Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Blog About Cars

It's already 18th of January and my luck didn't come yet. I have inquiries yes but no tripping yet. I really need a sales so I could finally buy what I need in my business. I am positive that I could get some good sales this year! I just need to work hard and have faith in myself to sell more house and lots.
As what I have said before I really need a car. As a property consultant, having my own car is an investment already. This is a big help for me. But since I was just starting with this realty business, i still need to earn money for this. I am still looking and searching for more affordable cars that fits my budget incase. Looking and surfing the net realy helps me and other people to look what they were looking for. This is how i found Tactical Operator's blog. If I were crazy blogging about my kids, my life and anything under the sun, this blogger is actually crazy about cars! He has different posts about cars. Most of the women doesn't know much about cars, this is my chance to know more about car since I am planning to have one soon. Actually I am planning to sell cars too someday hehehe =) Real Estate and Car Business, what a great idea!

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