Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WS : Lover's Watch

Ishi looking at our watch I officially called "Lover's Watch"

I bought a watch for my self last week. I just wore it last Saturday when we attended anticipated mass . My daughter noticed that my watch and her dad's watch (I gave him as my Christmas present to him) were almost the same. She actually thought it was her dad's. She said, "Mommy kay Daddy yan ah!/Mommy that's dad's!". I smiled at her and said "hindi, pareho lang kame/no, we're just the same" And she said cusiuously, "tingin nga?/may i see?" Heheheh kids are very good observer huh!

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Enchie said...

Reminds me to get a watch for myself. Wala akong ka-relo-relo. cellphone na ang naging timer ko he!he!he!your daughter's like my niece. Observant din...