Friday, January 30, 2009

Toy Hunt : Farm Animal Toys

My kids love animals...they have different kinds of animals....water animals, farm animals, zoo animals, wid animals....but I don't know where to find them now. They're all over the place now. Hehhehe =) Lucky me i found some farm animals pa hehehe =)

Here's my entry:cow, chicken, DOG?!, duck and sheep

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What can you get from Alcohol?

I was once an alcoholic drinker before but not that addicted. I was a working student back then at some Jollibee and Greenwhich stores and I learned how to drink and smoke there. After our job in the evening like 11pm, we still go out and drink with my co workers. I am always tired and feeling not okay in the morning that's why I am always late to school. Thank God I still graduated in college, thanks to my husband who's always there guarding me hehehehhe =) He also knows how to drink but he never ended so drunk like me. I experienced that once and I don't wanna experience it again! When I got pregnant that's the time I stopped drinking and smoking untill now. I thought I'll be needing alcohol detox if I didn't stop drinking that time. And I don't want to be a bad role model to my kids, that's why untill now even I stopped breasfeeding already, I don't wanna go back drinking anymore. I don't want my kids to imitate me. I want to be a good role model to them, besides what can you get from alcohol anyway? Nothing. Just a TOXIC!

Mommy Moments #4 My Babies First Smile

Hi yah fellow mommies.. another exciting week's theme of Mommy Moments, First Smile of your precious ones......Here are my Little Angels' First Smile!

Here's my daugther ISHI, she was just 2 day old when I capture her first SMILE. We just came home from the hospital so I am taking some rest and my mom was taking care of her that time. I heard her giggling while asleep. I hurriedly took my camera and captured that precious moment see my first baby smiling! What a wonderful sight!

And here's my son Ethan, since he's in the hospital for 10 days, I am just visiting him daily to take a pic of him, look if his cord fell already, If he giggles already... hay, this is very hard for me during those times. If only I can ask the nurse to capture those moments for me....but definitely that is not possible. So I don't have a choice but to visit him daily. On his 6th day, my friends and I visited him and I saw him what I used to do...hurrying up to capture that moment.....I was very lucky I captured his smile that day! i am not sure if this was his real firs smile because I am not with him all the time. I was just there for 1 and half hour and can't even hold him that time. So sad....I missed 10 days of hs life!

Come on mommies join us now and share your mommy moments with us!!!!

Blogging while Earning!

I've been blogging for four months now and I can say that i am really enjoying this! I love expressing my thoughts and feelings, i love meeting new friends from different countries. This blogging thing has a really great impact to my life. I have learned so many things from blogging, some tips from your co bloggers, some technical things that has something to do in your blog or apply to your blog. Like how to install this and that. The bonus here is that, you can not only just express your thoughts and ideas, not just meet new friends but also, EARN from it! Isn't great? Enjoying while earning? One example is PAYING POST, it was very easy to register. Just chose from the category if you're an advertiser or a blogger then fill up the required information. If you were like me then chose blogger, and start blog advertising now and earn cash! There are three ways to earn, first, you can post your honest reviews about the certain product or company that was assigned to you. Second is that you can register to their affiliate center and let people know about them and have them sign to payingpost and that's it, you can easily received payment when that blogger made his first post aproved! Last but not the least is allowing the advertisers to contact you directly. This is such a nice opportunity for us moms who cannot go outside the house because you cannot leave your kids with the nannies.
For the advertisers, register to payingpost now and let the bloggers like me buzz your product!!

School Hunting for my Daughter ISHI

Month of March is fast approaching.... I am nervous about so may things. First about this cost cutting in my husband's company. I know my husband is good enough to keep his job, but I am not certainly sure if the company could still keep a lot of employees. I am just hoping and praying that this will not happen to us. Especially now that our daughter is going to enroll for nursery this coming school year. We are planning to enroll her to an exclusive schools that are ussually 10:2 ratio of students and teachers. I am suggesting to my husband this La Cabecera Montessori near our place instead of enrolling her in San Bartolome where there were 20 students. What I love in montessori is that they were using curriculum. They are english speaking school. Fully airconditioned and security. And the teachers. I am not sure if the teacher were realy good there. we will try to check his summer before we decide. As of now, were considering La Cabecera Montissori as one of our number 1 option. But the thing is, can we afford to send ISHI there? San Bartolome is 25% cheaper than La Cabecera, I think the difference is very small. Our decision i not final yet, but like what I have said, we have to think about it first. i want the best for my kids that's why I am looking for a school that has a good background and good environment.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Birthday Wishlist Tag

Thanks CHRIS of mommyjourney dot com for this wonderful tag. Few months to go and it's already August, it's my BIRTHDAY!!! I will take this opportunity to make some wishful thinking heheheh =)

Here's some rules for this tag:

1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

Here's my Wishes:
1. I wish I could have more SALES in REALTY this year! 2. I wish I could send my KIDS to exclusive schools! 3. I wish My husband could not lose his Job if so then I wish he could find a better one! 4. I wish for my family's good health 5. I wish my brother could finish his study in college and find a good job 6. I wish I could help my husband and family in everything their need 7. I wish for World Peace 8. I wish to have a SLR cam too! 9. I wish we could finish our condo payment and buy a house and lot 10. I wish to have a productive life in blogosphere (meet friends and more opps)

I will always pray this wishes to God.....I am hoping for the best in my everyday life. I'm trying to be positive always, if there's a way there's a will!

Now I am passing this Tag to:
1. maryannbinuya dot blogspot dot com 2. singleparentsunite dot blogspot dot com 3. twinkiegolosino dot blogspot dot com 4. earthlingorgeous dot com 5. julliefer dot com 6. whenmomtalks dot com 7. gardenofmoments dot com 8. lilsandy dot blogspot dot com 9. iluvcontest dot blogspot dot com 10. liz dot mommyslittlecorner dot com

LP : Barney

Ito ay isa sa mga stuff toy ng anak kong si Ishi itong si Barney na bigay ng kanyang pinsan. Hindi nya gaanong paborito si Barney sapagkat ang kanyang paboritong karakter ay si DORA. Wala lang akong maisip na maaaring ilahok sa LP na lila. Nais ko sana ng ubas ngunit hindi ko nakuhanan noong meron pa kame sa refrigirator.

(Barney is one of my daughter ISHI's stuff toy given by her cousin. She is not a fan of barney because her favorite character is DORA. I just don't think of any entry for this week's theme Violet (Lila). I supposed to have grapes as my enrty but i forgot to take a pic of it when we still have some in our fridge.)

Mary Ann and I had a Site Orientation Today!

Mary ann (maryannnbinuya dot blogspot dot com) and I were both tired today. We visit new projects in Pasig City. There are lots of options we could possibly offer now. We first visit Camella Pasig, it's in pre selling stage, no house construction yet, then we went to Barcelona which is in pre selling stage too but there are some commercial tonwhouses that are ready for occupancy already. We also visited Manggahan Townhouses, where there are ready for occupancy. I love the houses here(see some of the pics). And last but not the least, our last stop, Sommerset Place where my boss Mary ann lives heheheh =) We ate lunch in their house first heheheh before we stayed at her office for a while. We talked about blogging, coz she started blogging already like me even she was so busy in realty. Blogging is really fun thing to do. There are lots of advantages. I really love blogging!!! =)

How Do I Love My Husband?

Thanks to Mommy Enchie of Sweet Nothings and Whats' Cookin from my Kitchen & Stuff for this wonderful blog in time for Valentines Day!

Let me share first a little bit of our Love Story here......
College days....I have two closed friends, the other one was my husband's ex girlfriend during highschool days. They've been together for a month if I am not mistaken and separated with I don't know reason hehehe =) My friend was still inlove to him back then, she's still concern about him. So when he heard about hubby is depressed because of a girl, she asked a favor from my other friend to befriended him and might help him as well to forget the girl causing his depression. There then started the friendship....since he's always with my other friend, we used to hang with him all the time. Aside from that he's also a dancer in his school (La Salle) like me and his ex in our school (University of Caloocan). We became closed friends because of having the same hobby and likes and he's also COOL for me. As time goes by, were expeting him and my friend to like each other....we're always following her up about their standing. One day, my friends talked to me and told me that HE likes me and not the other friend! Oh my Gosh I don't understand my feeling that time, I am not expecting anything like that to happen happened!!! My true feelings for him just came out naturally, I know that we're just friends and I like to hang out with him everytime, I like to see him everyday but I didn't know it was LOVE! Until the day I knew about his feelings too! We're boyfriend and girlfriends for 4 years and married for 3 we're 7 years getting stronger......loving each other more.....

There are times that I don;t understand my husband, there are times that we argue, but still I am falling inlove with him everyday! Now I am thinking what makes me fall in love to him? How Do I love Him?

I love him the way he is......
i love him because he loves me too.......
I love him because he loves our kids so much.......
I love him because he loves me for who I am......
I love him because he understands me more than anyone else.....
I love him because i am comfortable with him.......
I love him because he's so smart.......
I love him because he's very supportive........
I love him because he's the only one I am always thinking evertime........
I love him because he's so simple........
I love him because he's CARLOS LISING, JR!!!!

I would like to hear a story from these bloggers I am passing these to:
All of the Mommy Bloggers there who's always inlove!!!!

My Personal Blog, My Kid's Blog Mixed Up!!!

I am sometimes forgetting that I suppose to blog thing about me and anything under the sun to my blog "Me, Myself and Jes", but since "My Little Angels" is more popular than the other one, I tend to forget that I have my own personal blog. Wahhhh....I need to improve my other blog so I could earn more traffic so it will also became popular. I will join my blog to My Blog Directory so i could get more exposure and more traffic! Hehheheh!

WW : What am I doing Here?

My Son Ethan playing in a Box! =)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TickleMe Plant

Have you ever seen a tickle me plant? It's like "makahiya" here in the Philippines if I am not mistaken. We used to live in province where there are lots of plants like this. When you touch it, it will close it's leaves like it was ashamed, that's why it's makahiya (means shy). This is very attractive for kids. Unfortunately, these plants were very rare now because of continuous building of buildings, malls and any industrial company. These kinds of plants usually found in forest or any area with soil and grass. I never thought that there is a store where you can find this plants and actually using it as a gift maybe because it is very fun plant. This is a nice idea whoever thought about it coz kids will learn to love their environment by planting such trees. I will also do this to my kids. I will teach them plant a small tree let them watch for it untill it grows. We must protect such plants that is really amazing. Tickleme Plant will teach our kids and even us, to love our nature. Hope my kids would love this activity.

Ishi and Ethan's Playmate at Home!

Meet our pet CHLOE! It's actually my mom in-law's pet, it's also my kid's playmate! Yes their playmate. Chloe is very good shitzu dog and very spoiled dog. Look at her....she's not going to eat it if you didn't feed her. Hehehhe =)

Say ahhhh Chloe......

Lolo Caloy feeding chloe while Ethan watching

Let's Not Lose Hope!

I have heard of many people losing their jobs. Because of the recession, there are lots of Filipinos losing their job. Overseas Filipino Workers from different countries we're also affected. This is such a scary thought for a mom like me if ever I am working then lose my job, how will i support my kids? For those who do still have jobs, keep it and treasure it. Don't just spend your money with nonsense things. Invest it, use it in a productive way. So incase you lose your job, you will not worry where to get your daily expenses because you already have savings.

Wordless Wednesday : Film Strip



How Are We Going to Start a Business?

Aside from selling house and lots, condominiums and lots, my husband and I were planning to have a business. Nowadays, It's hard to think of business, it's hard where to find a capital but we really need to have one for our kids' future. They're gonna go to school now and the expenses are getting bigger and bigger. We can't figure out what business is fitted for us both. When you're planning a business better think of one that is something related with your degree, or hobbies, likes, etc. In Live Mortgage Leads, they will help you find a good business. They will help your business succeed! I think this will be a good guide for a starter like us.

Monday, January 26, 2009

WS : My Little Ishi in Gala

We joined Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Community who sponsored two hundred kids with their 1st communion at Concepcion Church last Saturday. Visit my other blog for the whole story. Before the mass starts, my mom in-law and the other members of the community asked my daughter to wear one of the gala they've provided for the kids taking 1st communion. I am also excited so I take her inside the church to take some pics wearing that gala. Here how she looks like..........

Look at her smile....she loves to wear it!

This one taken outside the church....She's so adorable with this gala!

My Little ISHI is Going to Wear a GOWN!

Ishi and the Tailor taken last Jan. 17, '09 @ Tutuban Center

I am so excited for the upcoming wedding of my cousin in-law. I am so excited to see my daughter in her flower girl gown! We went to Divisoria last Saturday to bring Ishi there and have her body measured by the tailor. There are lots of gowns there like wedding gowns and prom dresses. My daughter really enjoyed looking at them. Ahh...time is so fast, after this wedding I will be seeing my daughter soon wearing some Prom Dresses or a Wedding Gown Waaah, No it's too early to think about that ahahahha! Well you can't blame a very excited mom like me. Proms were so memorable to me and I want my daughter to experience a memorable prom night. When I was in Highschool I never experienced buying prom dresses , I used to borrow from friends. I wanted to wear some of the best prom dresess that time, but I cannot afford to have one.
I don't want my daughter to experience that. If she will be having prom night soon, I will let her choose from best prom dresses in the world! I wanted the best for my kids that's why my husband and I were working so hard.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Toy Hunt : Balls....Balls.....Balls.....

Than Playing with balls taken last January 2, 2009 @ My Playroom Sm Valenzuela.

Aside from cars, my Baby Ethan loves any round toys especially Balls....O yeah he really loves round objects! He loves balls, balloons, even the moon when it's full. When he sees round objects or pictures, he always calls my attention so I will take a look at it too. I don't know what's with round objects why he loves it very much. But what's important here is thatI am happy when my kids were happy too. Please visit my other SITE too! Thanks!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Business Online

I am already selling products online. I am blogging about my projects and posting ads. This is really effective because most of my market especially OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) were using internet to browse their needs. But there are lots of competitors out there who's really making their own website where to post their products. My husband still working with our business website this year, he has a little knowlegde in designing website but since he's so busy with his work, he can't be able to finish it. I think I may be needing some help from channeladvisor custom store here. I also need some professional help from Multi Channel eCommerce solution on how to improve my website designs. Having your own website is really has a great impact with clients. My boss has lots of inquiries from her website. I should finish mine so I could able to gain more inquiries too!

"Me, Myself and Jes" New Look!!!

I got a new look for my Me, Myself and Jes blog!!!! I am actually thinking for a new header but I dunno how to start it. I am not good in designing and not that good in photoshops, sigh! While thinking I decided to try a new template. And I found a nice one. Hay, finally I am okay with it and I don't have to think of a new header anymore.
And yes, I want to introduce you to my NEW but old blog - House Finder Philippines!!! It's all about the properties I am selling. I haven't post the other projects yet but if you're interested in buying you can send me an email or just click on my YM button at my sidebar to leave an inquiry. Thanks!!!

I already have three blogs now:
Me, Myself and Jes
My Little Angels
House Finder Philippines

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mommy Moments #3 Latest Birthday Photos of Kids

Birthdays!!! Hooray!! These are the latest birthday pictures of my little angels ISHI and ETHAN....

This is ISHI, her latest birthday was last November 14, 2008 celebrated in school. This was very memorable to her. Maybe because she already appreciate parties.

And this is my son, ETHAN who just celebrated his 2nd birthday last January 15. I didn't make a post about it earlier because I am reserving this post for mommy moments. See chris, I love this meme very much! Hehehehe =)
He celebrated his birthday at home with me, daddy, ate and lola taba. It was thursday morning, I bought a cake from goldilocks near our village before daddy leaves for work and ate to school. He was very happy when we all sang a happy birthday song and asked him to blow his candle. I can see from his eyes that he's very excited too, like her ate when she celebrated her birthday. I love to see my kids that way, It's overwhelming. We didn't brought him any present because we don't know what to buy for him yet, but I think celebrating his birthday with us is more precious to him than any material gifts. Lola Mama (dad's mom) gave him a new sweatshirt anyway and he's very happy with it (shown in the pic).

I am really excited every friday because of this meme. Visit my othe blog for more latest birthday pictures.
I can't wait for the next week's theme - First Smile of your Kids!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ishi loves Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan

My daughter ISHI keeps on watching over and over again her new dvd movies Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. She even thinks she can also fly hahahaha. I don't know how to discuss about these things to her. I dunno how to explain that fairies are not true. I have read somethings about the occult and they mentioned some fairies there. But I am not sure if these stories were actulally true. I am calling all moms out there to please give me some advise how to explain things like this to my daughter.

LP : Kahel

Ang kahel and paborito naming flavor na inumin. Bagamat mahilig din kame sa iced tea, mas lamang ang kahel na inumin sa aming tahanan. Madalas ito ay kasama lagi sa aming bilihin. Ito ang paboritong baunin ng aking anak sa paaralan. Hmmm sarap nga naman ng inuming ito heheheh =)

(Orange is our favorite flovor of drinks. Although we also love Iced Tea, we just want orange more than any flavor at home. This is always in our groceries. This juice is my ISHI's favorite food in school. Hmmm this is such a declicous drink hehehhe =) )

House and Lot after our Condo Unit

As a property consultant I have seen different designs of houses that pushes me to sell more properties so we could finally get our own house. We can't afford to get one yet because as I've said from my older posts, we we're still paying our condo unit. But since my husband and I were already planning to get our own house soon, I am searching for a good location and good designs already. I want a not so big house but spacious, sometimes it's not how big the floor area is but it's how you arrange it. I want something like in Wilmington, NC Luxury Real Estate. If I could be given a chance to buy a high end house, I want 4 bedrooms and 1 maid's quarter. One for my daughter, one for my son, one for us and 1 guest room. I am also dreaming of a swimming pool and garden. I want a big entertainment area inside the house since we all love dancing and singing. Ahh, if there's such thing as free in this world, it is the one called DREAMING.

Jewerly Giveaway!

In honor of 101st post of Julia's Journal, she is giving away six beautiful pair of hand made earrings. Lovely, I want to win these earrings!!!

The contest will end on January 26, hurry girls, last submission of enrty is on January 25. HERE's how to join.

Spa - A LittleTreat for Myself

I have a tripping this Saturday and Sunday with different clients and projects. I am so happy that I could finally get into this stage. I have lots of inquiry but some of them were not responding after you emailed them what they need like sample computations and pictures of the houses. What I am happy about is that I have some clients that is actually interested and asking to see the site. That's a positive sign for me. I am aiming to close these deals on saturday, if ever they would not like the place then that is beyond my control.
I am so emotionaly stressed out due to some disappointments and frustrations these past few months but I am getting over it, I am starting to have positive views. And if ever I could be able to close even 1 deal this month, I will surely give myself a treat! I would love to go to salon and spa. I want some relaxation! I've been dreaming of it, I never had a chance to let myself experience it even for once! This is one of my new year resolution, to give my self a little treat!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Little Angels in Wedding Entourage!

I am so excited for the upcoming wedding of my husband's cousin Len-len on February 28. My kids are part of the entourage. Look at the invites.......

My little Ethan(Ethan Franz Lising) is the Coin bearer and My Ishi (Elisha Freya Lising) is one of the flower girls. Great isn't it? I am so excited to see them walking in the aisle (goodluck about these kids). I am not sure if they will cooperate. Sometimes kids are like that. Well then let's just see ...hehehehehe =) I am planning to have them watch a real wedding so they will able to know what a coin bearer and flower girls do. Will that help? Can somebody give an advise on how will I teach my kids what to do?

Wordless Wednesday :

Daddy's leaving for work this morning, big hugs kids!

WS : Lover's Watch

Ishi looking at our watch I officially called "Lover's Watch"

I bought a watch for my self last week. I just wore it last Saturday when we attended anticipated mass . My daughter noticed that my watch and her dad's watch (I gave him as my Christmas present to him) were almost the same. She actually thought it was her dad's. She said, "Mommy kay Daddy yan ah!/Mommy that's dad's!". I smiled at her and said "hindi, pareho lang kame/no, we're just the same" And she said cusiuously, "tingin nga?/may i see?" Heheheh kids are very good observer huh!

Interior Plans for our Condo Unit!

I can't stop myself thinking about our condo unit we invested last year. I am so excited. It will be ready for turn over next year that's why we're planning for some interior designs and budget as well. We're planning to have it rented by a students or employees near the area. Our condo unit is very near from different schools like University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila, Mirriam College and a lot more. Since it's more likely for students, I wanted it to have a very comfortable and relaxing ambience. I wanted my tenants to love the place. I am planning to put some built-in appliances like cabinets with stainless sink in the kitchen so they can easily clean it up, a double deck and shelves in the bedroom and aircon. I am also thinking of putting mini fridge and television. Will that be too much? I want it almost fully furnished so they will not have a hard time moving in. About the rental fee, hmmm I am not sure about it yet. I also want a paint for walls that will help a student concentrate on their studies. I am still researching about it. Ahh, I am really excited! This is a great investment for my kid's future! Who knows they may be studying at Ateneo in College in the near future? If that happens they already have a place to live in because travelling from Malabon to Qezon City is such a waste of time and energy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mommy Make Up Giveaway!!!

I have another contest to join in a Mommy Make up Giveaway! The price is great! This is good for me! Jolly Mom is giving away a Jolly Holiday Gift Set woth $49.

This includes:
  • Any Wear Creme in Cupcake
  • Super Deluxe Fluff Brush
  • Lush Black Mascara
  • Chic Petite Black Mesh Makeup Bag
  • "Paint By Number" Instructions and face chart
It's easy to join just follow the steps HERE. Goodluck!! The contest ends on january 27, 11:59PM EST.

I Want a New Blog!

I am thinking of another blog to make. I want something original like the other bloggers do! They do have personal blogs, blogs about their kids and some are blogs about their hobbies, collection or career. I already have 3 blogs, about myself and anything under the sun, about my kids and about properties I am selling. The third one is not that active. I am not posting there anymore. I want to change it to something unique. I have to think and make a header about it first.

FREE Pop Arts by Architect!

Weeeeee!!! Look at my lovely pop arts made by Architect of Sweetytots and Sweet....Pretty..Naughty. Do you want one too for your sidebar too? Visit her site now and leave a message that you want this lovely pop art too! She's doing it for free, but If you're feeling a little generous, you can drop a donation to her site.

These cute little kids are mine!!!

Ethan and Ishi watching DVD.

Yey! Look at my daughter IShi here (left side) she's only 1 and 8 months old there and my son Ethan (right) was 6 months old. I love this shot!

Bonding Time with my Husband!

My husband and I doesn't have much time for dates anymore. We're not even watching movies at cinemas like we've been doing before when were still single. We love watching movies. We always have time for each other and can do different things together. One of our favorite things to do when were still boyfriend and girlfriends were playing games in cafe near their village. I don't like games in the computer that much but when he taught me how to play counterstrike, I got addicted to it!! Since then we always play different games in the computer. We can't play in their house because they do only have one computer that's why we used to rent for 4 or sometimes 8 hours in computer cafe. But now, even we do have both computers at home, we can't play anymore for we don't want our kids to see their parents addicted to games in the computer. We we're just watching movies together in our PC at night. This is still a great bond for us.

Cricket and Monkey Giveaway

I found this giveaway from Go Graham Go blog, he has so many giveaways to choose from. I chose first this Cricket and MOnkey giveaway because I wanted to win their tote bag!

There are 10 ways to win:

Head on over to Cricket and Monkey and tell me one of your favorite products not mentioned in this post. Make sure to leave your email address in your comment!
Extra Entries (leave separate comments for each):
2. Enter the Spa Wish giveaway at Jolly Mom and leave a comment saying "I entered the Spa Wish giveaway at Jolly Mom".
3. Enter the Mommy Makeup giveaway at Jolly Mom and leave a comment saying "I entered the Mommy Makeup giveaway at Jolly Mom".
4. Blog about this giveaway and link to and and leave the link to your post in the comment!
5. Email 2 friends about this giveaway and CC: felicia {at} gograhamgo {dot} com
6. Subscribe to Go Graham Go by reader or email or follow on blogger
7. Follow Go Graham Go on Twitter and Tweet about this
8. Stumble this post (post, not the site)
9. Add the "Mom Time in '09" button to your sidebar
10. Add the Go Graham Go Button to your sidebar

What are you waiting for moms and moms to be? Join now coz this giveaway ends on January 26th at 11:59pm!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Acobay - A Social Network Site!

My both blogs "My Little Angels" and "Me, Myself and Jes" had a pagerank. Pagerank is very important to all bloggers like me. Since I wanted to get more opps, I have to do something else to boost my blogs traffic and receive another PR from Mr. G. I have read about this Acobay - a social network site that will help my site to have more visitors, more visitors means good promotion of my blog! Whoa! This is a nice social network site!

Filipinos Unite Prayer Tag

Thanks Earth for inviting me with thie meaningful tag! =)


This is a prayer tag and link for the Philippines and the Filipinos. You are enjoined to utter this prayer for nine (9) consecutive days and to tag as many bloggers as you can with preference for Filipinos. But only bona fide Filipinos shall be included in the official registry of Filipino bloggers in this blog. Each time a new blogger makes a link, be sure to send me an email of the entire link through so that the official list will be consolidated in a master list in this blog. For our Muslim brothers, you may make your own special prayer formula but you must never deviate from the formula of this entire post.
If you wish to be included in the master list just e-mail or visit the Filipinos Unite headquarters.

Start Copy Here:


Dear heavenly Father, we consecrate to you our beloved country- the Philippines and all the Filipinos around the world. We acknowledge Father that apart from You, we can do nothing and it is only your divine providence and grace that can unite all Filipinos as one nation. We therefore humble ourselves before your throne. We confess all our sins to you individually and collectively as a nation. Forgive us our sins Father and wash us clean by the precious blood of Your beloved Son- Jesus Christ. Mend our wicked ways and let us experience a strong and genuine spiritual revival for ourselves and for our country. Let the Holy Spirit imbibe us with power, love and wisdom to return to Your path of holiness and righteousness. Bless our country, heavenly father. Bless all Filipinos wherever they maybe. Let progress, unity, harmony, stability, justice, peace and prosperity reign in our country.

Bless our leaders, from the President down to the lowest Barangay official. Touch their hearts that they may serve our country with all honesty and with love and integrity. Bless our children and our future generation. And bless us all Father in all aspects of our lives. This we pray to You heavenly Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

Name Address Name of Blog URL

1. Mel Alarilla Bulacan, Philippines
Filipinos Unite!!!
2. Angel Cuala Batangas, Philippines Father Blogger dot com url -
3. Lavern Tan Las Pinas City, Philippines Pinoy Ambisyoso url-
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Toy Hunt : Interactive Toys


These are ISHI and ETHAN's some of their interactive toys. Some were already broken and some are still functioning but not so presentable to post here. So I chose these stuff.
The animal and fruit musical toys were both Ethan's and the Alphabet Musical Toy is Ishi's. Interactive toys are my favorite toys for them. I actually wanted to buy a laptop for ISHI, she loves to have one but aside from having no budget yet, she doesnt know how to take care of her stuff. She doesn't know how to pack away her stuff and sometimes she's really careless with her toys. I am trying to teach her how to pack away her stuff but she's not learning. Sometimes I am teaching her a lesson, I am not letting her play with her toys unless I am there to watch her. I am keeping all the new toys in her storage and I am not letting her get any toys from it. Especially those toys with tiny parts. I am having a hard time packing them away. Hay, when will she learn how to pack away?

More Awards for the Month!!!

New Blog About Cars

It's already 18th of January and my luck didn't come yet. I have inquiries yes but no tripping yet. I really need a sales so I could finally buy what I need in my business. I am positive that I could get some good sales this year! I just need to work hard and have faith in myself to sell more house and lots.
As what I have said before I really need a car. As a property consultant, having my own car is an investment already. This is a big help for me. But since I was just starting with this realty business, i still need to earn money for this. I am still looking and searching for more affordable cars that fits my budget incase. Looking and surfing the net realy helps me and other people to look what they were looking for. This is how i found Tactical Operator's blog. If I were crazy blogging about my kids, my life and anything under the sun, this blogger is actually crazy about cars! He has different posts about cars. Most of the women doesn't know much about cars, this is my chance to know more about car since I am planning to have one soon. Actually I am planning to sell cars too someday hehehe =) Real Estate and Car Business, what a great idea!

Triple Award from Sherry!

Wow sherry!!! This is a great award, a triple award!!!

You're so thoughtful!I am passing this awards to some of my co bloggers in no particular order, ENCHIE, SWEETYTOTS, JULLIEFER and CHRIS who's always visiting my site and giving me very inspiring comments! I would like to take this opportunity to thank these people for always being there whenever I need help in blogosphere. I really appreciate your help guys! Please have this award and pass this to whoever you think deserves this awards.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starting to look for Costumes for this year's Holloween Event!

The year 2008 has ended and the new year 2009 was just getting started, yet I am already planning things/activities for my kids. When ISHI, my daughter was born she attended her first holloween party at the age of 11 months (I am already pregnant with my second child ETHAN then) and I am very excited to buy her a costume but I experienced hard time looking because we purchased 1 week before the party. It's hard to purchase during pick time. Thanks God we found one for her age, - a Ballerina Costume. Even she was just a little baby, she appreciate the different costumes she have seen.The following year I already had two kids then, ISHI and ETHAN, we attended two different holloween parties, one at the mall where they both won BEST in COSTUME award, and one from dad's office. I planned for almost 6 months about their costume, ISHI loves Little Mermaid that time, but I thought that being a mermaid is hard for a three year old girl like her, so I finally decided to have them MICKEY and MINNIE Mouse costumes. They were so cute!!!! The problem again is that I have a hard time finding like that in malls that's why I let the dress maker make it on rush.
See why I am planning very early? Aside from those reasons, Holloween Party is really my favorite event every year aside from my kids birthday !!! Yes I am very active with these kind of events. I am planning to have a BUMBLE BEE for my son and LADY BUG for my daughter this year. I want almost the same costume for both of them or a paired costume like what I have chosen just last year, a mickey and minnie costume. I have already looked for the site where can I purchase it soon. Thanks to online stores and i don't have to go to the malls! If you want to buy a costume for your child too, there's a haunted house backdoor on the website I just discovered where we can get discounts.

Friday, January 16, 2009

LP : Asul

Ang paboritong kulay ng aking anak na si ISHI ay ASUL. Kaya naman naisip kong gawing lahok ang kanyang sipilyo at baso ngayong linggong ito. Hindi lang ito ang gamit nya na kulay asul. Ang kanyang kobre kama ay asul, ang kanyang bike ay asul, at kahit ang lalagyan niya ng damit ay asul. Dalawa lamang ang aking anak, isang babae at isang lalake. Si ISHI ay babae ngunit ang paborito nyang kulay ay asul kagaya ng kanyang daddy. kapag me nagbibigay ng regalo n akulay asul para kay Ethan, ang mangyayare nyan, hihingin ng anak kong babae ang asul na bagay na iyon at doon na magsisimula ang gulo! Ahahahha! Hirap!

(My daughter's favorite color is BLUE. That's why I thought of making her toothbrush and mug as my entry for this week. Actually this is not the only BLUE stuff of hers. Her bed sheet is Blue Dora, her bike is blue, she even chose a blue drawer of our plastic cabinet for her to keep her clothes. I only have two kids and they were girl and boy. Ishi is a girl and her favorite color was blue just like her daddy. If there's somebody gave a gift for ethan that is color blue, the tendency is that ISHI will ask for that blue thing and there then the trouble starts! Ahahaha! It's hard!)

XML Challenge

I was browsing the net to find a game for me to play. I am bored and can't concentrate to what I supposed to be doing right now. I found this site XML Challenge and I curiously opened it up for I don't know what XML means. So I search it with google and found out that it is actually a programming language. Argh! This is not my line, it's my husband's profession. Actually he is a programmer. I asked him to join in this contest. And to all the professonal programmers or even students out there, why dont you give it a try as long as you have interest in XML and database technology and with hardcore programming skills in DB2.
It's easy, all you have to do is take a Quick Quiz, it's just a short questionaire then you can start joining the contest.

Start now by registering for one of the following contests:
  • Video Contest: Invent a creative use of XML, XQuery or DB2 and record yourself doing it.
  • Gadget Contest: Develop a downloadable gadget or widget leveraging DB2.
  • Query Contest: Use XQuery to find five answers. The best queries win the best prizes!
  • Ported App Contest1: Port or develop a new app for DB2. Enter as an individual or assemble a team.
  • XML2 Contest: Win by building useful, user-friendly XML apps from scratch. Enter as an individual or assemble a team.

Mommy Moments #2 First Photo of your Kids

This is very unforgettable moment for all of us moms. This is the best thing happened in my life. I won't forget the moment when I gave birth to my two little angels ISHI and ETHAN!!!
This is my first child ISHI, she was born last November 14, 2005, 3:26 pm at Chinese General Hospital. I delivered her NORMAL but PAINLESS with the help of Dra. Marilyn Co - my OBGyne. She was 7.9 lbs and 49cm long.

ISHI's and her Dad's first pic....they were like twins.

This is her first pic with us....

and her first pic at home with her so proud daddy!

And ofcourse my second child - ETHAN, who was also born in Chinese General Hospital on Jjanuary 15, 2007, 2:55 in the afternoon. He was then 6.11 lbs and 50 cm long. Same OB Gyne and same procedure with my first child. The only difference is that I labored for almost 24 hrs with my Son unlike with my first child, I just experienced 3 hrs labor. Painless delivery is not actually no pain at all it was just pain-less! I did experienced labor pa din. But were happy because we feel so blessed that time having a girl and a boy already! That means we don't have to try our luck anymore because we really wanted two kids only - a girl and a boy. But if God wants to give us anther kid or plenty of kids pa, we will whole heartedly accept it.

My Son, ETHAN at the Nursery

After 10 days of waiting.....daddy was so excited to pick up his boy from the hospital. My poor little Ethan had a problem with his blood so they have to confine him for 10 days and had his antibiotics.

See how excited my hubby was.....he didn't let me touch ETHAn first, sya daw muna. =)

And this was his first pic with all of us!

I love this meme very much for giving me a chance to express what this blog is all about. This is about mommy moments! For moms like me who wants to join, just click HERE.