Friday, October 23, 2009


Oh Time flies so fast and I didn't even notice that my daughter's fieldtrip is on Monday already! I have so many things need to do ....this coming weekend is another tripping day, no schedule yet but I am hoping to have one. And on sunday, we have to go to the mall to buy costumes for my kiddos. We were going to attend Halloween Party at their dad's office on Thursday. One more thing, I have to bring Ethan back to San Lazaro Hospital for follow up anti rabies injection again on Tuesday. Oh that's a lot of schedule. I can't bear them anymore! Multi tasking is my expertise but not this time. Being a Mommy is really a hard job! Oh well as if I do have a chance to back out! I love my kids and my husband so all I have to do now is to stay strong! After this schedule I am planning to go to Ilocos if my husband wants to coz I wanted to visit my Lola's grave as well as my Lolo who's been wanting to see us also. I hope we could visit him. After then I still have to prepare for Ishi's 2nd quarter exam moved on November 4. And then her upcoming 4th birthday to be held in school. No fancy celebration, we just want her to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. And if all those appointments were in line is to look for gifts. I don't have time to shop this month...I am so pre occupied with so many things. Hope I could still have time to shop before christmas. I was joking with my friends if sex toys like vibrators is okay for them as a gift ahahhah! I am so sorry that was only for fun ofcourse I will not give them that kind of a gift coz that's expensive! ahahahahah! =0 Just kidding!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Starting to Make Christmas List?

Oh Gosh, time flies so fast and Christmas is coming again! I am excited during this occassion especially when I have kids already. I love wrapping gifts. I love giving gifts and I love it when my kids receiving gifts too! This year I wanted to buy gifts that are affordable yet usable. I will not buy toys this time. I think I'll be buying something that these kids will be able to use. I was thinking of pencil case, or notebooks but I think this will be boring for them. I also wanted bags so they can able to use it everyday. Have you tried stephen joseph quilted backpack anyone? They are personalized kids backpack, I think they will appreciate it than pencil case. How bout for mommies? Any suggestion? I was thinking of pillow case, oh that's not cool. How bout pouch bags? Some girls are not into it so I thought of laundry bag. Mommies need them right? Hmm...this is hard. I think I should make a list first. Anyway, I am not going to buy this month yet coz we have so much expenses.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Get Away Plan

It's our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday! Nah, there's no such date as what you're thinking. He's in the office, I am in our store, but at the end of the day I am so happy that we're together. I asked him to pick me up at the store, then we went home together. We spent 'our time' watching our favorite series "smallville" and "heroes". As simply as that, I felt that we we're already celebrating it (in our simplest way). Actually hubby asked me to plan a vacation to celebrate (for the first time) our wedding anniversary. We can't plan this weekend coz we all know that there's another typhoon coming. So I am thinking to have it on summer or on semester break instead so we can have our long vacation with the kids. I love family outings. I love it when we're together. If only we could have a car, I'm sure we will travel every weekend! Oh I am so excited to have ours already. Hopefully next year we could buy one, used cars will do as long as it's in good condition. As for now I am researching low packages in any location in the Philippines. There are lots of promos but they still pricey for me. I think a friend's advice is right, we should try to go in any near place first. She suggested "Pagudpud", I am actually longing to go there then we can able to visit my Grandpa in Laoag after. I can't still decide so any suggestions? Thanks! Good day!