Monday, October 13, 2008

Ishi and Ethan's Wishlist!

Hello there Ninangs and Ninongs, Titos and Titas, Lolos and Lolas and Friends!!!
My Little Angels have simple wishes this coming christmas...they're praying so hard to have them granted. Hope God can hear them.....

ISHI's Wishlist:
1. Bicycle - (requested from Tita Dada)
2. Study Chair & Table - (requested from Ninang Lora)
3. Kiddie Lap Top - (requested from ninong Paolo I. / Alfred S.)

4, Dora Doll - (requested from Tita Joan N.)

5. Dora Bag Pack - (requested from Ninang Ruby)
6. Iron Set
7. Doctor Set
8. Dora Small Troley Bag for nursery
9. Dora Little Sofa
10. Dora Sandos and Panties
11. Dora sandals
12. Dora Socks

Ethan's Wishlist:

1. Bicycle- (requested from Tita Dada)
2. Rubber shoes
3. Sandals
4. Guitar Set
5. Drumset
6. Radio with Mic (Ninang Aileen)
7. Spongebob Sando's and Briefs
8. Spongebob or Superman Bagpack
9. Big puzzle mats
10. Spongebob/superman cap

Their wishlist we're just few for now, coz i dunno exactly what to wish for them. I know they have lots in their minds but they can't speak it out yet, so please help me figure it out!

Here's some of what they're up to.....
Ishi loves DORA very much, she loves anything that has a DORA on it. She was studying now as "saling pusa", she loves to draw, specially to color. She also loves writing, she already had a board at home. She loves animals, specially an elephant because of the movie "DUMBO" she watches everytime . She had some of the dinosours already, that's her favorite too because of the movie "Land Before Time" that she actually watching too, everytime hehehe. She even loves Dragon Ball now because she saw Dad watching it. What else? Hmmm...Ahh, Ishi also loves to play dough/clay. She also loves to sing and dance. She wants books, coloring books, story books, activity books, and any educational books. She also loves musical toys. She loves to wear make ups and hair accessories. She loves to wear mini skirts, and sleeveless (She's kinda kikay now).

Ethan loves to play with balls or any object that is circle. He loves to sing and dance too like his Ate. He even loves to write and draw now. He loves musical toys specially if it has microphones. He also loves books, story books or poped-up books. He loves spongebob, superman, cars! He loves any kinds of car, or anything that has wheels hehehe.

Thanks for reading this blog and hope you could help me grant their wishes!


julliefer said...

wow wishlist! magaya nga to. madalas pa mandin bumisita ang mga ninong at ninang ni djuan sa blog nya. hehehe. aay ninang nga pala ko ni ethan. hihi. me award ako for you here >> post mo yan dito ha. and spread it around. ;)

Mommy Jes said...

ahahahah salamat sa paggaya ahahah! =) and salamat din sa award kaya lang bano pa ko sa teknolohiya kaya panu b gagawin dito para ma open at ma post ahahah! tnx Ms. Pheng - My "Super-Haba-Pasensya Tutor sa pagba-Blog"!