Gosh, it's hard pala but i enjoyed it! Hahahha =) I also had 2 prizes in question and answer game. Aside from those games and activities, they also have major awards such as "Huggies Baby Award", "Early Bird Award" and "Best in Costume Award". The best part of this experience is that ISHI and ETHAN both took home "Best in Costume" award. They were Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse kaya siguro TIE silang magkapatid. =) Sayang nga lang di kame nakuhanan ni daddy ng picture nung tinawag kame sa stage. Siguro sa sobrang excitement nawala na sa isip niya ahahha! Till next Halloween Party!

Family picture taking after the Party!

After the awarding there's also a magic show. Lastly was an intermission number by the Huggies Bears dancing to the tune of "Papaya!"
I enjoyed this party for my kids, i know that they we're too young to appreciate it, but I'm sure me dagdag points yan sa personality nila, I'm hoping that this kind of events will enhance their talents, build their confidence and share what they have experienced to others someday.

Propagating Friendship Award

Got this award/gift from ms. pheng....thank you very much! I really apreciate it! =)

Now passing this on to: Philip

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ishi and Ethan's Wishlist Part II

Hi there again Dear Ninongs and Ninangs, Tito's and Tita's, Lolo's and Lola's, and Friends! I have visited TOYS R US @ Robinson's Ortigas and I saw some toys and other stuffs that ISHI and ETHAN will surely love.....=) This is just a continuation of Ishi & Ethan's Wishlist.

Here's their WISHLIST ParII:

1. Doll House (any brand)
2. Dora Collapsible Hamper (Php399.75)
3. Dora LCD Watch (Php149.75-Php279.75)
4. Dora Number Puzzle (Php449.75)
5. Dora Sunglasses (Php169.00)
6. Dora Fashion Accessory Set (Php269.00)
7. Dora baseball Cap (Php269.00)
8. Dora Crocs (Php279.00)
9. POP Princess make-up (Php299.00)
10. Dora Playground Ball (Php279.00)
11. Dora Wooden Alphabet - requested fom ninong Carlo
12. Asden/VTech Kiddie Laptop (Php1,399.00 and up)
13. Dora Hooded Towel (Php379.00)
14. Kitchen Set (any brand)

1. Spongebob Crocs (Php279.00)
2. Spongebob LCD Watch (Php149.00 and up)
3. Spongebob Baseball Cap (Php269.00)
4. Spongebob Hooded Towel (Php379.00)
5. Spongbob Playground Ball (Php279.99)
6. Chient Yellow/Red Pedal Car (Php2,199.00)

Toys R Us is located at Robinsons Galleria and Trinoma.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Fiesta Sto. Rosario Village!

Yesterday, October 19, 2008 is our village Festival (Sto. Rosario Village). Actually the happenings started last Saturday pa, may Videoke challenge na di namin napanood kasi nag grocery kame and gabi na kame dumating. So sad, masaya pala yung gabing yun sabi ng mga kapitbahay ang friends.
Sunday night is Concert, madaming bands na taga Malabon lang ang invited, and ALAMID is the Main Course of the night. Di na kame nanood ng parade and games nung umaga kasi nagbasketball si Dad e, wala ako kasama maglabas ng mga kids. unlike nung 2006 and 2007 festival, maaga talga kame nagising kasi 1st fiesta ni Ishi nung 2006 and 1st fiesta naman ni Ethan last 2007. Inabangan nalang namin talga is yung kay ALAMID band lang. Garry the vocalist lived just a few blocks away from our house, knowing that he's sikat before and cguro until now, di ko pa talaga siya naririnig kumanta live kaya I ecstatically watch that concert and brought Ishi with us(daddy and I).

Look at Ishi's get-up!

I just want her to watch some of the bands and some of the kids who danced para ma-inspire siya and ma-enhance ang talent nya. Si Ethan kasi baby pa, di pa niya ma-a-apreciate yung ingay at gulo na yun sa labas kaya i decided not to bring him out! Poor lil boy, naiwan sa house, nilabas ko dn sya pero sandali lang. Just like what I've said di p nya ma-a-apreciate so all he wanna to do is run and play which is di pede kasi dami tao e kaya inuwi ko nalang talaga siya. Masaya din 'tong gabing to kahit kinabukasan meron pa kong seminar sa Sucat ahahaha nagpuyat pa din ako. Nag enjoy din si ISHI kaso nakakapagod siya, rumarak-rock din eh! Nakakapagod ahahah para kong may kasamang nasobrahan sa katol kung maka rak rock! ahahahah! Well this fiesta experienced is FUN! It Rocks me to the Bone!!! =)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ishi and Ethan's Wishlist!

Hello there Ninangs and Ninongs, Titos and Titas, Lolos and Lolas and Friends!!!
My Little Angels have simple wishes this coming christmas...they're praying so hard to have them granted. Hope God can hear them.....

ISHI's Wishlist:
1. Bicycle - (requested from Tita Dada)
2. Study Chair & Table - (requested from Ninang Lora)
3. Kiddie Lap Top - (requested from ninong Paolo I. / Alfred S.)

4, Dora Doll - (requested from Tita Joan N.)

5. Dora Bag Pack - (requested from Ninang Ruby)
6. Iron Set
7. Doctor Set
8. Dora Small Troley Bag for nursery
9. Dora Little Sofa
10. Dora Sandos and Panties
11. Dora sandals
12. Dora Socks

Ethan's Wishlist:

1. Bicycle- (requested from Tita Dada)
2. Rubber shoes
3. Sandals
4. Guitar Set
5. Drumset
6. Radio with Mic (Ninang Aileen)
7. Spongebob Sando's and Briefs
8. Spongebob or Superman Bagpack
9. Big puzzle mats
10. Spongebob/superman cap

Their wishlist we're just few for now, coz i dunno exactly what to wish for them. I know they have lots in their minds but they can't speak it out yet, so please help me figure it out!

Here's some of what they're up to.....
Ishi loves DORA very much, she loves anything that has a DORA on it. She was studying now as "saling pusa", she loves to draw, specially to color. She also loves writing, she already had a board at home. She loves animals, specially an elephant because of the movie "DUMBO" she watches everytime . She had some of the dinosours already, that's her favorite too because of the movie "Land Before Time" that she actually watching too, everytime hehehe. She even loves Dragon Ball now because she saw Dad watching it. What else? Hmmm...Ahh, Ishi also loves to play dough/clay. She also loves to sing and dance. She wants books, coloring books, story books, activity books, and any educational books. She also loves musical toys. She loves to wear make ups and hair accessories. She loves to wear mini skirts, and sleeveless (She's kinda kikay now).

Ethan loves to play with balls or any object that is circle. He loves to sing and dance too like his Ate. He even loves to write and draw now. He loves musical toys specially if it has microphones. He also loves books, story books or poped-up books. He loves spongebob, superman, cars! He loves any kinds of car, or anything that has wheels hehehe.

Thanks for reading this blog and hope you could help me grant their wishes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ishi & Ethan's First Visit at Luneta Park

I can still remember when I was a kid and my father was still alive, we used to visit Rizal Park with the whole family, my mom, my brothers and my sister. That glimpse was very special to me... those were some of the few special memory left from my father. Oops... I'm about to cry now...cut it out!

Anyways, this was Ishi & Ethan's first visit at Rizal Park, their Dad and I wants this to become a very special visit for them. We want them to enjoy this moment with us. At first, Ishi just want to go to anywhere that has "padulasan", but since we've already been to "Children's Playground" (the first park and playground we've visit with the kids and has lots of slides that ISHI really enjoyed) we also wanted them to visit another place where they haven't been yet. Our choices was: Malabon Zoo (no padulasan), Quezon City Circle (lots of padulasan, pero mahirap puntahan lalo na kung commute lang) and Luneta park (madali lang puntahan via LRT but we have no idea yet if there's padulasan). Atlast God made us decide to go to Luneta instead because parang uulan that time. Luneta because kahit umulan madali lang umuwi sakay lang ng LRT, Luneta because my husband and I haven't been there for a long time, Luneta because we want the kids to run and play in the field.

Here's Ethan and Ate IShi inside the train going to Baclaran, train palang tuwang tuwa na, puwede na nga kameng mag train tripping nalang eh! Heheheh =)
Rizal Park Picnic Area Beside Rizal's Fountain
We started viewing the Rizal Fountain there, Ishi was having fun looking at the Displayed Swans. She even wants to go inside pero hindi puwede, bawal! Siguro mas mag e- enjoy sila kung bukas ang fountain that time, kaso hindi eh! They also had fun with the doves in this park, there we're plenty of them. Ethan and Ishi really wants to catch them all. We stopped near the fountain for a while, coz it's been a long walk from UN station to get there at the park. But still the kids we're running around while Dad and I we're eating sandwhich (i have packed some, so if ever i got hungry i don't have to buy anymore).

After then we wander around, trying to look for other things that we can see or do. There are lot of people everywhere, families like us, lovers, group of teens having their dance practice without any music, vendors, and even beggars. This park is relaxing, kung puwede nga lang akong mahiga na lang maghapon dito eh. We didn't able to go to other amenities like their museum, japanese garden, kanlungan ng sining, etc.,my kids will not appreciate it anyway.

So we crossed the street from Rizal Monument to Lapu lapu Monument and then to Quirino Grand Stand, we stopped there again and ate "dirty ice cream" hmmm... i missed that! My kids also enjoyed viewing the kites up there so their dad bought one for them. Nagpalipad sila ng saranggola, ang galing galing na nga ni Ishi magpalipad e hehehe =)

Ishi and Ethan really enjoyed this day, and we're so very happy for them. Despite of that, ISHI's day will never be complete without "padulasan", she still manage to remember that. She said "padulas na tayu mommy...", hahaha i thought she forgot about it because of the kite. Well then since wala pa din kameng lusot, naghanap kame ng padulasan near us. And we found PLAYZONE sa labas ng Ocean Park. This playground is so cool, child-proof and complete facilities (though the other slide we're broken). Ethan and Ishi love it anyway!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ethan & Ishi's First Studio Shot Pic

This was Ethan's First ever Studio Shot pic, taken last Septe,mber 21, 2008, dapat noong bago siya mag isang taon kaya lang di pa marunong mag focus, sobrang likot, unlike her ate Ishi na kaya nang mag focus and nakakausap na ng maayos kaya six months palang siya nung una niyang studio pic.
First Shot...
This was the first batch ng shots, medyo wala sa mood ang mga bata sa sobrang init at baho ng studio na to.....(di ko na babanggitin baka di na magpa pic dun ang mga taga malabon hehehe) kaya wala ako mapiling magandang shot kundi eto nalang.

Second Shot....
Ito naman ang second batch na shots kasi naman wala nmn ako mapiling magandang shot sa unang batch kaya eto.... take two!!
Hayz, pumayag ang mga bata na magpa kuha sa una lang kaya ayan....wala na ding ibang pagpipiliang shots hehehe =) But it turns out well naman, the kids are cute kasi kaya na appreciate ko na din kahit nag init ang ulo ko sa photograher na nagpapaka PRO hindi naman ata photographer. Hayz....kung di lang kame nagtitipid......heheheh =)

Ishi's First Studio Pic (6 poses)
Ito naman ang First Studio Pic ni Ishi taken last April 2006 @ Great Image Studio-SM Valenzuela, six months na siya dyan. The photographer was really good in motivating kids to smile, kahit na maliit lang ang pasensiya ng bata umabot kame sa halos 12 shots na halos lahat magaganda kaya lang we have to choose 6 best shots only.

Hayz, sana makapagpakuha ulit kame and that time sana lahat kame naka costume hehehhe =)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ishi's New Dora Black Shoes

This was Ishi's 2nd Black shoes for this year....

Ishi got a new shoes!!! Lola Mama just bought it all the way from SM Davao "i think" (coz' she's been to Sarangani to fetch Ishi's Tita Charmie).
Last September 18, her first ever black shoes was already broken, I texted Lola Mama that day about the shoe kasi inaabangan niya din naman kung kelan masisira ung shoes na binili niya nung una that cost 29.00 and amazingly last for more than a month. Dapat bibili na daw siya sa SM Megamall (near her BDO office), kaya lang nasaraduhan na daw siya, kaya sa Davao na siya nakabili on her way home to Manila.