Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interior Plans for our Condo Unit!

I can't stop myself thinking about our condo unit we invested last year. I am so excited. It will be ready for turn over next year that's why we're planning for some interior designs and budget as well. We're planning to have it rented by a students or employees near the area. Our condo unit is very near from different schools like University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila, Mirriam College and a lot more. Since it's more likely for students, I wanted it to have a very comfortable and relaxing ambience. I wanted my tenants to love the place. I am planning to put some built-in appliances like cabinets with stainless sink in the kitchen so they can easily clean it up, a double deck and shelves in the bedroom and aircon. I am also thinking of putting mini fridge and television. Will that be too much? I want it almost fully furnished so they will not have a hard time moving in. About the rental fee, hmmm I am not sure about it yet. I also want a paint for walls that will help a student concentrate on their studies. I am still researching about it. Ahh, I am really excited! This is a great investment for my kid's future! Who knows they may be studying at Ateneo in College in the near future? If that happens they already have a place to live in because travelling from Malabon to Qezon City is such a waste of time and energy.

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arrielle_p said...

Great blog you have shared in here. Will be back to read more and hope to see your condo soon. :)

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