Friday, January 16, 2009

I Need a Car!!!

I had my first tripping for this year last sunday. Hopefully I could close the deal. How I wish that having no personal car doesn't affect my sales in realty. It's hard for me to commute clients. Actually we do have service cars from the developers but sometimes there are problems in reserving it. So instead of waiting for it or even delay my tripping because of it, I'd rather commute my client. My husband and I were planning to buy a new ford car, presentable and affordable. Our old car is Ford too its just that it's my father in-law's not ours and for the record ithey've been using it for more than 25 years already! That's why were choosing it, and we were thinking of Ford Fussion car or Ford galaxy. I really want a car that is color red or gray adn black. Oh, how i wish i could sell more house and lots this year so i could finally get a new car! Actually I am open with second hands too!!

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Enchie said...

owning a car is related to your din nakikita o sa mga tv shows, makes your work easier.good luck on this one sis!