Friday, January 16, 2009

Mommy Moments #2 First Photo of your Kids

This is very unforgettable moment for all of us moms. This is the best thing happened in my life. I won't forget the moment when I gave birth to my two little angels ISHI and ETHAN!!!
This is my first child ISHI, she was born last November 14, 2005, 3:26 pm at Chinese General Hospital. I delivered her NORMAL but PAINLESS with the help of Dra. Marilyn Co - my OBGyne. She was 7.9 lbs and 49cm long.

ISHI's and her Dad's first pic....they were like twins.

This is her first pic with us....

and her first pic at home with her so proud daddy!

And ofcourse my second child - ETHAN, who was also born in Chinese General Hospital on Jjanuary 15, 2007, 2:55 in the afternoon. He was then 6.11 lbs and 50 cm long. Same OB Gyne and same procedure with my first child. The only difference is that I labored for almost 24 hrs with my Son unlike with my first child, I just experienced 3 hrs labor. Painless delivery is not actually no pain at all it was just pain-less! I did experienced labor pa din. But were happy because we feel so blessed that time having a girl and a boy already! That means we don't have to try our luck anymore because we really wanted two kids only - a girl and a boy. But if God wants to give us anther kid or plenty of kids pa, we will whole heartedly accept it.

My Son, ETHAN at the Nursery

After 10 days of waiting.....daddy was so excited to pick up his boy from the hospital. My poor little Ethan had a problem with his blood so they have to confine him for 10 days and had his antibiotics.

See how excited my hubby was.....he didn't let me touch ETHAn first, sya daw muna. =)

And this was his first pic with all of us!

I love this meme very much for giving me a chance to express what this blog is all about. This is about mommy moments! For moms like me who wants to join, just click HERE.


pehpot said...

Cute babies! And you are so right about painless deliveries, you will still feel the pain of LABOR haha

Anonymous said...

Wow naman cute talaga siya. Happy weeekend. Mine is also posted

Chris said...

wow jes! nice pictures... you captured the moments indeed!

parang twins nga si ishi and daddy! :)

pareho pala tayo, pain-less din ako eh :)

Gin E said...

Wow! Pareho tayo, girl then boy...I like the story that came with every pictures. Moments talaga!

Have a nice weekend!

Jona said...

nakakatuwa parang isang baby lang ishi and her dad, hehe :D
mine's here

earthlingorgeous said...

Oo nga I agree they look like twins on their first pic! Awesome photos! :) What a happy family!


A Family Completed... said...

They do look like twins. Love the family pic.