Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yes to SOYAMI!

My kids are picky eater. They only love to eat when foods are chicken nuggets with particular brand or corned beef. If these two are not their food, they'd rather have bread with their favorite spreads or sometimes biscuits for breakfast or lunch. They also wanted to eact chips but I don't allow them. We don't have chips at home coz I am not into chips. And as much as possible I don't want them eating chips too. But my kids discovered a healthy and delicious chips they began to love. It's SOYAMI, with endless health benefits of Soya, rich in fiber, high in protein and no msg! My blogger friends gave my kids these chips and oh my, they love it! My kids are not eating taho for 'I don't know' reason but they are eating SOYAMI now! At least if they wanted to eat chips, they can have a healthier one already. I wanna try their new flavors too! SOYAMI is now available in selected leading supermarkets such as Robinsons Supermarket, SM Snack Exchange, Puregold, Hi top, Land Mark, all Fitness First branches, and next month at Rustans, Shopwise and other supermarket.

My Ishi busy with her 2nd SOYAMI pack :D

My Ethan enjoying his SOYAMI :D

They are busy....

I'm a mommy NO to CHIPS but YES to SOYAMI ;D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday #9 Mums and Tubs

Hellow there fellas! Happy Mommy and Me Monday! Christmas is here already and we are all busy but despite of that we still manage to take a pics of our babies ayt? :)

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Here's mine....

These photos I am sharing this week is another Mommies and Kids event. It's Mums and Tubs year end get together held in Fun Ranch Ortigas. They held some games for the kids and gave away prizes. There are free photos with their giant ducky there.

My son ETHAN and ME ;)

My daughter Ishi and ME ;)

My Two Little ANgels ;D

Hope to attend more like this soon! ;D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Bonding @ Fun Ranch!

Last Sunday my whole family went to Fun Ranch after attending Sunday Service at CCF Ortigas. Another bonding moment! The last time we went out to bond was several months ago. This is another exciting bonding coz it's their first time to visit fun ranch!

Entrance View from 2nd level

My kids are excited even though it's their 2nd time already. My nieces and nephew were all excited too! I am also happy and excited I was able to bring them to Fun Ranch, but before they gone wild, I asked them to pose in my camera first, lol.
Apos with Lola Taba (from left: Austin, Ishi, Zare, Ethan, ALynnah and ALiyyah)

Picture with Sana Clause

Lovely photos!

I got them all their Ride All You Can ticket and started to play from 2pm till 6pm. Imagine that? Waaaaaaaaah kids are really energetic, their only rest was their snack time. Fun Ranch has their what they called BIG RED BARN, a kid - friendly restaurant with free MAGIC SHOW during weekends unfortunately the kids wasn't able to catch it up coz they are busy playing outside. Foods are also great anyway. The kids love what I ordered for them esp. the spaghetti and barbeque :)

My siblings waiting for their food whiles kids are busy playing ;D

After eating they all got back outside since they got ride all you can ticket, they keep on riding back to their favorite rides.
There are so many rides to choose from, my favorite is BUMP CAR so I rode there for like 5 times with different kids with me hahahha! ;)) There are also Bumper Boats, Ferris Wheel, Plane, Pirate Ship and Swing Rides, Carousel, Space Quest and the Go! Speed Racing, a mini-go-kart track.
Here's some of our moments with the rides ;)

Bump Car

Swing Rides

Pirate Ship

Ferris Wheel

tea cups

bumper boats

When I got tired of these restless kids, I rode them on the Fun Ranch Express Train, this train is relaxing. It's on the second level.

I enjoyed looking at the kids smiles. They really had a blast. :D

After then, we decided to take pictures and let the kids play in the m
ini park near the exit and entrance. They have this little slide where the kids enjoyed it so much.

nd here's our final picture taking before going home....

I will never miss to take a shot of this kind of moment in my life!

My Siblings and Our Mama

My Kids and I (so sad, dad wasn't here with us)

My Brother James (2nd sibling) and his Family

Our Youngest Jessa (5 months pregnant) and Zare her first born (husband is busy with something so he wasn't able to come with us)

The only single in the family, Jessie our 3rd sibling

Here's more of out FUN FUN FUN pictures!

My Family with FUN RANCH Mascot

My Family with FUN RANCH Santa Claus

If you are planning a party for your kids, Fun Ranch offers great packages and to my surprise they are offering "installment plans" using your credit card! What a great deal! If you want to inquire about the party you may dial Telephone nos. 706-3019; 706-2887 or; 687-2870. You may look for Judith or Eliz. Call now and inquire with so many packages to chose from! Kids RULE in Fun Ranch!

Will surely See you again next time FUN RANCH!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Give and Receive

Time to clean up! Time to check our whole house and give away the old stuff you think you will not be needing! Most of the time I am checking my closets and kids stuff and if there are things that I think we will not be needing anymore, I am packing them away and giving it to my nieces and nephews. My kids are aware and used to it already, giving their old stuff to other kids, and they are happy doing it.
This month I asked them again to check on their stuff and I will be needing some stuff to pledge on our upcoming MOMMY BLOGGERS CHRISTMAS PARTY. My KIDS excitedly said SURE! We will start later. I was actually planning to buy educational books for donations but I guess old toys and clothes is also a big help besides I am having shortage of budget this month hahaha!
Can't wait for my kids to arrive home from school and start checking on their stuff. LOL :))

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

17 Days before Christmas!

I was again starting to become so busy! Holidays are coming, parties and events are everywhere! I have so much things that I wanted to do but I feel like I am cramping again and panicking :))
This December we have so many things to do, we have to prepare for gifts, join Christmas parties not to mention the kids' activities in school!
I went to SM Manila today and shop some things for husband and I's god kids, nieces and nephews and some for my kids's classmates and friends. I have no budget actually for gifts but I still have to do something about it, so I bought simple gifts only. Not so galore this time.
If I were in US already, I'm sure we're not be able to give gifts anymore because I'm sure our expenses there will not be the same as here in our country anymore. So I just thought that this will be our last (for the meantime) Christmas gifts to them so why not give something right?
Oh, I am imagining now what will me and my family be doing in US during Christmas since they don't have holidays there like in the Philippines (day dreaming). Maybe we can still celebrate it during weekends, we can go to the parks or go to a camping like what Hoseasons Self Catering Holidays was offering.
Enough with the dreaming...let me focus on what I have today!! I have to wrap gifts tomorrow!! I love wrapping gifts!!! But I still have to go back to the mall next time coz I didn't finish my list yet :P

Mommy and Me Monday #8 Picture Tripping before going to Church

I am having fun taking our pictures every SUNDAY before going to the church.
Here's some of our pics....



My CUTIE little angels :)

Happy MOMMY and MONDAY to all!!