Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ishi's 3rd Birthday Celebration!

Here's my ANGEL ISHI,on her way to her party

Ishi turned 3 last November 14, 2008. We celebrate

her birthday at Sto. Nino tutorial school where she's

"saling-pusa" there. I wanted her to experience it in

school that's why I decided to celebrate it there

instead of hubby's plan of celebrating it in the mall

with us only. And I am so happy that she really enjys

her birthday there especially the part where

classmates sang a happy birthday song for her and she

blew her candle. I saw her SMILES were "abot-tenga".

Here are some of the preparations I did for her birthday....

I prepared for some simple games for them to enjoy. And here are the prizes I personally made.

I also made lootbags personally.
For different colors, pink, yellow, blue and green.

Prepared some games for the kids to enjoy....then the fun part........BLOWIN GOF CANDLE!!!! Hooray!!! Look at my ISHI go, she's very excited! Heheheh =) I haven't post some pics pa when they were eating, giving away of lootbags and continuation of the party at home. YES there is a continuation for her close cousins and friends who can't attend at school party. I will update pics soon!!!

For my ISHI: "I love you baby!!! More birthdays to come. Mommy and daddy will always be with you! We love you forever!"

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