Monday, October 6, 2008

Ishi & Ethan's First Visit at Luneta Park

I can still remember when I was a kid and my father was still alive, we used to visit Rizal Park with the whole family, my mom, my brothers and my sister. That glimpse was very special to me... those were some of the few special memory left from my father. Oops... I'm about to cry now...cut it out!

Anyways, this was Ishi & Ethan's first visit at Rizal Park, their Dad and I wants this to become a very special visit for them. We want them to enjoy this moment with us. At first, Ishi just want to go to anywhere that has "padulasan", but since we've already been to "Children's Playground" (the first park and playground we've visit with the kids and has lots of slides that ISHI really enjoyed) we also wanted them to visit another place where they haven't been yet. Our choices was: Malabon Zoo (no padulasan), Quezon City Circle (lots of padulasan, pero mahirap puntahan lalo na kung commute lang) and Luneta park (madali lang puntahan via LRT but we have no idea yet if there's padulasan). Atlast God made us decide to go to Luneta instead because parang uulan that time. Luneta because kahit umulan madali lang umuwi sakay lang ng LRT, Luneta because my husband and I haven't been there for a long time, Luneta because we want the kids to run and play in the field.

Here's Ethan and Ate IShi inside the train going to Baclaran, train palang tuwang tuwa na, puwede na nga kameng mag train tripping nalang eh! Heheheh =)
Rizal Park Picnic Area Beside Rizal's Fountain
We started viewing the Rizal Fountain there, Ishi was having fun looking at the Displayed Swans. She even wants to go inside pero hindi puwede, bawal! Siguro mas mag e- enjoy sila kung bukas ang fountain that time, kaso hindi eh! They also had fun with the doves in this park, there we're plenty of them. Ethan and Ishi really wants to catch them all. We stopped near the fountain for a while, coz it's been a long walk from UN station to get there at the park. But still the kids we're running around while Dad and I we're eating sandwhich (i have packed some, so if ever i got hungry i don't have to buy anymore).

After then we wander around, trying to look for other things that we can see or do. There are lot of people everywhere, families like us, lovers, group of teens having their dance practice without any music, vendors, and even beggars. This park is relaxing, kung puwede nga lang akong mahiga na lang maghapon dito eh. We didn't able to go to other amenities like their museum, japanese garden, kanlungan ng sining, etc.,my kids will not appreciate it anyway.

So we crossed the street from Rizal Monument to Lapu lapu Monument and then to Quirino Grand Stand, we stopped there again and ate "dirty ice cream" hmmm... i missed that! My kids also enjoyed viewing the kites up there so their dad bought one for them. Nagpalipad sila ng saranggola, ang galing galing na nga ni Ishi magpalipad e hehehe =)

Ishi and Ethan really enjoyed this day, and we're so very happy for them. Despite of that, ISHI's day will never be complete without "padulasan", she still manage to remember that. She said "padulas na tayu mommy...", hahaha i thought she forgot about it because of the kite. Well then since wala pa din kameng lusot, naghanap kame ng padulasan near us. And we found PLAYZONE sa labas ng Ocean Park. This playground is so cool, child-proof and complete facilities (though the other slide we're broken). Ethan and Ishi love it anyway!

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