Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy MOments : Summer Time

mommy moments
Summer time! Hooray! My kids love summer! My kids love swimming. We already had 3 outings since March, but we only had one swimming. I know we wouldn't be able to go to resort yet coz we're saving for Pagudpod Vacation this holy week so I just bought my kids a mini swimming pool located in our terrace. They really love it! They were using it twice a day. This is a fun activity for my kids. But aside from swimming, I am also planning some activities for them. Ishi is in gymnast school while I'm still looking for Ethan. He's only three and gymnastics is not "puwede" to him yet. I was thinking if I could just bring him along and watch his ate. But before that we we're going to Pagudpod this holy week and spend our vacation there. So hoping for more fun fun fun in the beach! Our kids will surely love that outing. =) And for me naman, I am thinking or enrolling in a boxing gym after our vacation. I am so bloated na and I need to loose weight. =)

Summer oh yeah! Share it with us,, join MM now!


Clarissa said...

Let's go on a diet,Mommy Jes!!hhoiistt!!nawala ka ba sa ere??lol!welcome back!^_^

The kids had a blast talaga!!Kitang kita sa mga faces nila!!^_^

chubskulit said...

Hahaha your kids are so jolly.

Summer Time Fun

SASSY MOM said...

Truly adorable kids you have there.

nice A said...

Hello, Mommy Jes! It's Friday again and I can see that your kids are now enjoying the summer. Hope that you and your family will have a great weekend ahead.

Rossel said...

same here, bloated like a butete, lol! i think i need to go on a boxing gym too.

beaches in pagudpod are great. happy vacation, mommy!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. boxing can really make you work up a sweat. :)

♥Willa♥ said...

they don't care with the space in their pool, as long as there's water,obviously,they are having fun!

Marice said...

wow have fun your pagudpod trip! sounds really fun!

u may view mine here

Tetcha said...

Swimming is really a fun activity for the whole family during summer. Inggit ako you're going to Pagudpod this Holy Week. We're only staying at home because I have work on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Sigh!

Chris said...

hows the pagudpod trip?! enjoy to the max i bet! :D