Thursday, February 19, 2009

I want a Baby Alive too!!

The first time I have seen this Baby Alive as a prize in one of the contest here in blogosphere I really fell in love and amazed with it. Imagine a toy that eats and poops? Ahahhaha very amazing isn't it?? This one is different, it doesn't poop but It's okay for me coz it seems to be a good buy anyway!

Baby Alive Hispanic Baby Go Bye Bye

  • Busy little “mommies” on the go are sure to be tickled pink when they travel with this sweet-faced doll!
  • Press her tummy to hear realistic sounds that let you know how she’s feeling while you’re out and about.
  • You can even convert the carrier to four other modes for whatever your “little one” needs.
  • The rocking cradle mode lets you spend special time together while you play – and the handy travel bag mode lets you keep all of your “mommy” essentials in one place!
  • So even when you’re on the go, you’ve got everything you need to keep your “baby” happy all day long!
  • Doll comes with carrier and bottle.
  • Little girls can learn to be like real mommies with this cooing baby doll.
  • Baby Alive comes with a five-in-one carrier that lets girls bring her everywhere they go.
  • Use it as a carrier, as a feeding holder, a rocking bed, carry tote and more.
  • The soft-body doll makes adorable baby noises just like a real infant.
  • She comes with a bottle and partially-detachable diaper. Requires three "AAA" batteries, included. Measures 12" tall.
My friends and others noticing me selling so many things, I have house and lot, books and bags hehehe, of course coz I needed to earn some extra. Do you know what I mean? My husband's salary is only enough for our needs, my sales is realty is for their education and other important matters. My extra income in bags and books, and my earnings in Paypal from paid posts is really a good help to give my kids a toy they'll surely love and enjoy! Architect has 2 Baby Alive Dolls for Lil J already, I asked her to sell one to me but she is really addicted to baby alive so she refused to sell it hahahahha! It's okay coz she helped me find another one at ebay, since I am not a member and don't know how to bid yet, she ended up bidding for me using her account. How nice of her! She's a blessing to me! I am so excited to have it already! I think I will be having it on March! I am so excited! My Ishi will surely love it! She have seen one like this before and she really liked it! So sad I can't afford to buy one in the Philippines for it's too expensive! It is like 3,000 pesos in the Philippines while it was only $21.98 or 1,011.74 in ebay, shipping included! Good buy isn't it? I am really thankful to Architect If not because of her, I will not be able to find an affordable baby alive! Yipee!!!

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sweetytots said...

your welcome, as long as you will pay for it.. haha.. and the enxt problem is that I hope little J let go of this, bka angkinin eh