Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toy Hunt : Interactive Toys


These are ISHI and ETHAN's some of their interactive toys. Some were already broken and some are still functioning but not so presentable to post here. So I chose these stuff.
The animal and fruit musical toys were both Ethan's and the Alphabet Musical Toy is Ishi's. Interactive toys are my favorite toys for them. I actually wanted to buy a laptop for ISHI, she loves to have one but aside from having no budget yet, she doesnt know how to take care of her stuff. She doesn't know how to pack away her stuff and sometimes she's really careless with her toys. I am trying to teach her how to pack away her stuff but she's not learning. Sometimes I am teaching her a lesson, I am not letting her play with her toys unless I am there to watch her. I am keeping all the new toys in her storage and I am not letting her get any toys from it. Especially those toys with tiny parts. I am having a hard time packing them away. Hay, when will she learn how to pack away?


Chris said...

dont worry she will learn soon. just show her how and ask her to help mommy. or maybe you can put a sticker chart, she gets a sticker every time she packs away her toys.

by the way, i see you got lots of opps ha.. saan ba yan? :) hopefully, i can join na din... :D

Twinkie said...

Those are really pretty interactive toys.

Cleaning up may be a hard task at times. One thing I've learned is that you have to be specific. Let them know what to clean up. E.g. Please put your Pink doll in the toy basket. Vs. Please clean up!
Before, I even played Barney's Clean Up song gagged on repeat! Hey, you don't have to do the latter. :)

Good luck!