Sunday, January 4, 2009

Toy Hunt : Toys with Wheels

Happy New Year to all!!

Hope you enjoyed your Holidays with your family and friends!

My kids enjoyed their gifts this Christmas, and I am more excited than them to open their gifts.

I am curious if "Papa Jesus" grant their wishes.

Santa gave their gifts in advance so they were not expecting gifts from Santa anymore.

Mommy and Daddy gave their gifts 2 hours before christmas. Hehhe We were so excited to see their reactions although our gifts were not in their wishlist.

The theme for this week - Toys with Wheels is right in time.
My kids had their Wish - a Bicycle!!!!
My daughter doesn't want her old bike already.
She wanted one that has a basket, color blue, and for big girls na daw!

Look at my son Ethan...
He looked big already in this BIKE!
Heheheheheh I'm so glad they enjoyed it!

Here's another toy of my kids that has wheels...
Ishi's old toy... a musical bus.

.....and Ethan's Truck with Lego

....and lastly, Ethan's truck.

Ethan love cars, trucks and any kind of toys with wheels.

Come and Toy Hunt with us now! It's fun!

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