Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer Gymnastics for Ishi

I finally chose a summer activity for my daughter Ishi. My options for her were swimming, ballet and gymnastics. I tried asking her and she always chooses swimming. I brought her to the Rizal Memorial Gym where her daddy used to study gymnastics too, she was so excited. She keeps on showing her skills to the coach who assed her if she can join the class already due to her age. And I guess Ishi impressed the coach coz he said she can enroll this summer. We were not yet enrolled but hubby and I were considering it as our chosen activity for our super active daughter. I am also excited to see her doing the stuff she's seeing with the other kids there in the gym. Daddy taught her to roll already and she is also good with monkey bars that's why we thought of joining her to gymnastics aside from the fact that her dad is good with these stuff too. I can't wait to enroll now. I can't wait till April 5 comes coz that's the first day of the class. =)

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Chris said...

how much does it cost?