Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toy Hunt : Toys that Talk

Meet Shrek's family and friends! My husband collected them for our kids  at Mc Donald's - Happy Meal. My kids love toys that talk. These toys were talking when you press their buttons but some of them now we're no longer talking. I can only remember Fiona saying "yah!", "You've got to be kidding me".

And this is Baby Sally, Ishi received this toys last christmas from her tita Cheche.  When you press the left hand it will say "mama, papa", right hand and it will laugh, right or left foot and it will cry.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

WS1 : My Little Ethan's Excitement

Last Saturday, Nov. 22, my father in-law invited as to his cousin's baby baptism at Paranaque.

My Little Ethan was very excited when he heard that we're going out.

LP : Ang Pagwawagi

Ang aking mga anak ay taon-taong kong isinasali sa mga Halloween Parties, masaya akong nakikita silang nakabihis ng iba't ibang klaseng kasuotan. Masaya din akong nakikita silang natutuwa sa mga kendi at tsokolateng natatanggap nila sa trick or treat.

(Yearly, I'm joining my kids to Halloween Parties, I'm happy to see them wearing different costumes and see them enjoying their candies and chocolates they were receiving from trick or treats.)

Noong ika-22 ng Nobyembre ay isinali ko sila sa Halloween Party sa isang Mall bilang sina Mickey Mouse at Minnie Mouse at di inaasahang sila ang magwawagi ng "Best in Costume Award". Masayang masaya ako sa kauna-unahang parangal na natanggap ng aking mga anak. Sana maatanggap pa ng maraming parangal ang akin gmga anak.

(Last November 22, I registered my kids to a Halloween Party inside the mall as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and surprisingly won the Best in Costume Award. I'm so glad about this "First ever Award" they've received. Hope to receive more awards again.)

Ito ang kauna-unahang paglahok ko sa Litratong Pinoy gamit ang site na ito. Ang aking isang site ay may lahok din sa LP.

(This is my first entry to Litratong Pinoy using this site. I also have entries using my other site.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PhotoHunt : Ishi's Reflection

This is my first entry in PhotoHunt , I've seen it in so many blogs and I find it so interesting! That's why I'm here, I know it's too late for the theme Reflection but I like this theme so I'm catching up, sorry =( hope you don't mind.

This is my daughter ISHI when she was only 9 months old (she's three years old now), she's having fun looking at her reflection at the mirror. Sorry for it was so blurred, I only used cellphone to caught this moment. Hehhehe =)

Wordless Wednesday: My Little Angel ISHI

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holloween Party @ Dad's Office

Halloween Party again!!! Hooray!! I love to join my kids with this kind of activity. This is fun fun fun! I love to see them wearing costumes even they we're so irritated with me forcing them to wear it heheheh!
Ishi and Ethan wore the same costume, the ones that they've used and won the "Best in Costume Award" @ Huggies Halloween Party - Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes. We also invited Aliyyah, their cousin, she wore Ishi's apple costume (she used in Greenwich workshop last summer).

There they go.....the programme begins!

The hosts were calling each participants to introduce their selves and receive the 1st give away lootbag. Then had some kids were not in the mood, they were sleepy and doesn't want to participate in the games.
My little Ethan can't resist to sleep while Ate Ishi was busy with her "ice candy?" i dunno how to call that food, wathever! Hehhehe =)

There she go....still busy with "that" thing hehehe and roaming around while the program is still on going.
Maybe this was the part that Ishi has been waiting......look at her, ready to collect chocolates and candies, it's time for TRICK or TREAT!!!! Hoorray!!!

Will I ever forget this part? Picture Taking!!! SMILE!!!!

The Last part of the programme.... anouncing the "best in costume" winner and giving another give away lootbag. Weeee......lots of give aways! Thank you POINTWEST!!! Hope to see you again next halloween party! =)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Multi-colored Toys

Hey there fellas, this is my entry for multi-colored toy hunting. I love this topic coz' I love colorful things. If I could only post all of my kids' colorful toys hehehe unfortunately I don't have enough time to take pics of them. The truth is, I only took these pics from my old files hehehe take a look at them.........

M&M's dispenser - Lola Mama's (my mother in-law) pasalubong for ISHI and ETHAN last December when she came back from Hongkong. She has to buy 3 bags of m&m's at duty free just to get them for free and gave it to my kids. My kids love it only if there's an m&m's to play inside those dispensers. Hehehhehe =)

This one is Ishi's Stacking Cups - a gift from her Tita Che2x last December 2006. She loves to play with it untill now. When Ethan was born, she's the one teaching her little brother how to play with it.

Another toys....hehehe see, I told you, i love colorful things. I have here..uumm....Ball Rollers, I've already posted some of it's balls last toy hunting - Red Toys. They don't like this toy that much, they just want me to inflate it up, set it up tapos di naman paglalaruan, they'll just throw the balls all over the floor and let me pick it up (hayz, what a role). Their Zippy Mat, it was Ishi's gift from her ninang Ruby on her christening. Kapag pinindot mo yung mga animals tutunog yung kani-kanilang sounds. Kumakanta din sila using their own sounds. Nakaktuwa tong toy na to, ewan ko ba bakit ang dali nila pagsawaan. I was keeping it and then kapag naisipan ko ilalabas ko ulit pag nagsawa na sila kakalaro itatago ko ulit. hehehehe! Yung Piano naman, gift din ni Lola Mama yan kay ISHI nung 1st birthday niya. Hanggang ngayon buhay pa naman kaso sira na yung stand. And the last but not the least is Ethan's Dragon Balls.
Hay natapos din...heheheh! See you again next time!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ethan's New Toy - make him HAPPY make him SAD.

< - - Look at Ethan's new TOY - Dragon Ball characters.

My husband and I together with the kids we're watching this cartoon lately, we started with Dragon Ball Z and just finished Dragon Ball GT and now my kids knew and started to love some of the characters and their techniques like "kame...hame....yaaah!!!" (ishi memorized it and always doing it with action).

< - - Ethan loves it, see his SMILE in this pic?

"Ethan got a New Toy", yeah, lola Mama bought these characters actually for Ethan coz she was worrying about him playing with her Ate Ishi and cousin Julia at home with girls stuff. And she's hoping that if he has these toys, he will no longer play with his ate's toys. And it really works....

The sad part is that, Ate ISHI also loves the toy so she wanted to borrow /get it from her baby brother.

< - -And it will end up this way - Ethan crying and so angry with his ate.

My poor little guy, laging kawawa sa ate, laging inaagawan, now his happiness suddenly change into tears.

I hate seeing my kids like panganay is so makulit na talaga and she always making her lil bro cries.
Talking to them is not enough, sometimes I have to scare them with "pamalo"(i hate doing this but i think i really have to do it) saka lang sila titigil pero uulit ulit.
Hays, what will I do to this kind of situation?

Jennyl's Birthday Contest!

It's Jennyl's birthday last Novemebr 16, so she'll having a mini birthday contest that run from November 3 - November 30, 2008 till 8 pm (Phil time). I'm kinda late but I hope I could still win one of their fabulous prizes from different sponsors:

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

SweetyTots 2nd Giveaway!

Another giveaway from Sweetytots - 1 month free membership @ Kids Ahoy!

Which Includes:
Play time: 4hours free play/mo at the Kids Ahoy Creative Play Shop (Q.C)Available weekday play hours 10-12nn, 1-3pm or 3-5pm, or Saturdays 10am-12nn Learn/Study Time:
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Reading Time:
use of reading room (for in-house reading only)
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• Priority invitation on Kids Ahoy Trailblazers Club exclusive activities/programs

Whoa, my kids would love I wish I could win this time.
Ishi and Ethan loves to play so much, they we're playing in some play area inside the mall but not too often coz of the price. You know how much per hour is that and I have two kids not to mention the additional payment for one adult to look for my baby boy that's only 1 year old, ( kids under 3 years old need chaperon inside) that's why I'm dying to win this price hehehe =)

To join, visit Please include my name "Jes" with your comment. It's for additional points. Thank you very much! Have Fun!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Red Toys

Here are some of my kids' red toys......
These chinese dolls are Lola Mama's pasalubong from Macau to my daughter ISHI last christmas. If I'm not mistaken they were sisters, kasi buhat buhat ng malaking chinese doll yung isang maliit na chinese doll nung ibinigay yan and hindi naman mukhang mommy yung malaking doll kaya pinangalanan ko yung maliit na doll ng "shobe" (chinese word for bunso), itatanung ko palang sana sa friend kong chinese kung anu sa chinese ang ate but then Lola Mama said "si "Shote" yan!" kaya ayun naging shobe and shote (imbentong salita for "ate" just to jive the word shobe) heheheh!

Ethan Franz' openning his gifts after his baptism last june 2007.
These are my son's balls from his swimming ball gift nung binyag niya. Pinili ko lang yung red heheheh =) Di niya pa ma-appreciate noon kaya ngayon ko nalang ulit nilalabas para me mapaglibagan sya.

Ethan Franz playing with the blocks, picture taken last November 04, 2008.
Ito namang red blocks binili naming mag-asawa nung pinanganak ko yung panganay ko, actually me iba't ibang kulay din yan hehehe pinili ko lang din yung red. Hanggang ngayon nilalaro nila kahit 3 years old na ang panganay ko at magtu-two na yung bunso hehehe kaya hindi ko maipamigay yan kahit madami nang humihingi heheheh =)

This Robot naman binili namin sa Mc Donalds last time na namasyal kame sa Rizal Park, kumain kame sa Mcdo near the area and ito yung nagkataon na toy nila sa happymeal kaya kahit di ko siya kilala binilhan ko silang magkapatid and Ishi choses this one, green for her brother.

Hay...sayang mag toy hunt kahit late na ko hehehe =) See you next week!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Toy/s wth Legs

Hays, hirap pala mag toy hunt... hehe akala ko di ako mahihirapan kasi napakadaming toys ng mga chikiting ko...hehehe hirap din pala ehhehe =)
Anyway, this is my entry for Toy Hunt this week - Toys with legs.

This is Baby Jasmin, she received this gift from her dad's former officemate from SSIP on her 1st birthday. Ishi was already 3 years old this coming novmeber 14, and she still loves this toy. She loves to bring Baby Jasmin with her whenever she takes a bath, Pero ngayon may iba na siyang dala-dala sa banyo pag naliligo......

Ito ang kanyang mga bagong playmates sa pagligo...DINOSOURS. Hehehe =)
Actually there are lots of them, i just don't know where'd they put it. My kids are bringing their toys sometimes sa terrace, or sa room ng mga grandparents. Hindi ko na pinag-aksayahang hanapin kasi late n entry ko ehhehe =)
Ishi loves these dinosours except for "sharp teeth" (T-REX). That's how she calls it dahil sa Land Before Time. Hayz, gasgas na nga mga original CD's kaya bumili ang lolo ng pirated DVD hehehe =) kasi paulit ulit nyang pinapanood yan. Iba-ibang episode, napanood na niya lahat pero paulit ulit pa din niyang pinapanood hehehe =)

That's it for this week, now i have to hunt for red toys next week hahaha =) Challenging mag hunt ng toys, hehehe =) and EXCITING! Enjoy Toy Hunting!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cool Game with Cool Prizes!

I'm starting to love blogging now, it's not just witting, it's not just expressing your thoughts, it's not just learning from other moms like me, you can discover lots of thing in here! Awwww I'm getting crazy in here! Toys are Lovely!
This is what I newly discovered? ARCHITECH's My First Give Away!!!
Joining is very easy, I'ts open to all untill November 13. All you have to do is:

1. Subscribe to my feed by entering your email on my RSS Dolly (right upper corner).
Compulsary to be able to qualify.
2. Head on over to Come and Play.
3. Pick your favorite item
4. Come back here and comment in the official entry form below the extra entries section on what you chose
5. Leave an extra comment in this post. You have to comment on the post and the entry form to qualify.
6. Extra entry if you blog about this giveaway.

What are you waiting for? Let's go and get this PRIZE!!!!