Thursday, January 29, 2009

School Hunting for my Daughter ISHI

Month of March is fast approaching.... I am nervous about so may things. First about this cost cutting in my husband's company. I know my husband is good enough to keep his job, but I am not certainly sure if the company could still keep a lot of employees. I am just hoping and praying that this will not happen to us. Especially now that our daughter is going to enroll for nursery this coming school year. We are planning to enroll her to an exclusive schools that are ussually 10:2 ratio of students and teachers. I am suggesting to my husband this La Cabecera Montessori near our place instead of enrolling her in San Bartolome where there were 20 students. What I love in montessori is that they were using curriculum. They are english speaking school. Fully airconditioned and security. And the teachers. I am not sure if the teacher were realy good there. we will try to check his summer before we decide. As of now, were considering La Cabecera Montissori as one of our number 1 option. But the thing is, can we afford to send ISHI there? San Bartolome is 25% cheaper than La Cabecera, I think the difference is very small. Our decision i not final yet, but like what I have said, we have to think about it first. i want the best for my kids that's why I am looking for a school that has a good background and good environment.


Mary Ann Moreno-binuya said...

you cannot go wrong with montessori schools. they have unique techniques in providing education.

Enchie said...

Ako nakahanap na ng school... maganda ang montessori way :) Lahat ata ng moms naghahanap ng school ngayon :)

Twinkie said...
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Twinkie said...

Ehem-ehem! I am a proud *product* of San Bartolome. And all of my sisters and cousins in Malabon studied there under Ms. Santander. Then off we went to St. James Academy. Well, it's very convenient for our clan because both schools were less than a mile away from us.

In the end, I am a firm believer that a school is not the only basis to be successful.

Good luck! :D

PS Don't worry about Carlos, I know how smart he is. Naks!

Jona said...

i'll be doing the same na rin for Zach who's turning 4 in july. i'm considering Kumon and there's also a Montessori school near our place.
can i ex-links with you? just let me know :) thanks