Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday : Graduate

WW: My precious SON - Ethan Franz Lising

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy MOments : Summer Time

mommy moments
Summer time! Hooray! My kids love summer! My kids love swimming. We already had 3 outings since March, but we only had one swimming. I know we wouldn't be able to go to resort yet coz we're saving for Pagudpod Vacation this holy week so I just bought my kids a mini swimming pool located in our terrace. They really love it! They were using it twice a day. This is a fun activity for my kids. But aside from swimming, I am also planning some activities for them. Ishi is in gymnast school while I'm still looking for Ethan. He's only three and gymnastics is not "puwede" to him yet. I was thinking if I could just bring him along and watch his ate. But before that we we're going to Pagudpod this holy week and spend our vacation there. So hoping for more fun fun fun in the beach! Our kids will surely love that outing. =) And for me naman, I am thinking or enrolling in a boxing gym after our vacation. I am so bloated na and I need to loose weight. =)

Summer oh yeah! Share it with us,, join MM now!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy with the Kids...

I thought after school all I'm gonna do is rest, stay at home, prepare for summer activities and all, but I am wrong. I am more busy this month. I am planning for a vacation to Pagudpod, my husband assigned me for that and it's killin me! It's hard and I am afraid to disappoint my husband. I am trying to impress him then what?! Gosh! Anyways, other thing than that is my son EThan is going to graduate already! We'll be attending his RECOGNITION tom thank God hubby can make it tom. His graduation is on Saturday, March 27, 2010. We already bought his graduation clothes. I am so excited. I wanna see him get his diploma on stage even he was just a saling pusa in that class. I am proud coz he finished the 10 months class this year. I am also proud because he atleast learned something. He didn't just eat there, play and make "pasaway" to Lola Taba(my mom) his bantay in school. I am so proud of my baby! One more thing is about Ishi's Summer schooling. She'll be attending Gymnast and I will be busy the whole month of APril or till May depending on the situation if we we're lucky to process our VISA to US on APRIL or MAY. It's hard to say yet. It's hard to decide and move for we have so many plans and opportunities awaiting. For now, I am concentrating with reality..I don't wanna think of things that aren't happening yet though I am praying for it. Hope it will come true. Hope everything goes well according to plan. Hays. I can't stop thinking about it. I am so excited too! Oh well back to reality again....what else I am going to do this summer? Hmm...I am thinking an activity for EThan, he's too young to enroll in any summer class but I feeli guilty bringing Ishi to Gymnast while he's doing nothing? I guess I just have to admit that he's still young and it's his Ate's time for now.

Friday, March 19, 2010

MM : Fieldtrips

mommy moments

Happy MM to all!
It's really nice to be back here in MM....nice talking bout our kids again and all. Hays...fieldtrip huh? My fist field trip experience with my daughter is really a fun experience for both of us. I am more excited than her actually.
We visited different areas in MAkati like the Makati fire Station where Ishi fall asleep already after we watched "Giant and the Beanstalk" in Glorietta, and had a tour inside the Airforce Museum. Timing coz we headed to Avilon Zoo in Ortigas after she sneak a nap, good thing about that is that she recharged more energy for the zoo. My daughter loves it very much. We actually wanted to go back there soon with daddy and my son Ethan.

Here's some of her pictures....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer Gymnastics for Ishi

I finally chose a summer activity for my daughter Ishi. My options for her were swimming, ballet and gymnastics. I tried asking her and she always chooses swimming. I brought her to the Rizal Memorial Gym where her daddy used to study gymnastics too, she was so excited. She keeps on showing her skills to the coach who assed her if she can join the class already due to her age. And I guess Ishi impressed the coach coz he said she can enroll this summer. We were not yet enrolled but hubby and I were considering it as our chosen activity for our super active daughter. I am also excited to see her doing the stuff she's seeing with the other kids there in the gym. Daddy taught her to roll already and she is also good with monkey bars that's why we thought of joining her to gymnastics aside from the fact that her dad is good with these stuff too. I can't wait to enroll now. I can't wait till April 5 comes coz that's the first day of the class. =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Looking for any Affordable Summer Activity for my Kiddos

Help anyone!
Anybody who knows ballet schools that are affordable? I wanted to enroll Ishi my daughter in ballet school. I inquired in Ballet Manila (Lisa Macuja) and I have no idea how expensive it was. I don't know coz maybe it's my first time to inquire things like this! Gosh It's like giving out a tuition fee of regular class ahahhhah!! Anywas I really wanted this class for my Ishi, If only I could find a cheap ballet class for summer. Ahhh....Help pls. I also inquired in SM Ice Skating and I guess it's a short time class only. I wanted to try that one too for my little girl. She's very active and she's like he's dad, a very talented and fast learner kid. I want to give her everything. I promise If I could sell 1 house this month...I will enroll Ishi in Ballet Manila =)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Congratulations MANNY PACQUIAO!

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao for bring another victory to our country! You're such a great honor to us!!!

This is my first time to watch online video of Manny Pacquiao. Hubby and I suppose to watch it in Cinemas unfortunately we can't go out both because we don't have yaya today =(
Anyways thanks to Bambie's friend who shared links where you can watch Pacman - Clottey's fight. Watching it in real time is exciting! Even it's like watching a pirated CD! Hahahah! I enjoyed it very much. I dunno if hubby watched it too coz he's not home during that time. He's playing basketball and had a lunch out with his friends. This is memorable to me! I will never forget this fight!

Woah!! Once again congrats to our CHAMP!!!!! Manny! Manny! MAnny!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy Moments: Cars and Kids

mommy moments

I'm Back!!!!
Howdee everyone! Looks like everybody's having fun!
So our theme is cars and kids huh? My son love cars! I love buying cars for my son than robots. I often saw him playing alone with his cars on his hands and I can see how much he love cars. When we're going to the mall he often wants to ride a battery operated cars. I don't have a picture of that yet but I will surely take one next time. I just wanna share our latest adventure...we went to tagaytay and we tried this Zipline and cable car activity. It's fun! My kids love it! You should try this!

Another pic about the car is here....ahahha athat's me during my driving lesson at A1 =)

I know in myself that I can drive a car already...I just needed a practice. Unfortunately we don't have our own car yet. I don't wanna use my Mom in Law's car coz I 'm afraid I could bump it!

Happy MM everyone! It's nice to be back again!

Early Summer Outing

Any plans for summer? We are planning to go to Ilocos this summer in God's permission...if we have enough resources. We are planning to stay in a hotel (just for experience) alone. Alone meaning we wanted to travel just the four of us, me, hubby and the two kids. Hope we could make it. We're wishing we could borrow a car so we could use it going to Vigan then Laoag then Pagudpud, Batac etc. We wanted to see the tourists spots in Laoag, my home for almost 7 years but never had a chance to visit those places.
Actually we already have our early summer outing last February, we we're just invited by my mom in law with her office mates. We went to Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club in Batangas and it's really beautiful! It's not fully developed yet but there are lots if things you can do already like kayaking, boating, snorkeling, swimming of course. Some amenities were still in progress for now, maybe the next time we go there again, one day will never be enough for more adventure.
Here's some of our photos during our stay......

For more photos just open my scrapbook HERE.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tagaytay Weekend Getaway

Just got home from Tagaytay....not in the plan, just came out in my mind since hubby wants to bring the kids somewhere and I suggested tagaytay =)
It was fun! My kids really did enjoy it! I also enjoyed it very much even the two hour travel is fun especially if you're looking at the surroundings after SLEX.
We arrived there exactly for lunch, the we rented 2 horses for an hour.
My kiddos love it! They love it especially when the horse is running fast. My kids are very adventurous! They love trying new things. Next with horse back riding is CABLE Car.
My kids enjoyed it too! I thought they'll be scared but NO! They are more excited than us and they were complaining because they wanted more! Gosh! I was very amazed with my kids. I know hubby and I were both adventurous but I never thought that in their age they could able to do such things already =)
I love it! I really love it! Hope we could try more new and fun things in the future! =)

Here's more pics of us...view my 15th Photobook for more photos =)