Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starting to look for Costumes for this year's Holloween Event!

The year 2008 has ended and the new year 2009 was just getting started, yet I am already planning things/activities for my kids. When ISHI, my daughter was born she attended her first holloween party at the age of 11 months (I am already pregnant with my second child ETHAN then) and I am very excited to buy her a costume but I experienced hard time looking because we purchased 1 week before the party. It's hard to purchase during pick time. Thanks God we found one for her age, - a Ballerina Costume. Even she was just a little baby, she appreciate the different costumes she have seen.The following year I already had two kids then, ISHI and ETHAN, we attended two different holloween parties, one at the mall where they both won BEST in COSTUME award, and one from dad's office. I planned for almost 6 months about their costume, ISHI loves Little Mermaid that time, but I thought that being a mermaid is hard for a three year old girl like her, so I finally decided to have them MICKEY and MINNIE Mouse costumes. They were so cute!!!! The problem again is that I have a hard time finding like that in malls that's why I let the dress maker make it on rush.
See why I am planning very early? Aside from those reasons, Holloween Party is really my favorite event every year aside from my kids birthday !!! Yes I am very active with these kind of events. I am planning to have a BUMBLE BEE for my son and LADY BUG for my daughter this year. I want almost the same costume for both of them or a paired costume like what I have chosen just last year, a mickey and minnie costume. I have already looked for the site where can I purchase it soon. Thanks to online stores and i don't have to go to the malls! If you want to buy a costume for your child too, there's a haunted house backdoor on the website I just discovered where we can get discounts.

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