Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'll Be Getitng my Prize from Sweetytots in Advance!!!

Wow!!! Sweetytots told Sherry and I that she will give our prize in advance for believing that we were already a sure winners!!!! All we have to do now is to continue our challenge - 100 comments a day and she will surely double our Prize!!!! Woah! who doesn't want another prize huh? We actually have a good deal already about the doubled prize, if ever i maintain to comment 100 a day. Instead of giving cash, I requested for books for my son Ethan and this Dress-up Bear is for my daughter IShi. I can't wait to get my prizes!!! =) And Sweetytots is so generous that she even added another book:

Edit 2: Since you picked books... you request is my command. The actual cost of toy is equal to 4 pop-up books. Since, I really feel bad that your kids cut off their playing time at Mcdo playland. I will give you 5 pop-up books and 3 Kimpossible activity books for your Ishi too.

Thanks Sweetytots!!!! Don't worry I will surely continue commenting till the end of the contest hehehe =) I will not let this hardships turn into Dusts!!! =)

SweetyTots Giveaway - Magnetic Dress Up Bear

Goodluck to us Sherry!


Sherry said...

love your post! I am so excited to keep comment at architect. Just pray my internet connection no down

Jes said...

hehehe thanks!!!sherry! yeah im also praying about that!!! =)

Sherry said...

yeah you can take part in my contest that start 31 Dec pinay time. Now still find sponsor :)

Jes said...

ahh okay ill wait for tha contest pls upate me okay =) thans dec 31 right! hope there's an award for top commentators too!

Chris said...

hi Jes! congratulations ha!!!!

next time, contest tayo ulit ha :)