Friday, February 18, 2011

My Little Angels in School

It's already 4th quarter of school days...they are soon to be finished and my kids will finally get a break they have been waiting for.
We will soon be leaving for US this March so they will be having their exam earlier than the set date. I feel like my kids are feeling so tired already but when they are in school, they don't even wanna go home playing with their classmates. My kids are still so hard to wake in the morning, they are still late every morning. My mom and I were both pressured in the morning. They were so hard to bath, feed, and all. I wish they would change their style when we get to US.
With regards to their performance in school, they were not in the top list but they are doing well.
Junior Advance Casa or Kinder 1's subject quite hard now just like this easter revision courses london, but my Ishi seems doing good so it's alright with me but I hope she would work harder next time.
My Ethan is hard working student, he may have some mood swings but he's doing good.
I am proud of my little angels, I wish them to learn more things in their future 'new school' in US.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ethan now loves the Toilet

Finally, after waiting for so long, I potty trained him for so long and expecting him to be well trained at the age of 3 but I failed, but now that he's 4, he already loves the toilet! Hooray!
I was so frustrated last year coz I'm expecting him to be like his big sister Ishi who knows how to use the toilet at the age of exactly 3. I know that's not a good reaction so I extended my patience and wait till the time he's ready. Thank God coz this is the time! I am so happy that he can control his poop now for almost a month and he's telling me already whenever he needs to go to the bathroom. Another milestone of his life. I am so proud of my baby boy! :D

My Little Angel - Ethan

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our 1- Restless Week

Sounds like we were out of town or something? No were not, but we were out everyday last week to visit a friend and relatives. We will soon be leaving the country and there's a possibility of not seeing them for some years so I decided to spend our days visiting and spent some time with them.
We started our escapade last TUESDAY, after school we visited Lola MING (Lola sa tuhod nila Ishi and Ethan) in Hermosa Tondo. They seldom see their Lola so she's the first person came into my mind to visit. Lola Ming was so happy to see her grand kids but we stayed there for like 3 hours because my kids are very hyper and I don't want to stressed out Lola Ming. :D

Lola Ming and my little angels

Lola Gay and my little angels

Wednesday, after school, we visited my Aunte Beng in Caloocan before she fly to QATAR. After that we headed to Velasquez, Tondo and visited one of my friend. We also didn't stay that long, we stayed like 3 hours again and then home.

Aunt Beng and my kids

Shiela with my kids and her daughter Sky

Thursday, again, after school, we visited NORA in Dapitan.
My kids loved it there and they don't wanna go home anymore. It's not because of the Spaghetti that Nora cooked for my kids nor the Pizzas she ordered in Pizza Hut, It's how she spoiled my kids. She took out almost of her daughter Jill's toys and my kids were so excited and don't even know what to play first for there are so many toys in front of them. They ended up watching TV inside Jill's room and paint in their veranda afterwards. LOL.

My kids enjoying the Toys

My kids are painting with Ate Jill

Time to eat but my kids's didn't eat again!

Nora and Ishi & Kids :D

My kids really enjoyed there, in fact they are asking me again to bring them back to their Tita Nora's house. I will surely schedule another visit there but we still have line up activities for the following week so I will think of that later.
Our restless week didn't end there, for FRIDAY, kids had their VARICELLA shot and then rested in the house after. SATURDAY, it's Ishi's 2d Echo schedule after then we ate and ran to a friend's birthday party and then headed to QC to attend anticipated mass. After that mass we still went to Marikina before we finally home. Now that is multi-tripping!
Tomorrow is SUNDAY, we will be in ORTIGAS to attend Sunday Service in CCF and then will attend PARENTIN-TV seminar in PODIUM mall.

Isn't it RESTLESS? But it's alright coz I will surely miss these things in the Philippines soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

34 Days to go...

Few weekends left and we will be with Dad very soon.
My kids missed Daddy already. I feel so excited yet nervous. We we're not packed yet for we still have few weeks left to use our stuff. But I already have my list of the things we need to bring such some of their clothes and toys, vitamins and some first aid medicines etc. I am also preparing the things I have to dispose already instead of getting them stocked in our room. Don't bother to ask some coz most of our stuff are junk.
We only have few weeks left, 34 days to be exact, I feel like time is getting so little and little and I feel like I still have things need to do but I am panicking and dunno what to do first.
While I can't think of the things I have to prepare, I decided to use my first week of February visiting some of my friends and relatives after kids' school. Yes they are still busy with their studies until before the day of our departure.
So last Tuesday, we visited their Lola Ming (Lola sa tuhod) in Hermosa, Tondo. They seldom see their Lola that's why their Lola was very happy to see the kids.

Lola Gay and Kids

Lola Ming(lola sa tuhod) and Kids

The next day, Wednesday, we visited Aunt Beng in 2nd Ave. before she fly to QATAR and then we headed to Velasquez, Tondo to visit one of my friend and have them meet my kids in person.
My kids enjoyed watching TV with the other kids there but we have to go home early coz Mama has to attend her prayer meeting that night.

Kids and their Lola Beng

from left: Ethan, Tita shiela, Ishi and Sky (shiela's daughter)

Thursday, we visited Tita NORA in Dapitan. one of my blogger friend and the closest one. My kids loved her not because of the spaghetti she cooked for us nor pizzas she ordered for us but because of the toys she let them played. They really enjoyed their visit there, Nora's daughter and my kids played together, painted together and watched TV together. Now my kids are asking me to bring then back there. You have to be ready Nora. We will soon be raiding you again :D

Our Kids :D
Ethan, Ishi and Ate Jill

Kids enjoying Ate Jill's toys

Kids painting

Ishi and NORA and Kids :)

Kids before going Home

Then today, Friday, I bought my kids to their Pediatrician and got their 2nd VARICELLA shot. Tomorrow is another busy day for us, Ishi scheduled for her 2D Echo with his Pedia Cardiologist.
This was only the beginning of our busy weeks before our flight. Can't wait to end it and finally fly to US!

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