Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Looking for any Affordable Summer Activity for my Kiddos

Help anyone!
Anybody who knows ballet schools that are affordable? I wanted to enroll Ishi my daughter in ballet school. I inquired in Ballet Manila (Lisa Macuja) and I have no idea how expensive it was. I don't know coz maybe it's my first time to inquire things like this! Gosh It's like giving out a tuition fee of regular class ahahhhah!! Anywas I really wanted this class for my Ishi, If only I could find a cheap ballet class for summer. Ahhh....Help pls. I also inquired in SM Ice Skating and I guess it's a short time class only. I wanted to try that one too for my little girl. She's very active and she's like he's dad, a very talented and fast learner kid. I want to give her everything. I promise If I could sell 1 house this month...I will enroll Ishi in Ballet Manila =)


shydub said...

Hi mommy Jes here for a night visit.

onlinemommy said...

Don't like piano or music instrument lessons? I heard these kinds of activities also boost child's confidence :) If talagang mahal ang ballet lesson, this is a good alternative :)