Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ethan now loves the Toilet

Finally, after waiting for so long, I potty trained him for so long and expecting him to be well trained at the age of 3 but I failed, but now that he's 4, he already loves the toilet! Hooray!
I was so frustrated last year coz I'm expecting him to be like his big sister Ishi who knows how to use the toilet at the age of exactly 3. I know that's not a good reaction so I extended my patience and wait till the time he's ready. Thank God coz this is the time! I am so happy that he can control his poop now for almost a month and he's telling me already whenever he needs to go to the bathroom. Another milestone of his life. I am so proud of my baby boy! :D

My Little Angel - Ethan

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rjs mama said...

good job ethan =)

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