Monday, February 2, 2009

Lawsuit Funding

I never know there was a thing like this Lawsuit it new or I just didn't able to know about it earlier? How I wish I could be able to know this before....because you know we had this terrible experience i think 5 years ago when my brother got stubbed. Yes he got stubbed and he fight for his life in the hospital for 2months if I am not mistaken. The Police didn't do anything about my brother's case. The suspect run away, we want justice that time but we don't have enough money to get a lawyer and do somethiing about this crime. We're so helpless....we don't have money that time and I hate it when I am thinking about it. I am just a student that time and can do nothing for my brother. Thank God he survived and now he's studying 3rd year Hotel and Restaurant Management. Because if something happened to him that time, I cannot forgive myself!

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