Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Miss my Grand Pa!

I wanted to go for a vacation this summer at Laoag Ilocos Norte, I lived there for almost 6 years since my father died. I studied there from grade four until I graduated in High School. My Grand father and grand mother were my guardian that time. There were the ones giving me allowance and feeding me of course. I studied here in Manila for college after I graduated in high school. I promised my self that I will help my grannies when I finished college ang get a good job. I graduated last 2004 but I never gave any help to them. I feel so guilty because my grand ma passed away last year. I wasn't able to give her my promise. Even I wanted to give some help to my grand father now for his medicines, I can't able to give some because I do have lots of responsibilities with my kids and my family especially my brother studying in college. I know they understand my situation but I can't help to feel so sad and guilty. My cousins there said my grandfather doesn't need money, he needs us. He needs our presence especially now that grand ma is gone. I think he's bored, if I can only teach him to chat in Senior Chat Rooms so he can talk to his fellow seniors. I think that is a big help for him. Then need some acquaintance or leisure.

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