Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Give and Receive

Time to clean up! Time to check our whole house and give away the old stuff you think you will not be needing! Most of the time I am checking my closets and kids stuff and if there are things that I think we will not be needing anymore, I am packing them away and giving it to my nieces and nephews. My kids are aware and used to it already, giving their old stuff to other kids, and they are happy doing it.
This month I asked them again to check on their stuff and I will be needing some stuff to pledge on our upcoming MOMMY BLOGGERS CHRISTMAS PARTY. My KIDS excitedly said SURE! We will start later. I was actually planning to buy educational books for donations but I guess old toys and clothes is also a big help besides I am having shortage of budget this month hahaha!
Can't wait for my kids to arrive home from school and start checking on their stuff. LOL :))

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nuts said...

i have a short budget too and I'll blog about it later. lol. seriously, it is good to teach our kids this early about the joy of giving.