Monday, February 16, 2009

WS : Hectic Sunday!

Last Sunday morning at around 6 am, we brought our kids to PICC, were supposed to stay at Luneta but biking is not allowed so we decided to stay at PICC. The kids were so happy, they enjoyed biking, while me and my husband following them wherever they go. Hay, I'm so tired and sleepy but seeing my kids so happy....they're like giving me energy!

There are lots of activities you can see durng Sunday morning....while were passing thru C3, I have seen lots of people having an aerobics in plaza...i think that's free from their baranggay. There are also marines jogging in the street. From Roxas boulevard there are also lots of people having aerobis and taebo. Sunday is like Festival for everybody who loves exercise. I was really amazed, I wanna go back there again! My mom in law and I attended aero too! ahahhha! This is really a fun sunday, but that's not the end of my hectic sunday schedule because we went to divisoria after we ate breakfast at Jollibee. My mom in law bought my hubby and my father in law a Barong for Len's wedding. We also check Ishi's gown for fitting, we have to go back again ion saturday because there are some alterations still needed. Atlast we went home at around 1pm, my kids were so tired, they were sleeping until we got home. Oooopps.....not the end of my hectic sunday schedule yet.....husband and I rested for a while, then ate lunch, take a bath and take off to cavite and attended mourning (a friend's brother died) untill 9pm! Yes, this is really a Hectic Sunday!! Now, my husband and I both have cough! Hope we could get over it soon!

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