Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Going to Carnivals

We never had a chance to go to a carnival as a family. Back when we are in the country, I wanted to bring the kids to "Star City", its a carnival that is open in the afternoon till 1 in the morning. There are lots of rides, and entertainment and some free no deposit bingo.
What I love in carnivals are the rides over than free bingo no deposit though I love to play that, but kids can't play that so we rather buy it popcorn. Kids love the rides, they have no fright. They can ride anything for kids without hesitation. The scariest thing they have done already was the 'cable car' i Tagaytay and they loved it! I wish we could find a carnival here and visit sometime as a family this time. We have some plan on going back to Texas again this coming 4th  of July  but I have no idea yet where we will go in particular. Any place will do for us but carnival with no deposit bingo is also cool, though we don't have idea where.  Let's see If I can play bingo no deposit if that time comes.

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My Little Tinkers

My kiddos are really big already, they are a big help in terms of doing some simple households!
We went to buy some storage box in walmart last weekend. We bought one for their toys and one for my balloons. We also got some hangers and shoe rack for them. 
Look at them doing stuff on their own but ofcourse still with my supervision.

Kiddos and the Dad on our Way home from Walmart
Ethan assembling the storage box

Ethan transferring his toys in the storage box
Ishi putting up the Shoes in the Shoe Rack
Ishi packing Away some of her toys

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kiddos Love Music

My kids love music, at their age now, they always wanted to have music wherever we are especially inside the car while traveling. So the daddy is always busy downloading the kiddos favorite music from the movie they have watch or heard. Last time my kids were addicted to tangled movie soundtrack especially the song "When Will my Life Begin" by Mandy Moore. Yesterday they were looking for the movie "Rio" soundtrack but we don't know the title yet so daddy is looking for it online. Good thing there are lots of music applications now a days and we can always have our song in our iphones or itunes. My kiddos are always listening to their music so their favorite musics were in daddy's phone and in our laptop as well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Little Angels New Vitamins

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My kiddos are using different vitamins now, they were using syrup but now that we moved here in Ar, my kids are taking new vitamins for 3 months now. They are using Flinstones Gummy of  Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products. They've been taking it for three months and I noticed they gained weight already. This is a good sign, atlast I found a vitamins that is fit to them. Aside from the goodness they are taking from this vitamin, I am also not having a hard time giving them their vitamin coz they love it. I was the one being reminded about their vitamins after they eat their breakfast. Kids are very hard to convince to drink their vitamins epecially if they don't like the taste. So I am thankful I found Flinstones chewable.120x30_WalgrensTransparentLogo

I am happy as a mommy that I am giving the right product to my kids. Aside from buying the right products for your family, you can be able to help Walgreens Way to Well Fund™.  "The fund will provide free preventive health tests as well as other health and wellness services and education to local communities. Some of those services will include preventive health tests through the National Urban League Health & Wellness Tour and vouchers redeemable in select stores." This is a good idea! You can help other people by just purchasing products.

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