Friday, March 19, 2010

MM : Fieldtrips

mommy moments

Happy MM to all!
It's really nice to be back here in MM....nice talking bout our kids again and all. Hays...fieldtrip huh? My fist field trip experience with my daughter is really a fun experience for both of us. I am more excited than her actually.
We visited different areas in MAkati like the Makati fire Station where Ishi fall asleep already after we watched "Giant and the Beanstalk" in Glorietta, and had a tour inside the Airforce Museum. Timing coz we headed to Avilon Zoo in Ortigas after she sneak a nap, good thing about that is that she recharged more energy for the zoo. My daughter loves it very much. We actually wanted to go back there soon with daddy and my son Ethan.

Here's some of her pictures....


nice A said...

Lots of fun in your kid's field trip.

simply kim said...

Zoos are fun!

Chris said...

field trips make great memories ... so glad you joined us again today!