Friday, November 21, 2008

Ethan's New Toy - make him HAPPY make him SAD.

< - - Look at Ethan's new TOY - Dragon Ball characters.

My husband and I together with the kids we're watching this cartoon lately, we started with Dragon Ball Z and just finished Dragon Ball GT and now my kids knew and started to love some of the characters and their techniques like "kame...hame....yaaah!!!" (ishi memorized it and always doing it with action).

< - - Ethan loves it, see his SMILE in this pic?

"Ethan got a New Toy", yeah, lola Mama bought these characters actually for Ethan coz she was worrying about him playing with her Ate Ishi and cousin Julia at home with girls stuff. And she's hoping that if he has these toys, he will no longer play with his ate's toys. And it really works....

The sad part is that, Ate ISHI also loves the toy so she wanted to borrow /get it from her baby brother.

< - -And it will end up this way - Ethan crying and so angry with his ate.

My poor little guy, laging kawawa sa ate, laging inaagawan, now his happiness suddenly change into tears.

I hate seeing my kids like panganay is so makulit na talaga and she always making her lil bro cries.
Talking to them is not enough, sometimes I have to scare them with "pamalo"(i hate doing this but i think i really have to do it) saka lang sila titigil pero uulit ulit.
Hays, what will I do to this kind of situation?

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earthlingorgeous said...

Awwww... hahaha girl talaga ang anak mo ngayon palang nagpapaiyak na ng lalake hahahaha! JOke! I love dragon ball Z too!

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