Monday, August 22, 2011

Saving On Floor Space

Not many can afford a big or wide floor space that everything can be put on the floor and still find some space. It is either some of the least used stuff should be discarded to free up some space or the stuff should be rearranged in such a way that they can be put on top of each other vertically or make use of the wall like put some cupboards and shelves. Others make use of the ceiling also like having a bike hanger or other stuff than can stay under the ceiling.

Another way to save on space is to make two-in-ones like a sofa bed. It is a sofa by daytime and a bed by nighttime, or sometimes, both, any time of the day or night. This is especially useful for families who live in a small box (studio type spaces) and there is not a single room but the living room which also serves as the bedroom. Since every bedroom gets to be cleaned up every after morning wakes, the bed can already be turned into a sofa, ready to be sat upon by your or somebody else's butt.

How about you, how do you save on space?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Separation Anxiety

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Do you think everybody feels separation anxiety? I can't remember myself having that when I was a kid. But I always have that anxiety when I became a mom. Every time my kids are not with me, I am always this worried, always thinking of them, what they are doing without me at their side, etc. I guess that's all mother does, to worry. When you have your mom with you you feel safe, everything you need is there when she's around and you know that every decision she made is right for you coz mom knows best. I believe that's why some of the children feels separation anxiety and sometimes it's the mom who has experiencing it like me now. My kids are going to school already and I am so sick worried about them. So paranoid but trying to be calm for them. I called the teacher yesterday asking how was my daughter. I am planning to go to the gym yesterday to burn some time and stop thinking about my daughter but I just stayed all day at home thinking the school might call me or my daughter needs something from me. So paranoid huh? I wish to buy her a phone actually so that I can call her  just in case. Aside from that she can also call a friend or play games with it. I am not sure yet, but of all the cheap phones I've been seeing over the net, I might get one for both of us.


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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last Drop of Summer

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School time is up! My kiddos are almost set for school. Two more nights and they will be spending the most of their day in school. No more laptops, no more games and movies during the weekends and limited playtime will be given. They have spent long enough summer and vacation for five months now. I wish we were able to go with our friends who spent the last drop of summer in Kansas. We were suppose to have our summer getaway to but no enough time and resources for this month. So we will be planning our next summer getaway for next year. I heard Branson is the best place for summer. There are lots of water parks, entertainment and best hotels to choose from Hiltons of Branson.  Based on my researches, there are lots of good packages when you choose to stay. Planning a vacation is better than we just go without planning it just like what happened ot us two months ago in Texas. We just stayed in our room, shopped, eat and sleep. Nothing Memorable happened but the kids enjoyed our stay in our hotel. The nest time we travel, I will make sure everything was planned, we have somewhere to go that is perfect for family and we have some nice places to vist like in Branson.


My Angels in our Hotel Room during our Last Visit to Texas

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