Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy with the Kids...

I thought after school all I'm gonna do is rest, stay at home, prepare for summer activities and all, but I am wrong. I am more busy this month. I am planning for a vacation to Pagudpod, my husband assigned me for that and it's killin me! It's hard and I am afraid to disappoint my husband. I am trying to impress him then what?! Gosh! Anyways, other thing than that is my son EThan is going to graduate already! We'll be attending his RECOGNITION tom thank God hubby can make it tom. His graduation is on Saturday, March 27, 2010. We already bought his graduation clothes. I am so excited. I wanna see him get his diploma on stage even he was just a saling pusa in that class. I am proud coz he finished the 10 months class this year. I am also proud because he atleast learned something. He didn't just eat there, play and make "pasaway" to Lola Taba(my mom) his bantay in school. I am so proud of my baby! One more thing is about Ishi's Summer schooling. She'll be attending Gymnast and I will be busy the whole month of APril or till May depending on the situation if we we're lucky to process our VISA to US on APRIL or MAY. It's hard to say yet. It's hard to decide and move for we have so many plans and opportunities awaiting. For now, I am concentrating with reality..I don't wanna think of things that aren't happening yet though I am praying for it. Hope it will come true. Hope everything goes well according to plan. Hays. I can't stop thinking about it. I am so excited too! Oh well back to reality again....what else I am going to do this summer? Hmm...I am thinking an activity for EThan, he's too young to enroll in any summer class but I feeli guilty bringing Ishi to Gymnast while he's doing nothing? I guess I just have to admit that he's still young and it's his Ate's time for now.

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