Monday, January 12, 2009

My Little Angel Ethan is turning TWO!

This is my 2nd child - ETHAN FRANZ. He's turning two this coming January 15. Look how he has grown........ This was his latest picture.

pic taken last january 2, 2009 at "My Playroom" SM Valenzuela

This is ETHAN when he was born....this was one of his first day pics inside the nursery room.

And look at him grow after 5 months.... this was during His Baptism!
and HIS first birthday!!!

Kids are growing so fast...and were getting old fast too!Hehehhe =)
3 weeks ago when I started to potty train him, but i think he's not ready yet for he cannot talk yet, though he has few words already. I also tried weaning him coz I am already dying in pain everytime he's breastfeeding. Thanks to CHRIS coz I successfully weaned my son for 2 weeks. Hahahaha! YES 2 weeks coz I have some mistakes with my procedure for 1 week and thank God chris and I so happened to talk about this. She taught me not to feed him even only in the morning cos he's getting confused. And she's right! Now we're not having problems at night. He can even sleep beside his Lola now. But now I am missing my little boy, that's the problem with me before, ako ung nakaka miss sa kanya kaya ayaw ko din sya awatin sa pagdede. Hehehe but I am okay now, he's still malambing pa naman. =)


Enchie said...

nice work mommy Jes!in a few months you'll witness more development that will surely make you proud :)

Chris said...

yehey! congrats for weaning :)

i know how you feel... nakakamiss but then its time for him to go and grow di ba? :)

joys of motherhood talaga!

Twinkie said...

Way to go! Breastfeeding for over a year! Your kids are very lucky!

Mia and I had AB and O incompatibilities. Hay!

How sweet naman of Chris to help.

Anyway, send Ethan a little birthday kiss from us. :)