Saturday, November 22, 2008

Multi-colored Toys

Hey there fellas, this is my entry for multi-colored toy hunting. I love this topic coz' I love colorful things. If I could only post all of my kids' colorful toys hehehe unfortunately I don't have enough time to take pics of them. The truth is, I only took these pics from my old files hehehe take a look at them.........

M&M's dispenser - Lola Mama's (my mother in-law) pasalubong for ISHI and ETHAN last December when she came back from Hongkong. She has to buy 3 bags of m&m's at duty free just to get them for free and gave it to my kids. My kids love it only if there's an m&m's to play inside those dispensers. Hehehhehe =)

This one is Ishi's Stacking Cups - a gift from her Tita Che2x last December 2006. She loves to play with it untill now. When Ethan was born, she's the one teaching her little brother how to play with it.

Another toys....hehehe see, I told you, i love colorful things. I have here..uumm....Ball Rollers, I've already posted some of it's balls last toy hunting - Red Toys. They don't like this toy that much, they just want me to inflate it up, set it up tapos di naman paglalaruan, they'll just throw the balls all over the floor and let me pick it up (hayz, what a role). Their Zippy Mat, it was Ishi's gift from her ninang Ruby on her christening. Kapag pinindot mo yung mga animals tutunog yung kani-kanilang sounds. Kumakanta din sila using their own sounds. Nakaktuwa tong toy na to, ewan ko ba bakit ang dali nila pagsawaan. I was keeping it and then kapag naisipan ko ilalabas ko ulit pag nagsawa na sila kakalaro itatago ko ulit. hehehehe! Yung Piano naman, gift din ni Lola Mama yan kay ISHI nung 1st birthday niya. Hanggang ngayon buhay pa naman kaso sira na yung stand. And the last but not the least is Ethan's Dragon Balls.
Hay natapos din...heheheh! See you again next time!

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Joy said...

Ang daming TOYS!!!!!!! and colorful pa!!!!! I like the M &M I have to get one for my kids may be next year when we go to HK..
Mom Jes,, whenever I click your name it automatically go toy TOY with legs ,,, you have the old URL.. anyway nahanap din kita!!!!
Have a nice day