Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catholic Chat City

I've been very depressed last month before christmas....I felt emptiness in me. I don't know If I was just bored or something. I feel so lonely and sometimes I feel like nobody cares. I am also depressed about my sales this past few months. I was thinking if it's because I am not going to church every sunday. I was looking for answers why I am feeling this kind of emotions. Lately I started looking for someone I could talk to, or something I could read to ease my loneliness. Then there's my cousin who loves to chat and told me to find a chatroom where I can share my emotions. I was thinking if I could try Catholic Chat City. I think this will help a lot.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Gifts =)

They we're so excited to use their BIKE already when their Tita gave them . Their cousins were just staring at them.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!
Here's my entry for this week. My kids enjoyed Christmas very much! They love opening gifts. Some of their Wishes came true some are not....but since they do also have a money (gifts) ehheh
I can still buy what they want/need.
This is one of their wish...a new BIKE. They do have a bike already pero pambaby kasi hehehe =). They want the one with basket daw and yung malaki na. My kids are getting old na talaga. =)
This BIKE was requested from Ethan's ninang Melinda (who happened to be their aunt too) kaya pareho silang may BIKE. =) Thanks SENSE!!! =) They really loved it!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

LP : Karoling

Ang mga batang nangangaroling.

Namasyal kame sa bahay ng aking tiyuhing Pastor para dalawin ang kanyang 3 buwang sanggol na anak....pauwi na kame ng may mangaroling sa kanilang tahanan.
It ang mga batang tila hindi pinlano ang pangangaroling...tila ang kanilang mga suot ay kaninang umaga pa at nagka yayaan lamang na mangaroling upang magkaron ng pera sa darating na pasko. Nakakatuwa din minsan na may nangangaroling sa inyong tahanan, at ang pagbibigay ng konting barya sa kanila ay saydang nagpapasaya na din sa kanila. Ang tradisyong ito ay sadyang di matitinag kahit kelan, kahit pa gaan kahirap ang buhay, may mga tao pa din namang sadyang bukal sa kanilang puso ang pamimigay ng kaunting barya.

WS : Lots of Blessings for My Lil Angels

Christmas is really coming ....few days left and it's already Christmas!!! I am so excited! I know Ishi will enjoy Christmas this time...she knows that Santa will give gifts, and papa Jesus will grant her Wishes. I wrote her Wishes and posted here. I'm so excited for her to see her wishes came true!
It's few days more go to before Christmas, yet my Little Angels received lots of gifts already, from Christmas party, from mommy and daddy, and from Lola Mama. And another Blessings came along last Saturday....


Lolo Obet's (lola mama's brother) pasalubong to ISHI and Ethan came along from Saudi... they were so excited with the M&M's. Hmmm I am excited with the toblerons too!
That blessing doesn't stop that morning, at night we attended christmas party in our church....Tita Letty gave them a gift, as well as Lola Minda! We were so tired that evening, but my little Angels were stll full of energy untill we go home! 11pm when we arrived, my cousin in-law gave me this package (delivered thru AIR21) ....

My PRIZE from Sweet...Pretty... Naughty... Give away!!!!

As I've said in my last posts, sweetytots will be giving my prize in advance so that I can give it to ISHI this christmas. Thanks Sweetytots! It's too early than I expected! And ISHI can't wait for christmas anymore coz she knows all about this contest hehehe and she wants me to win that prize! Then there she goes, she opened it up and play with it laready....she's very happy and excited!!! I'm so happy that I wont in this contest! I will surely join another commenting game!!! Hehehhee =) Is there anybody who has a contest like that?!? Please notify me! heheheh =)

This is my little angels weekend snapshot! Advance MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

WW : My Little Angels

My Little Angels - ISHI and ETHAN while waiting.....we're going to attend a church christmas party!

Toy Hunt : Favorite Gift

Ishi doesn't have any favorite toy...I can't really say if it's her favorite kasi ang bilis nya magsawa. Here's what I did nalang, I asked her to grab a toy, any Toy that she likes and I will take a pic of it with her under our mini christmas tree inside our room. She chose her new DORA doll she received on her 3rd birthday!

There goes my "dalaga"...with her DORA doll!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Ishi's Wish from Santa

Ishi's Christmas Party in School!

ISHI opening her wish from "SANTA"

A "Make Up" kit!

Look How Happy She is.... =)

...and Excited to use it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'll Be Getitng my Prize from Sweetytots in Advance!!!

Wow!!! Sweetytots told Sherry and I that she will give our prize in advance for believing that we were already a sure winners!!!! All we have to do now is to continue our challenge - 100 comments a day and she will surely double our Prize!!!! Woah! who doesn't want another prize huh? We actually have a good deal already about the doubled prize, if ever i maintain to comment 100 a day. Instead of giving cash, I requested for books for my son Ethan and this Dress-up Bear is for my daughter IShi. I can't wait to get my prizes!!! =) And Sweetytots is so generous that she even added another book:

Edit 2: Since you picked books... you request is my command. The actual cost of toy is equal to 4 pop-up books. Since, I really feel bad that your kids cut off their playing time at Mcdo playland. I will give you 5 pop-up books and 3 Kimpossible activity books for your Ishi too.

Thanks Sweetytots!!!! Don't worry I will surely continue commenting till the end of the contest hehehe =) I will not let this hardships turn into Dusts!!! =)

SweetyTots Giveaway - Magnetic Dress Up Bear

Goodluck to us Sherry!

Ishi's 3rd Birthday Celebration!

Here's my ANGEL ISHI,on her way to her party

Ishi turned 3 last November 14, 2008. We celebrate

her birthday at Sto. Nino tutorial school where she's

"saling-pusa" there. I wanted her to experience it in

school that's why I decided to celebrate it there

instead of hubby's plan of celebrating it in the mall

with us only. And I am so happy that she really enjys

her birthday there especially the part where

classmates sang a happy birthday song for her and she

blew her candle. I saw her SMILES were "abot-tenga".

Here are some of the preparations I did for her birthday....

I prepared for some simple games for them to enjoy. And here are the prizes I personally made.

I also made lootbags personally.
For different colors, pink, yellow, blue and green.

Prepared some games for the kids to enjoy....then the fun part........BLOWIN GOF CANDLE!!!! Hooray!!! Look at my ISHI go, she's very excited! Heheheh =) I haven't post some pics pa when they were eating, giving away of lootbags and continuation of the party at home. YES there is a continuation for her close cousins and friends who can't attend at school party. I will update pics soon!!!

For my ISHI: "I love you baby!!! More birthdays to come. Mommy and daddy will always be with you! We love you forever!"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photo hunt : Favorite

My daughter ISHI doesn't have a favorite toy or food, or movie or games, but surely she do have favorite hang out and a thing to do!!!! They Love to go to Mc Donald's because of the play place!!! And me and my husband has no choice but to eat there always that why I started to love their food especially Fries, Nuggets and Spaghetti!!! Yum yum yum!!!

Mc Donald.s Play Place!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Toy Hunt : More Chritmas Toys or Decors

Congratulations to JoyOz for winning that lovely bratz doll!!!!
Here's my entry for this weeks topic - More Christmas Toys and Decors! Fun fun fun everyone! I really hunted this toy coz we have no plenty decors at home. the last time we went at my dad's aunt's house at Qc I took a pic of all her decors!! Ahahahah! look what I've got....

Dancing and singing Santa!!!!

and another dancing and playing instrument Santa!

My kids love them! they were bith dancing and singing to the tune of "Jingle Bells". Ahhh i love them too!!! They were so cute! =)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

WW : Ibalong Masks

My kids wearing Ibalong Masks =)

Sweet...Pretty...and Naughty Giveaway!

Sweet...pretty, and naughty is giving another giveaway!!! I was late now but it still up to december 29 so we can still catch up! All you have to do is blog about this contest, subscribe to Sweet..pretty and naughty blog, and comment on her posts!!! Click here for more details.

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea Special Edition Giveaway

My Little girl Ishi loves to watch movies in dvd. She has different movies and she's watching daily after class. I have read a contest from Amanda and she's giving away this Little Mermaid II DVD. My daughter will surely love that! I want to win this game!!!!

How bout you guys? I'm sure your girls would love it! Joining is very easy. Here's how to enter.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Like Parents Like Kids!

My husband and I met because we have something in common. We were both dancers during school days especially in college. He was in Bootes (La Salle Dance Troop) and I was in ReBoot (dance troop from BS in Educ.) then CCPC dance troop after we became a champion in our school. We met thru common friends, became good friends and fell in love (oh, i miss those times!).
Anyway, just want to show the world how great my kids are! Look at them rock!

WS3 : Happy Anniversary Lolo & Lola!!!!

Saturday evening, December 06, 2008, we attended anticipated mass at Quezon City together with my hubby, kids, and in-laws. We also ate at chowking with some of our churchmates to celebrate parents in-laws 27th wedding anniversary. Hooray for them! More anniversaries to come!
Sunday afternoon daddy ask me out (not for a date) to accompany him buy his new laptop hehehehe =) Visit my other blog for more stories.

This his Ethan inside the church...trying to hide somewhere.

Parents in-law 27th wedding anniversary celebration at chowking after mass.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Preparation

Ohhh I'm so late to post this one coz it's been a month now since me and my kids put up this little Christmas tree for our room. I was busy this past few days making list and shopping gifts for our inaanaks, pamangkins, parents, kapatid and kaibigan.

This is my lil girl ISHI decorating our little christmas tree....

My niece Aliyyah was also there helping........

And my little boy Ethan was busy playing with my decors....

And finally we're done coz actually they don't wanna finish it yet, maybe they thought we're just playing lang hehehe =) Siyempre ako na nagtapos nyan kasi naman paulit ulit lang sila, tangal-balik, tanggal-balik! Hayz, kids!

Here's my first batch of gifts, i bought them last month. For the next batch of gifts visit Me, Myself and Jes.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Toy or Decoration

A blessed Saturday to us all!!! =)
Here's my entry for this week's topic, Christmas Toy or Decoration.

This is my other present for my baby boy Ethan, I already wrapped it after taking a pic of it. Ethan loves Eeyore but stuff toys are kinda expensive so I'm not buying one. Luckily I saw this one at Watson's and it was SALE for only 150 pesos, lucky me coz if it isn't, I will surely not buy it! Hehehhe =)
Happy weekend!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

WS2 : Christmas Tree

This is the continuation of my entry in My Blog.
As I've said there, while we were enjoying Len's treat on her birthday, my kids were busy playing with Tita Lita's decors and christmas tree. See what happened? The birthday girl (their Tita len2x) was the one fixing their mess. Hehehe Sorry tita and Happy Birthday again!!!!


Justify Full
Ang batang super excited na nasa larawan ay aking anak na si ISHI noong ipinagdiwang ang kanyang ika-tatlong kaarawan noong nakaraang Nobyembre taong kasalukuyan.

(That super excited kid in the picture was my daughter ISHI when she celebrated her 3rd birthday last November this year.)

Masayang masaya ang aking anak nung aming idaos ang kanyang kaarawan sa kanilang paaralan Lalung-lalu na nung siya ay kinantahan ng "happy birthday", eksayted na siyang hipan ang kandila sa kanyang cake sapagkat yan ang pinakahihintay niyang parte ng kanyang kaarawan.

(She was very happy that she celebrated her birthday in their school. She loves the part that her classmates sang a happy birthday song coz she wants to blow her candle already. I think that's the most excited part for her.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WW : My Precious Gifts

My husband with our kids ISHI and ETHAN striking a pose!!! What a wonderful precious gifts are TOGETHER! =)