Sunday, August 21, 2011

Separation Anxiety

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Do you think everybody feels separation anxiety? I can't remember myself having that when I was a kid. But I always have that anxiety when I became a mom. Every time my kids are not with me, I am always this worried, always thinking of them, what they are doing without me at their side, etc. I guess that's all mother does, to worry. When you have your mom with you you feel safe, everything you need is there when she's around and you know that every decision she made is right for you coz mom knows best. I believe that's why some of the children feels separation anxiety and sometimes it's the mom who has experiencing it like me now. My kids are going to school already and I am so sick worried about them. So paranoid but trying to be calm for them. I called the teacher yesterday asking how was my daughter. I am planning to go to the gym yesterday to burn some time and stop thinking about my daughter but I just stayed all day at home thinking the school might call me or my daughter needs something from me. So paranoid huh? I wish to buy her a phone actually so that I can call her  just in case. Aside from that she can also call a friend or play games with it. I am not sure yet, but of all the cheap phones I've been seeing over the net, I might get one for both of us.


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