Sunday, January 4, 2009

A blessed 2009!

I have so much to thank God for all the wonderful things happened in my 2008 year experience.
I am really blessed despite of those trials I have been through. I can't count my blessings but if I am going to list it down, I am sure I have received so much so thank God for all of those. I am also thanking God for the trials he had given me for those trials made me stronger than ever!

Mostly I am thanking God for giving me another blessed year! I have no sales in real estate last quarter of 2008 but I am still hoping that this year will be a good year for me.

I am also happy last December of winnning in Sweetytots giveaway and can able to double my prize aside from the Magnetic Dress Up Bear I first received I will be receiving another 5 pop up books and 3 kimpossible activity books. I am so excited to get em for my kids!

I also want to thank my co-blogger Enchie and Chris for sharing her award for 2009 to all her blog followers.... Thank you! Now passing this to Julliefer, Pining, Lori, Mitch and Phillip and to all my co bloggers out there!

And to Pining for giving me this award...

thanks Pining!

The most thing I am very excited about this year is that...... I got MY FIRST OPP approved from PPP!!!! Hooray!!! This was really my first time that's why I am so excited and very inspired! I know it's really hard to get opps by now, I will just do whatever I need to do to improve my blog so I can able to have more opps.

I have lots to blog but I think my time is not enough so I will find another time posting it. I will just share our First Family Picture for 2009!

Once again Happy Blessed New Year to all of us. I am wishing for more opps, more sales but most importantly, Good Health for Me my Family!


Enchie said...

I wish you and your family all the best Jes!

Gin E said...

Happy New Year!!! It's been a while since I visited your blog. Sorry about that. I also have an award to give you here.

Chris said...

wow! buti ka pa, last time i tried to join PPP, i was not approved. well, i guess i will try to join PPP again since i purchased my domain around November only...

happy new year!!!!:)

Lori said...

Thank You made my day:)

Jennifer said...

Great photo.

pining said...

Hi Jes, Happy New Year!
I wish you all the best for 2009 and I hope you get a good sale in real state!
Sorry that I'm a bit late but there you go... thanks for the award by the way, will do the tag asap :-)
God bless!

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