Friday, February 27, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day!!!

Yey! We're going to the wedding tomorrow!! My Ishi is one of the flower girls and my son is the coin bearer. God luck to me and to my husband! I am hoping that my kids will cooperate and follow instructions! How I wish they'll be in good mood tomorrow! Ahhh ....can't sleep anymore...but I have to! The wedding is 1pm and we have to be in Sulu Hotel at 10 am =) Gosh! Godnight help me God! Hehhehehehe =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

What's Wrong with PPP?

I am always waiting for an opp to come everyday, I am contented with whatever amount they offer as long as it will not take my whole time hehehhe. I am happy grabbing an opp even it is only for 50 dollar cents. Most of the opps were not priced like that, there were $1, $2 and sometime $5 and up! Not bad coz I am always infront of the computer talking to some clients and instead if wasting my time to nothing if I have no clients, why not grab an opp and write anything about it. This is fun anyways, aside from learning some stuffs, I can be able to earn dollars.
I started grabbing opps last December 31, 2008, that was my first time. Last January 31, I received my payment from PPP to Paypal and still has some peding payments. As of Now I have been paid 25.85 dollars! I am using it for some things like, my kids' toy and books. I do still have pending payments of 42.99 dolars. I am really happy with this kind of part time job hehehhe =) I know this is not that big but, it's not hard to earn either that's why I am still thankful. I know some of you out there were earning bigger than this compared to me having only a PR2. I am just happy to share that I am enjoying what i am doing. But I am so devastated lately. I don't know If you are experiencing this coz I became a victim for so many times now. Imagine, I am so excited everyday waiting for an opp but whenever I grab a white (opportunity available to you) or a green (featured opportunity is available to you) one, all I get is this "Sorry, you do not meet the opportunity requirements"! What the heck is happening? This is very disappointing! How come its has to appear in white or green code if I can't grab it? I hope they will fix it soon! I wanna earn more that's why I keep on trying to grab more opp, but if this thing keeps on happening how can I able to grab more? =( Any bloggers who are experiencing this?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

6 Days to Go Before Len's Wedding!

I am so excited, this will be my kids' first time in wedding entourage! I can't wait to see them wearing their gown and barong! Stage dad is actually more excited than me, he's gonna wear a bar0ng too! Ahahahhah! Last week I was problematic what to wear....when Mary Ann and I went to Let's Face It, she ask me to go window shopping. We visited some of her favorite botique and helped me find what to wear. At first I am not interested to buy because the clothes are too expensive. But when we passed through Karimadon and tried looking again, Mary Ann saw a cutie dress for me. I love it for the first time I saw it. Thank God It's not as expensive as what I have seen from the first stores we visited. I am not wearing a dress that is above the knee, good thing there's a leggings that I can wear with the dress. I found it very cutie, I will post it after my kids clothes were completely okay. My mother in-law still fixing my son's pants size and my daughter's gown bids (she is not completely satisfied with the gown's design, good thing she's good at it!). I will post our outfit soon!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Married Chat City

I am 3 years happily married now. Still getting stronger, and everyday falling in love with each other. Sometimes when we have problems, we really need to find someone we could talk to. Sometimes in marriage we cannot avoid problems. Even if you really love each other, there are times that challenges comes your way. If you don't have someone you can talk to you can go to Married Chat City where you can find fellow married people.
I love talking to married men or women where I can relate my marriage experience. I love to talk about love stories, how they met and how they get married. Reminiscing love stories is what I really love, i love reminiscing how my husband and I have met. I am still amazed how love works. God is really great, He knows who is the right guy for you. When I met my husband and became my boyfriend, I know that he is the right one for me. I can tell because I felt it. I am comfortable with him, I am not conscious in everything I do and he loves my family. He accepts and love me for who am I. He is my bestfriend and my hero.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Toy Hunt : Toys with Numbers

This is my entry for this week's theme...Toy with numbers!

Hooray!!! Just in time coz this is my son's favorite as of now. He received this last christmas and he really loves it. He's always carrying it wherever he goes even he has a new toy, he never forgets to play with it everyday.

If you want to jooin us jst click the TOy Hunt button and enjoy!!!!

Freebies from Sweetytots-Booksale!

I think I have collected all of Sweetytots-Booksale's Pop up Books! I have ordered so many books already and I think I am addicted collecting them all especially when you have FREEBIES!!!!! I have lots of freebies and i love freebies from Sweetytots-Booksale! I do have 2 coloring and tracing books which I have seen for the first time. I also got free pop up book already! Recently I got another freebies, a lot of freebies that made my daughter Ishi so busy! I received another coloring and tracing book, a crayons, a story book and a sketch pad with I dunno how to call the other freebie, the one used for tracing. Whatever, all I know is my daughter really enjoying them! If you want to get these FREEBIES, place your order now coz the promo will end on february 28. Leave a comment if you're interested! =)

Mommy Moments #7 Feeding Time

Here's another pics of my kids for mommy moments "feeding time"! Please visit Me, Myself and Jes for more pics.

Here's my hubby taking turn of feeding our little angel ISHI, hehehe they're so cute! I love this pic hehehheh! =)

And here's Ethan with me naman.....

My Little Angels....=)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

I'm joining Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey for Thankful Thursday!! Be sure to visit her and see what all the participants are thankful for this week!!

Here are my 5 "thankfuls" for this week:

1. I am happy and thankful that i had my first sale in realty for 2009! I've been waiting for it to come and God finally gave it to me! I am also thankful for my bags and books sale!

2. I am thankful for I can provide my brother's tour this month. He is studying in college taking HRm and tour is required to their subject tourism. I am sure he's so happy to finally know he has money for it already.

3. I am thankful for my FREE facial and foot spa with pedicure and manicure at Let's Face It courtesy of Mary Ann, my friend and my boss in realty. This is my incentive and a treat from her!

4. I am thankful for my upcoming Baby Alive Doll for my Ishi,I am really thankful to Architect for helping me buy it! and for their new Books too!

5. I am thankful for my kids and my husband is always safe everyday though we all have cough today, I know God will not let us suffer.

I have lots of things to be thankful for and 5 listings is not enough! I am truly blessed and I really Thank God for all of this!!! =)

I want a Baby Alive too!!

The first time I have seen this Baby Alive as a prize in one of the contest here in blogosphere I really fell in love and amazed with it. Imagine a toy that eats and poops? Ahahhaha very amazing isn't it?? This one is different, it doesn't poop but It's okay for me coz it seems to be a good buy anyway!

Baby Alive Hispanic Baby Go Bye Bye

  • Busy little “mommies” on the go are sure to be tickled pink when they travel with this sweet-faced doll!
  • Press her tummy to hear realistic sounds that let you know how she’s feeling while you’re out and about.
  • You can even convert the carrier to four other modes for whatever your “little one” needs.
  • The rocking cradle mode lets you spend special time together while you play – and the handy travel bag mode lets you keep all of your “mommy” essentials in one place!
  • So even when you’re on the go, you’ve got everything you need to keep your “baby” happy all day long!
  • Doll comes with carrier and bottle.
  • Little girls can learn to be like real mommies with this cooing baby doll.
  • Baby Alive comes with a five-in-one carrier that lets girls bring her everywhere they go.
  • Use it as a carrier, as a feeding holder, a rocking bed, carry tote and more.
  • The soft-body doll makes adorable baby noises just like a real infant.
  • She comes with a bottle and partially-detachable diaper. Requires three "AAA" batteries, included. Measures 12" tall.
My friends and others noticing me selling so many things, I have house and lot, books and bags hehehe, of course coz I needed to earn some extra. Do you know what I mean? My husband's salary is only enough for our needs, my sales is realty is for their education and other important matters. My extra income in bags and books, and my earnings in Paypal from paid posts is really a good help to give my kids a toy they'll surely love and enjoy! Architect has 2 Baby Alive Dolls for Lil J already, I asked her to sell one to me but she is really addicted to baby alive so she refused to sell it hahahahha! It's okay coz she helped me find another one at ebay, since I am not a member and don't know how to bid yet, she ended up bidding for me using her account. How nice of her! She's a blessing to me! I am so excited to have it already! I think I will be having it on March! I am so excited! My Ishi will surely love it! She have seen one like this before and she really liked it! So sad I can't afford to buy one in the Philippines for it's too expensive! It is like 3,000 pesos in the Philippines while it was only $21.98 or 1,011.74 in ebay, shipping included! Good buy isn't it? I am really thankful to Architect If not because of her, I will not be able to find an affordable baby alive! Yipee!!!

I Miss my Grand Pa!

I wanted to go for a vacation this summer at Laoag Ilocos Norte, I lived there for almost 6 years since my father died. I studied there from grade four until I graduated in High School. My Grand father and grand mother were my guardian that time. There were the ones giving me allowance and feeding me of course. I studied here in Manila for college after I graduated in high school. I promised my self that I will help my grannies when I finished college ang get a good job. I graduated last 2004 but I never gave any help to them. I feel so guilty because my grand ma passed away last year. I wasn't able to give her my promise. Even I wanted to give some help to my grand father now for his medicines, I can't able to give some because I do have lots of responsibilities with my kids and my family especially my brother studying in college. I know they understand my situation but I can't help to feel so sad and guilty. My cousins there said my grandfather doesn't need money, he needs us. He needs our presence especially now that grand ma is gone. I think he's bored, if I can only teach him to chat in Senior Chat Rooms so he can talk to his fellow seniors. I think that is a big help for him. Then need some acquaintance or leisure.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ishi and Ethan Got a New Set of Books

Hooray! Got my new set of orders from architect last week. I ordered different pop up books which my kids love the most! I already have Opposites, Shapes and Colors, Numbers, Little Mermaid and Baby Pteranodon Learn to Fly pop up books from sweet...pretty...naughty give away's last year's prize. Since my kids love pop ups so much, I ordered another 11 pcs of pop ups with free 1 pop up book instead of coloring book and crayon holder! Yipee thanks architect, my kids enjoyed them so much! And thanks to another special freebie of coloring book for my IShi!
Let me share the pics of my kids while enjoying their new books......

My Lil Ishi proud of her new coloring book!

She really apreciates pop up books...

Busy......with their new books heheheh =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Mak Blog COntest

What "something big" are you expecting this 2009?

"I am expecting to have a productive sales in real estate! I really wanted to have a big sale so I could possibly have all my dreams for my kids, for mu husband, and for myself."

Sherry invited me to this contest! Thanks Girl!

Big Mak Blog Contest

Here's how to join!


I had another fun thing to do and a fun thing to share....thanks to Architect and Mary Ann! Sure love it!

My Top 3 Meme

Three Names that Friends Call You:
Three Most Important Dates in your Life:
-Feb 17, 2001
-March 17, 2001
-Augus 14, 1982
Three Things You've Done in the Last 30 Minutes:
-post blogs,
-create facebook account
-checked email
Three Ways to be Happy Even your at Home:
-watching videos with my hubby
- playing with my kids
Three Gifts You Would Like to Receive:
-new laptop
-happy and healthy family
-more sales

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
Three Places You Want to go for a Vacation:
-Gabu, Ilocos Norte
Three Favorite Drinks:
-Coke =)
-Ice tea
Three Things Found in Your Bag:
- cell phone

Three Favorite Colors:
Top Three Hangouts:
-computer table
- friend's house
-my room
Top Three You Love so Much:
-My husband Carlos
-My daughter Ishi
-My Son Ethan
Top Three You Think Will Answer this Survey:
-Mom Gen
-Azumi's Mom
Top Three Things Special To You:
-PRC license (becasuse I really worked hard for it)
Top Three Reasons Why You Answered This Survey:
-looks fun
-I've been passing out on too many other meme
-it easy to answer

WS : Hectic Sunday!

Last Sunday morning at around 6 am, we brought our kids to PICC, were supposed to stay at Luneta but biking is not allowed so we decided to stay at PICC. The kids were so happy, they enjoyed biking, while me and my husband following them wherever they go. Hay, I'm so tired and sleepy but seeing my kids so happy....they're like giving me energy!

There are lots of activities you can see durng Sunday morning....while were passing thru C3, I have seen lots of people having an aerobics in plaza...i think that's free from their baranggay. There are also marines jogging in the street. From Roxas boulevard there are also lots of people having aerobis and taebo. Sunday is like Festival for everybody who loves exercise. I was really amazed, I wanna go back there again! My mom in law and I attended aero too! ahahhha! This is really a fun sunday, but that's not the end of my hectic sunday schedule because we went to divisoria after we ate breakfast at Jollibee. My mom in law bought my hubby and my father in law a Barong for Len's wedding. We also check Ishi's gown for fitting, we have to go back again ion saturday because there are some alterations still needed. Atlast we went home at around 1pm, my kids were so tired, they were sleeping until we got home. Oooopps.....not the end of my hectic sunday schedule yet.....husband and I rested for a while, then ate lunch, take a bath and take off to cavite and attended mourning (a friend's brother died) untill 9pm! Yes, this is really a Hectic Sunday!! Now, my husband and I both have cough! Hope we could get over it soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Show and Tell : #1Why does Mom and Dad need to Work?

I was talking to my daughter awhile ago before I received Lynne's invitation for her new meme..."Friday Show and Tell : Parents Edition". I told her about my first ever sale for the year in real estate. I told her that were blessed because God had given us a another blessing! While I was saying this to her, she was seriously looking at me, she's listening and then came near me and said "mommy hug tayo.../mommy let's have a hug". I was touched. I didn't expect she will understand what I am saying at her very young age. She's only three but she already understands what I am telling her. I asked her again another question, " do you know why mom and dad needs to work?", and she replied " You and dad needs to work so that eEhan (her baby brother) and I could have a new flute, pink for me and blue for him, a new books, a new toy, and a lot of milk". I smiled and said "very good!" then kissed her.

Just Got Lucky or God Just Love Me?

Just got my first sale this year! Thank God!
God is truly amazing, He knows when to give it! I have been waiting and praying for this and God finally gave it to me this time. You know I have been losing hope for the past few months but thanks to my friends and my loving husband who's always been so supportive and always lifting up my spirit.
I know God loves me, I know He's just testing me. I am hoping for more productive sales! I wish to have more inquiries and more closeable deals!
God Bless Me!

Bags for SALE!!!

Hi dear bloggers and friends!!!

Aside from House and Lot, Condominiums, Lot only, and Books, I am also selling Bags! Yes I am selling Bags. I love Bags very much that's why I thought of selling bags too! I can also accept corporate giveaways, please feel free to ask if you are interested. Referrals are welcome! I dunno how to sell bags online yet, I am still figuring it out. Maybe I can ship them and add shipping fee or we can just meet up somewhere if you live within Metro Manila.

Here are some of my bags:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Astigmatism Getting Worse!

My last eye check up was last July 2006. Diagnosed with astigmatism, 100/100 vision so I had my eyeglasses! I just wore my eyeglasses for only 1 month. I can't stand it! I don't like wearing it before. Now, It seems that my vision is getting worst! I need to visit an Ophthalmologist again so I could have a new pair of eyeglasses!
Have you read Zenni Optical in The New York Times? I was searching for a glasses designs and look what I have found! You will not believe how affordable Zenni Optical frames are. You can have a pair of glasses for only 12 dollars! My personal choice is this one.

Stainless Steel Full-Rim Frame with Pattern on Temples

It's only 29.95 dollars or 1,380.00 in pesos! This is more affordable than my first eyeglasses. What I love about this glasses is the style. Very Fashionable, I love the floral designs. I don't want to wear eyeglasses before because I feel very old wearing it. Now, this design will motivate me wear my eyeglasses everyday! I can pair this eyeglasses to any kind of outfit I'll be wearing. This is cool! New York Times is right, I can see straight without breaking a bank! =)

Wordless Wednesday : Will This Bite?

My kids so amazed with this big daughter called it SEBASTIAN! LOL! Sebastian is one of the character in Little Mermaid. I don't know if Sebastian is a crab or what! Hehhehe =)

Protecting Myself and My Family

I am contented being a WHAM or Work At Home Mom. I am happy taking care of my kids while working. I am happy going out anytime I want If I am free. But some good things about working in a company is that, you have this different benefits. They have their Health Card which I envy most because I always wanted to go to Doctors. They also had this Life Insurance. Having this kind of insurance is a big help. You can't tell what may happen to us in the future. Only God knows. It's better for us to prepare somethings like this. I don't wanna leave my kids without something to protect and support them, that's why I am planning to have one of those. I think I can avail such benefits even I am not working in a company.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Award that Made my Heart so Happy!

Thanks Sherry for this Heart Warming Award - “LOVE YA” award winner!
These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who can choose eight more and include this text into the body of their award.

Now I am passing this award to eight people I wanted to know more and some people I wanna thank : Pinaymama, MomGen, Jona, McKMama, Liza, Chris, Architect and Mary Ann!

Having a Hard TIme with HTML code!

I am amazed with some of my co-bloggers who are so creative in their websites. They were putting their own spices in their sites. I envy them because I don't how to do those. I want to ask my hubby who's certified Java Programmer but he's always busy with his stuff! I had a cousin who's not into blogging but knows some of the basics. I asked her to teach me sometime. She said I needed a HTML Editor or Website Builder at home so she can able to teach me create a website. Ohm how I wish I could be able to learn such things now. I really wanted to design my own website too! Most of the bloggers out there knows such things and poor me knows nothing! Well, I know I am not good with these things but I am very willing to learn, especially now that I am into blogging!

Counting my Blessings.....

Truly I am blessed despite of some problems I've been thru, I may never have material blessings but I have friends that truly cares and remembering me always. These past few weeks, I have met new friends....from real estate business - my boss Anne and my client Sharon and from blogosphere who sent me these wonderful awards that truly completed my day!

First of all thanks to CHRIS for this award:

Chris of Mommy Journey is one of my favorite sites. We have something in common like, we do have both 2 kids, a girl and a boy. Our boys were almost the same age. I love her site because I know I can be able to learn somethings that she have been through with her kids. I also love her meme Mommy Moments! Choosing a loyal commenter is very easy for me, because I do only one very LOYAL commenterto my both blogs....I would like to thank ...............

Sweet Nothings
What's Cookin with my Kitchen and Stuff

Second.....thanks to Tetcha of Pensive Thought for this fun tag:

This is an alphabetical listing of things about me. So without further ado, here’s my list.

A - Attached or Single? – Happily Married!

B - Best Friend? - My Husband Carlos

C - Cake or pie? - Cake

D - Day of choice? - Friday

E - Essential item? - Computer, cell phone, checking account, watch, pen and paper, my personal notebook, hubby's ATM =)

F - Favorite Color? – Yellow and bLue

G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - Gummy Bears

H - Hometown? – Valenzuela

I - Indulgence? - Eating, blogging, buying and selling items,

J - June or July? – JULY bec august is my bday!.

K - Kids?- 2

L - Life is not complete w/o – God, family and friends

M - Marriage date? –Oct 1 2005

N - Number of magazine subscriptions – None, internet nlng!

O - Orange or apple? - Apple

P - Phobias? - cockroache =)

Q - Quotes? – "If you don't want to agonize, ecoomized!"

R - Reason to smile? – My kids, my husband, my kulet friends
S - Season of choice? – Christmas

T - Tag People- Mary Ann, Architect, Julliefer, Sherry, and Earth

U - Unknown fact about me – Im weak! Most of my friends thought I am stong, but I am not! Im just pretending! I can't pretend anymore!
V - Vegetable? – Broccoli, ampalaya =)

W - Worst habit? – sitting after eating, eating and eating!
X - Xray or ultrasound? – ultrasound

Y - Your favorite foods? – pakbet, galunggong fish, and more!
Z - Zodiac sign - Leo the Lio! Grrrrr.........

Monday, February 9, 2009

Toy Hunt : Teddy Bears

Im kinda late today, weekend is very busy day for me. =) Nweis, here's my entry for this weeks theme - TEDDY BEARS! Oh, I love stuff toys specially tedy bears. My kids don't love teddies that much. They were just one of our displaya at home =)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mommy Moments #6 Preggy Days

Preggy days...I am posting here my Daughter Ishi's first birthday celebration where I am 7 months pregnant. Imagine that? My first born just celebrated her 1st birthday then she'll be having a baby brother in 2 months? Weheheheh I think that's God's present to her.

happy First Birthday ISHI!!!
Let me me tell you a story about my pregnancy with ISHI......
I have irregular menstruation, I've been two months pregnant when I knew about it. Manang in school where I used to work told me "Baka Buntis ka" when I have these pain in my chest and boobs, I keep on coming back to the bathroom, and I had my first painful acidity. I didn't believe Manang that I am preggy but then I tried going to a free pregnancy test booth in some mall (cheap ano?) because I don't really believe I am pregnant that time! I was afraid but happy when I knew about it's POSITIVE. Afraid because my husband (my boyfriend only that time) were still studying in College. We're afraid what his parents will say if they knew about it. Happy because this is my DREAM, whatever is the situation that time, I am VERY HAPPY that I am pregnant same with my husband. He's worried but I can see his excitement in his eyes. We hurriedly visit an OB to check if I am really pregnant. and told my family about it. His parents known about my pregnancy when it was already six to seven months. They were devastated especially his Mom. I can't blame him, she has lots of dreams for her kids. After then, we got married when my tummy is already 8 months. I am so big and round! Ahahhaha!

One morning, several weeks after the wedding, I went to the bathroom and peed. I was walking back to bed when my water bag broke, that's 4 am. I don't have any contractions, no pain, just a water flowing through my legs down to the floor. My husband asked me if this is it already? I said I think so, he didn't know what to do so he woke his mother up and asked her what to do. It was so funny because his mom gave birth through CS and she didn't even know what's the feeling of in labor. We just rushed to the hospital then and called our both employers that I am going to give birth already. 2 hours after I admitted, still no pain. My Ob decided to induced me then there comes the labor (less pain compared to my second child delivery). I gave birth at around 2pm to 7.9lbs baby girl we named Elisha Freya. Thank God were both safe!

Mom's Self-Maintenance

I am not the type of girl that is so called "high maintenance". Boys used to call girls "high maintenance" when you love to go to parlor, spa, loves shopping, buy expensive make-ups, buy expensive perfumes, etc. I am living in very simple ways, I only love to buy cheap bags, I am not putting make up unless it's needed, I am contented with any cologne and I am just going to parlor to have my hair cut and have a pedicure. I actually don't want to have a pedicure since I noticed some discoloration of my toenails. I didn't know it was a mild nail fungus when the podiatrist told me. She said I have to take care of my nails before it affect my toes and have a toenail fungus. Since then, I started visiting the parlor every after two weeks. If I didn't started taking care of my nails, I am sure be needing a nail fungus treatment now. My mom has this kind of nails now, for how many years that she's been washing clothes for other people, she got this fungal infection already. I don't know if toe fungus treatment or toenail fungus treatment is still effective to her. I admire my mom for being so hard working. She even forgottten herself just to take care of us four. Since I became a mom of my two kids and a wife to my loving husband, I always wanted to be presentable. I always wanted to be beautiful that is why I started doing things to make myself more beautiful. My mom can't do those things for herself that time because when my father died, she's the only one providing our

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LP : Tsokolate

Ito ang aking mga anak, kumakain ng pasalubong nilang tsokolate mula sa kanilang lolo na galing sa Saudi. M & M and tsokolate na ito, inilalagay muna nila ito sa kanilang laruang dispenser bago kainin. Sadyang masarap ang M&M ngunit mas masarap pa din sa bata ang maglaro!

Bisitahin nyo po ang aking isa pang lahok DITO!

Books for SALE!

I am selling different kinds of books for kids!
Payments accepted via Paypal.

For orders of Php300.00 and above you will receive a free storybook or coloring book. For orders Php500 above will receive a free book and a crayon keeper.

* Brainy Baby Board Books Set of 4 Php 287.50 or $6.00 this book retails at $19.80 online. Save as much as $13.8 or Php659.64
* Pop-up Books sells at Php 59.75 or US$1.25 this book retails in the leading Mall at Php75.00 If you order 5 pop-up books you'll get another story book or coloring book FREE!!!Total of Php135.00 Savings!!!

So What are you waiting for, ORDER NOW!

Leave a comment or contact me here:
YM : jganlising
Cellphone Number : +6329162154072

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : I Made It!

My Son Bragging his Accomplishment and stiking a pose when he saw me setting my cam! =)

Spread the Love Giveaway!

MomGen of Wonderful things of Life is giving away so many prizes in time for Valentines Day!

Here are the Prizes of lucky 30 winners:

Ist Prize
: $30 + 20,500 EC

* Blog Hosting for 1 year - SEO Friendly Blog Directory
* Custom Banner Design - Buy Templates - worth $99
$10 + 500 EC - The Pride Of Hingotanan Bohol
$10 + 500 EC - Things I did Not Know Before
$10 + 500 EC - Unique Ideas For Your Beach Wedding
5000 EC - Whatever Comes To My Mind
2500 EC - Merydith's Place
4000 EC + 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Wonderful Things In Life
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3 PR4 backlink for 1 month plus 2 125x125 banner for 1 month - Online Games
* Nita's Random Thoughts
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2nd Prize: $20 + 19,000 EC

* 20GB Web Hosting for 1 year plus 500EC -
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$10 - Online Games
$5 + 1000 EC - Everything Under the Sun
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6000 EC - So Cute
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5000 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Show Me Your Interest **
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500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - nameSherry
125x125 ad space for 1 month - Life's Journey
* Thomas Web Links
* Arts and Entertainment Center

3rd Prize: $15 + 15,000 EC

* Domain for 1 year - Life's Journey
* 1 Custom Logo Design from Logo Angel - worth $99
$5 + 500 EC - Spices of Life
$5 - Joro Livelihood
$5 - My Little Home
3000 EC - Unwakeable
2500 EC - History And Travel
2000 EC - Escape Games
1000 EC - Blessings and Beyond
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2000 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - e-Pamilya
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Lawsuit Funding

I never know there was a thing like this Lawsuit it new or I just didn't able to know about it earlier? How I wish I could be able to know this before....because you know we had this terrible experience i think 5 years ago when my brother got stubbed. Yes he got stubbed and he fight for his life in the hospital for 2months if I am not mistaken. The Police didn't do anything about my brother's case. The suspect run away, we want justice that time but we don't have enough money to get a lawyer and do somethiing about this crime. We're so helpless....we don't have money that time and I hate it when I am thinking about it. I am just a student that time and can do nothing for my brother. Thank God he survived and now he's studying 3rd year Hotel and Restaurant Management. Because if something happened to him that time, I cannot forgive myself!

I got my Prizes from Sweet..Pretty...Naughty Give away!

Do you still remember Architect's last December's Commenting game? Where Sherry and I both winners? Sherry got her $5 prize and I got my precious "dress up bear" last December hehehe =) Other than that we also had this challenge - 100 comment a day until the contest ends and we made it that's why we had our "doubled prize" from "Sweet...Pretty....Naughty...".
Sherry got her another dollar prize already and I got mine last Friday. Instead of money I chose to have books instead of money since Architect let me chose what to have. Look what I've got that made my kids very happy.......

My cousin in-law received this delivery and she asked my son to give it to me....I said "wow dumating na ang books ko", my daughter said "mommy anu yan gifts? Buksan natin?" I replied "yes yan yung books na sinasabi ko", and they hurriedly open it up!

There goes my precious prizes.....5 pop up books that they really love....

and 3 kimpossible activity books!

Look at them, I was really happy to see them so happy with their books. They don't know which one to pick first hehehe =) they love them all, they were so amazed with the books! They loved it!!! Ahahahaha!
I will treasure this prizes because I really did give so much effort on this contest hehehe =)


My Tripping Went Well last Sunday

Last Sunday, I have a client for tripping in CAVITE. My boss Mary Ann and her husband Rold assisted me this time because this is my first time with this particular project. I am glad it turned well although my client didn't reserve yet, I am still hoping she'll come back until wednesday.
I supposed to have another batch of tripping schedule that day but they backed out because they prefer to look for foreclosed projects, like the on in San Diego Bank Homes where there are really low cost properties and home foreclosed. I think if they were really looking for affordable and ready for occupancy units then this one really fits for them