Friday, February 20, 2009

Toy Hunt : Toys with Numbers

This is my entry for this week's theme...Toy with numbers!

Hooray!!! Just in time coz this is my son's favorite as of now. He received this last christmas and he really loves it. He's always carrying it wherever he goes even he has a new toy, he never forgets to play with it everyday.

If you want to jooin us jst click the TOy Hunt button and enjoy!!!!


Enchie said...

I like that toy.Matutuwa baby ko apg nakta niya yan :D

Enchie said...

Hi Jes! oo mahilig sa stacks son ko. Ok lang maaga toy hunt. sigurado before the night ends may toy hunt na si Ms. Joy. Ako nga naghahana pa, naubusan talaga kami ng toys. Puro books na lang nandito hehehe!

Twinkie said...

Aga nito ah! Cool stacker!

Elizabeth said...

wow! my kids didn't have a stackable toys as big as that. ktuwa naman! if they have that, bka ginawa pa nilang cups and saucers yan! :) salamat din sa visit ha?